Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adrenaline Geeks - 2008 Trailer

The Adrenaline Geeks posted a trailer for their upcoming video on their YouTube account.

Pretty awesome..check it out!

Friday, February 27, 2009

some attempts at wing flying....

Todays harvest of YouTube videos brings us Chris, who uploaded a video to his YouTube account on some of his recent wingsuit jumps.

Check it out!

The Eiger Wingsuit flights

Jokke Sommer posted a new video to his YouTube account today, proximity flying past the Eiger in his wingsuit.

Looking good! Check it out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puerto rico 2009- Wingsuiters Paradise

Justin Shorb, Jeff Donohue and the Sky2 Team just posted an entertaining compilation video on the Puerto rico boogie from past month on the Sky2 Vimeo account.

NOTE: Watch for the awesome CREW wingsuit flyby at 7:40, and 09:50

Annecy 2018 - Olympic Bid

James Boole just posted a new video on his website. Its a video made as an advertising banner, as part of a bid by Annency for the winter Olympics in 2018.

The wingsuit flyer is Jeannoel Itzstein, and aerial camera by James Boole.

Check it out here

Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Insomnia

More and more videos from this years Nissan Outdoor Games start making it online.

This one is called Insomnia
Wingsuits at 3:37

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turbolenza Wingsuit Tour Alps 2008 - B.A.S.E.

And today, the YouTubes give us a long and entertaining wingsuit BASE video sponsored by Turbolenza

Wingsuit pilot Maurizio di Palma flies his wingsuit of many beautifull spots around the Alps, captured on video by James Boole.

Check it out!

Red Bull Article: Conquering Terror

The Red Bull news website Red Bulletin posted a nice article on Chuck Berry and his basejumping/wingsuit adventures in New Zealand, jumping from previously unexplored peaks.

Read it here.

A German version is available too.

X Sport International - Free Magazine

XSport magazine is a new magazine on Xtreme sports such as BASE jumping, skydiving, kayaking, skiing etc.

Its available for free at, either as a downloadable PDF or readable as an online magazine.

The current issue has a nice article called "My name is Niel and Im a BASEjumper", and talks on several subjects. One of which is of course wingsuit BASE.

Check it out!

Watch my GPS!

Pascal Coude posted a video on his YouTube account of a solo wingsuit jump he made.
Not much to add to this one, but here it is for your enjoyment.

Chop, Chop!

Benjamin posted a short video on his YouTube account, of a malfunction he experienced on a wingsuit jump.
Linetwists, combined with a tension-knot in the steeringlines.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Distance record jump update #3: a different angle

A follow up on the previous story we posted, on the wingsuit distance flying record attempt by two US Army skydivers.

A South Carolina TV station has a (whuffo oriented) piece on Ben Borger and his record attempt. It's light on the details but it has a video and picture of the actual suit he was flying for the attempt. The suit appears to be a Tony Suit XS (the earlier pictures showed him flying a Birdman suit).
Cameraflyer and wingman Scott Campos appears to have skipped the jump for reasons yet unknown.

Read the full article here.

Puerto Rico 2009 - Video #5

Savage Sac just posted a video of the Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2009 on his Vimeo account.
Another view on what has to be one of the most documented wingsuit boogies in recent months.

Check it out here or watch the embedded version.

Nissan Outdoor Games 2009

Every year during the Nissan Outdoor Games, the highest Air show in the world takes place on top of the Aiguille du Midi. Nissan just posted the event promo, and several films from the competition online on their YouTube Account.

Check it out!

The event promotional video

NOTE: The two videos bellow seem to have been taken down temporary by Nissan. We will make note of it in the news when they are back up.

The winning video:
The Devils Ride(wingsuits at 4:14 minutes)

Behind the scenes video:
Day 5 (wingsuits at 1:23 minutes) also posted a write-up on the whole event.

Check it out!

mucho base..

Its been a busy weekend for everyone at the big walls in the Swiss and Italian mountains.

Another video just appeared on
This time its a BASEjump with a PF Prodigy.

Check it out!

Jump, flip, fly, pull!

Check out this double frontloop exit on a wingsuit BASEjump from a famous Swiss wall.

Available for download at

Attack the crack!

Jokke Summer posted a new video on his YouTube account.
Its a video of a wingsuit jump with BASE gear, on Dominik Loyen and himself doing a (close) pass on a mountain restaurant and ski-risort.

Check it out!

Distance record jump update: no new record unfortunately...

The attempt to break the distance record for wingsuits didn't go as planned on Saturday unfortunately. The weather didn't cooperate, and they had to exit from 10 miles high instead of 13. 10 miles is still a mind boggling 52,800 feet (16,000 meters)! Regular commercial airliners fly at 30,000 to 33,000 ft. Additionally, one of the pilots got unwell from breathing too heavily from the pure oxygen which is needed at that altitude.

Unfortunately this probably means they have to wait another 6 months before they are able try again. The Yuma Sun has the full story here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

B.A.S.E. Venezuela

No words needed to describe this one..
Just check it out!

note: eyecandy starts at 2:50 minutes

Friday, February 20, 2009

La Nuit de la glisse 2009: wingsuits over Chamonix

Perfect Moment Entertainment uploaded a new video to their YouTube account.

The short teaser video shows several wingsuit (base/proximity) flights made by the Phoenix-Fly team.

Check it out!

This video is titled...

Thats all the information we have....
But its new, its a wingsuit, and its video, so here ya' go!!

WWWN: Where you wont miss a single wingsuit pixel!*

* Still working on the slogan thing...

Breaking the wingsuit distance record

A local Arizona newspaper has a cool article, which actually doesn't seem to follow the the mainline media trend "wingsuits are bad, m'kay?", about a member of the US Army Golden Knights parachute team, Staff Sgt. Ben Borger, attempting to break the world record for distance flying in a wingsuit. The record is currently held by the Spanish Red Bull team that flew across the Straight of Gibraltar. Author and BMCI Scott Campos will be joining him on the jump, scheduled for tommorow Februari the 21st. Read it here.

Wingsuit Flying in Puerto Rico

And a sweet 12,5 minute wingsuit video just appeared on
Its a lot of video from inside the big and small wingsuit formations at the Puerto Rico Skyfest 2009. With the relaxed tunes, chilled flying and awesome views, definitely a video to watch!

Check it out here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Extreme youth dangers...?

And the day starts with 2 new wingsuit(base) articles/mentions in the non-skydiving media. Dont do wingsuits...wingsuits are baaaad..mkay?! Or at least, that seems to be the general message the writers want to convey to the public..

Check em out here and here

Luigi & Jeb, Christ statue flyby (Part II)

And here is the second part of the YouTube video on the wingsuit FlyBy that Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani did a year ago.


Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2009 - video

Bill posted a new video to his YouTube account on the Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2009 from (in his own words) his perspective.

Check it out!

Scotty Burns (aka ScottyGofast) and Matt Hoover posted beautifull photos on the same event previously, and are most likely (hopefully) also adding video to their website within the next few days. Keep checking back for more!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2009 - photos

Scott Burns posted a wonderfull series of photographs from the Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2009 his website

Go to and click on photos, or go directly to the photo galleries by clicking here

Take special note of the awesome wingsuit formation flyby past a crew stack.
Its possible to order prints through the website.

Luigi & Jeb, Christ statue flyby (Part 1)

Though already a while ago, there is now an extensive TV item on YouTube (which is labeled Part 1, so more to follow) on the wingsuit FlyBy that Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani did a year ago.
This first installment seems to be the lead-in to the actual stunt. Stay tuned for more...

For those who like seeing the whole stunt, and dont like waiting for the next installment, the press-footage can be viewed/downloaded here

71 way wingsuit flock! *UPDATED*

Zach Schroedel posted a video of the 71 way wingsuit formation at Elsinore and the preperation jumps.

Definately a good watch! Check it out!

*updated with embedded version of the video for direct viewing pleassure*

Or watch it by clicking here.

daredevils hurl themselves off mountain wearing 'wingsuits'

In what has to be one of the internets most popular videos at the moment, Loic, Espen and a few other good men fly their wingsuits as close to the mountain as you could wish for.

The UK news paper the Daily Mail just posted an article on the video, allong with some more information on these 'daredevils'

Check it out by clicking here!

UK magazine The Sun posted a nearly identical article on their website on the same subject

Come fly with me..

Though we are posting news and pictures from other sources most of the time, every once in a while we also get to post some video and pictures ourselves.

If you go the the photo gallery on our website, you will find some new pictures in the 2009 Schaffen gallery.

Check it out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Matt Hoover - Puerto Rico Freefall Fest Photos

Matt Hoover has posted a collection of beautiful pictures of the 2009 Puerto Rico Freefall Fest on his website.

Check it out by clicking here!

Chop chop!

And more youtube uploads today:

Ruy Fernandes posted a short video on his youtube account, showing us some of his wingsuit jumps and a severe linetwist ending in a reserve ride.

Modern Marvels - Wingsuits

Chris McNamara uploaded a new video to his YouTube account.
Its a segment of a populair US science program on 'modern marvels'.
And of course wingsuits are the highlight of the show. regular Ed Pawlowski gives the audience a nice explanation on what it is we do.

Check it out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Instructional Wingsuit DVDs by VASST

VASST Training launched the first of a series of DVDs on Wingsuit Flying at the PIA (USA) pas weekend.
DSE talks about the DVDs briefly in this online interview (starts at 4:57)

Check it out!

La Nuit de la glisse 2009: Never Ending...

Perfect Moment Entertainment uploaded a new trailer to their YouTube account for "La Nuit de la glisse 2009". A traveling film project showing all kinds of sports such as surfing, skiing, snowboarding and (of course) Wingsuit BASE jumping.

Check it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

youtube ws basejump

In the catagory recent youtube uploads, today we feature this short snippet.
A basejump with a wingsuit. Not much more we can ad to that...


Friday, February 13, 2009

Its weekend!

Its a slow day with regards to wingsuit news, but we here at WWWN guess thats a good thing. As it means everybody is finishing up on their work, getting their gear in order, and loading it into their car ready for a weekend of hot (or ice-cold) wingsuit jumps!

If you want to be featured on the WWWN website next week, get those cameras out and shoot some frames of wingsuit-coolnes during your jumps!

And to not lure you here without any moving wingsuit pixels to see Kavin Manickaraj came to our rescue by posting a short video of a wingsuit jump he made on his Vimeo account. Check it out!

EDITORS TIP: Its easy to brush your rig along the floor, walls, or the roof of the airplane when crawling around. This can lead to things such as loose reserve/main-flaps and thus, exposed bridle. On a wingsuit jump, a few extra seconds of waiting before climbout is normal. Use those extra seconds to check eachothers gear before you exit.

Pulling G's!

Pressurized just released a new tracking suit called the TwentyG.
Meant for steep angle/high speed tracking in BASE enviroment, the suit was based on a design by the well known Norwegian group of BASE jumpers going by the name VKB

from the website:

The TwentyG Suit is based on the design of VKB in Norway. This suit is caracterized by enormous forward speed, easy handling and an easy pull.

The penguin-shaped wings create very little drag due to a rubber-cord which is incorporated into the jacket, running from one sleeve to the other. There is no air-inlet for the jacket. The clean and thin wing airfoil just comes from the tension of the cord.

click here for more pictures and details

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keeping it close...

Like caged monkeys being forced to write a novel, we spend our days trawling the internets to find you tasty wingsuit snipets.

During one of these such monkey caging moments we stumbled across this little montage of some nice proximity and terrain flying. Sure you may have seen some of the bits before, and half the people who 'contributed' footage to this video probably have no clue its in there, but it's still a cool selection, and the music's good too.


Tweet tweet!

We're all about 'things with wings' here at World Wide Wingsuit News - well humans anyway - so what better internet fit is there for us than 'Twitter'? No, really!

So, as of right now, World Wide Wingsuit News is also available on Twitter for all those who like their updates in '140 char' stylee.

Follow our 'tweets' now at

Wondering what the hell we're talking about and think that quite possibly we've gone mad? Well, yes we have, but if you want to find out more about Twitter without the embarrassment of admitting you're not down with the latest 'in thing', there's loads of details here.

Mark Harris Joins Birdman Team

The Finnish wingsuit manufacturer Bird-man has enlisted UK skydiver Mark Harris as their new sales representative.

Mark will be traveling boogies with Birdman demo suits, and will be assisting in wingsuit development as well.

Click here to read more

Close proximity flying - High Nose

Jokke Sommer uploaded a video of two wingsuit BASEjumps made in Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) to his YouTube profile.
Though short, the video is definately worth the watch (even if it was just for his awesome exit-count)

And just because we like his style, an older video he posted a mere 3 months ago (before this blog was born:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few 'Wingsuit Words With...'

In the first of many of these, World Wide Wingsuit News will be having a few 'Wingsuit Words With...' (yes, we like the letter W) some of the icons and pioneers in our great sport.

First up in the hot seat is the designer, founder and owner of Phoenix Fly - Robert Pecnik.

We caught up with the man who's normally hiding away designing new wingsuits, or providing us with jaw dropping terrain flying videos, and asked him a few questions..

So, to start off, who introduced you to skydiving, and do you still remember making your first jump?

I started jumping when I was 15 years old. My first jump was on the 4th of July 1982 and was a static line round from 1000m from an AN-2 biplane in Zagreb, Croatia.

I’d been dreaming of jumping since

Wingsuits in the Media posted a nice (German) article on the 2009 Nissan Outdoor Games, currently in progress.
The Nissan Outdoor Games is a video competition, where groups of X-sportsmen (and women) have a full week to create a short film. These sports include BASEjumping, paragliding, and Wingsuit flying.

"Red Helmet" was one of last years best movies.
TIP: Check from 4:00 onward for some amazing wingsuit footage.

When the competition finishes in roughly a week or so, and the entries for this year start making it online, we will be posting the wingsuit related ones here of course!

You can read the article here.
Click here for a google translated English versions.

PIA and wingsuits in the media

The online news website just posted a short article on the PIA. The anual American Parachute Industry meeting, held in Reno, USA this year.

Douglas Spotted Eagle (DSE) and his participation in the organising of the wingsuit 71 way formation (late last year) is briefly mentioned in the article.

Check it out here!

editors note: the media mis-quoted DSE on the subject of the 71 way wingsuit formation. Though he wasnt there as a load-organiser/videographer during the jumps, he did take part flying inside the actual formations, edited the work the videographers brought down, was responsible for getting the media online, blogging, and getting video to the news organizations.

Supersonic - High performance wingsuit helmet

Pressurized has just released pictures and information on their new wingsuit helmet called the Supersonic

From their website:

With the design focus on the requirments of wingsuit helmets, the Supersonic gives you the optimum aerodynamics for high performance pilots. A unique ventilation system additionally supports the aerodynamics of the helmet.

A specially designed air-duct feeds a pressure chamber integrated into the helmet. Air will be transfered via micro-drillings to the outer shell of the helmet, forcing the regular airflow to separate from the boundary layer. Basically this ventilation system provides extra performance when reaching more than 80km/h.

The 370g lightweight construction is made of carbon-fibers.

NBC wingsuits

A Dutch bird uploaded a short clip to her YouTube account from an older NBC news item on wingsuits. Some bits and pieces about the sport in general, and (since its media) of course some stuff on Jeb and his landing attempt. Check it out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wait! It's there for a reason....

There's already a number of happy Phoenix Fly V3 customers in the sky, but one of the many new design features of the suit is leaving a few people scratching their noodles.

The feature in question is a strip of material that's stitched to the side of the leg pouch on the rear of the suit.

This seemingly random piece of nylon actually serves a really important purpose and is there to prevent damage to the stitching on the wing, which can sometimes be caused by the velcro after deployment. 

Phoenix Fly say that if it really annoys you, or you don't plan to use the leg pouch, it can be removed with a hot knife. Just be careful how you do it...

30.000 ft in a wingsuit

4 way VRW flyer, freefall cameraman, tunnel-instructor, RW guru and incredible Wingsuit Flyer from the first hour, Andy Ford posted a nice video diary on his youtube account on a high altitude wingsuit jump made almost 2 years ago over Davis California.

Wingsuit flyer Fraser Corsan jumped a Jii-Wings GS1 from 30.000 ft while Andy flew camera in his trusty red and yellow S3 while shooting video and taking stills.

The freefall lasted a few seconds over 5 minutes.
Given the range the cameraflyer had in shooting video, a solo jump would probably have given us an even longer freefall.
We are curious what freefall times Andy and crew are capable of from that altitude in some of the more modern wingsuit designs.

The current high-altitude record for wingsuit jump is 35.000ft, set by the Spanish Wingsuit team.

For more on Andy Ford, check out this video from the Hercules Boogie 2004 or this video from Texel and see if you can spot the red/yellow suit.

Help a fellow wingsuit flyer

Some incredibly sad news at the start of the week on the wingsuit news blog.

Two fellow wingsuit flyers have sadly been robbed on a dropzone in Argentina.
Juan from Argentine, and Guillaume from Switzerland were the unfortunate victims.
While being held at gunpoint by several men, they were forced to load all their gear into Juan's car and were left with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing (even their shoes were stolen!). The car was later found, but sadly trashed and completely cleaned out of their belongings.

Luckily its only lost gear, and nobody was harmed or injured.
Though the big financial (and psychological) damage will heal in time, there are sadly also some more immediate problems they face. One of the biggest ones being that one of them is a professional full time jumper not having any gear to jump. And for him this means no income and thus no food on the table.

This jumper is Juan Mayer of
Someone who I have seen do a lot for the wingsuit flying community and skydiving in general, and I value him greatly as a person, friend and fellow skydiver.
In trying to help him get back on his feet, I wanted to appeal to all of you to ask the following.

Should any of you have an old jumpable rig, camerahelmet/camera or spare wingsuit (suitable for instruction) lying around which you could miss for a short while until he gets back on his feet, your help would be much appreciated in quickly getting him back on track in terms of work.

If you can help out, shoot an email to Juan at and I know you will make his next day start lot better than the previous one did

Thank you,
on behalf of the whole wingsuit news team

Down here a list of all the missing gear (and colours/serial numbers etc).
If you see any of this offered anywhere, please shoot Juan an email!

A Tandem Rig (Strong with a Icarus 364)
An sport Rig (Javelin Oddissey Navy Blue with a Storm, an Optimum 143 and a VigilII)
A Base Rig
6 wingsuits
A Laptop ( MacbookPro)
2 nikon (D80 and D90)
A Flash Nikon SB800
3 Video Cameras (Sony PC109 - Sony PC115 and Sanyo 1010)
WingJacket from Deepsed (Orange)
A pair of Pantz Blue and Orange
2 Camera Helmets ( 1 FlatTopPro Blue with the writing of my website address in orange and 1 orange one with all the boxes for the cameras)
A hard drive 120 Gb with photos of the last 4 years

A Sport Rig (Mirage with Sabre2 170)
A Laptop (HP Pavillon)
A wingsuit (Phantom2 black and red)
Also a big bag with clothes, his Ipod and differents personal stuff.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basejumper Hank Caylor posted this nice vintage newspaper article on
It features Clem Sohn, one of the first innovators in the wingsuit arena, and Chronicles one of his early jumps in the wingsuit, way back in 1935 already.

For those with an interest in wingsuits, I can severly recommend picking up a copy of Birdman, Batmen and skyflyers by Michael Abrahams.
The book documents the history of wingsuits, from an early age to the beginning of modern skyflying. Definitely mandatory reading for everyone serious about wingsuits.

Profile article on Tim Emmet

A local UK newspaper published a nice read about Tim Emmet, whose passion is climbing huge walls and then jumping back off them again, occasionally using a wingsuit. He was once featured on BBC's Top Gear with his friend Leo Houlding, where they raced Jeremy Clarkson to the top of a mountain, Tim & Leo climbing, and Jeremy driving an Audi RS4. I've included the video below for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to watch it until about halfway, when they race back down...

Wingsuits over Puerto Rico (2008)

Scotty Burns just uploaded a nice video from the 2008 Puerto Rico wingsuit event to his Vimeo account

Check it out!

Friday, February 6, 2009

While we're waiting...

Linn Mikkelborg uploaded a new video to his youtube account called 'while we're waiting...'

The video shows a compilation of jumps made over Australia and Norway in 2008.
Nice flying, nice views...and another 10 minutes at work spent watching wingsuit videos in the boss' time....dont you love this stuff ;)


Ten meters - a comfortable margin

The German media seems to really be into wingsuits these days.
The Berner Zeitung had a really nice article on a wingsuit flyby passed the famous Eiger mountain by basejumper Dominik Loyen

Translated by: Jarno Cordia

Ten meters - a comfortable margin
By Bruno Petroni

Passing the Männlichen cliff-edge in freefall at only ten meters distance: Two men from Germany and Norway accomplished just that - and they are hoping to better that accomplishment. But the weather is sadly expected to prevent another attempt later today.

He is undoubtedly one of the craziest jumpers of today: The German Dominik Loyen jumped from a helicopter last Saturday, above the Tschuggen at 3000 meters above sea level, together with his Norwegian partner Joakim summer.

Seconds later, he flew passed an astonished audience at 250 kilometers per hour. Passing the Männlichen cliff-edge - the so-called "Männlichenhore", at a hair width of only ten meters, and landing just a minute later in Wengen next to the ski school terrain.

Video shot by Dominik Loyen on a wingsuit flyby passed the Eiger
(not linked to the Article)

Even closer next time

"With ten meters, I still have a comfortable margin. If it is too close, I spot it early enough so I can push my Wingsuit a little more to outglide the 30-Degree sloped hill-side": The freefall-showman talks about his daring leaps with the same confidence and ease of someone riding a bicycle: "The next time we will pass even closer than ten meters. This kind of close flying to the cliffs gives a very unique rush.", "Within the inner-circle of BASE jumpers, its dubbed proximity flying", close flying allong a fixed object. The exit-point is usually a helicopter.

Meticulously detailed planning

Answering the question on whether Basejumping by nature is not already dangerous enough, the 40-year-old Dominik Loyen answered stoically calm: "These kind of jumps are meticulously planned and studied in advance of course. On top of that I have my many years of experience.". With over 5500 skydives and more than 350 basejumps he is regarded one of the world's most experienced veterans of the sport.

Three days jumping from 'Eiger'

The Nordrhein-Westfaler is planning a 3 day jumpingfestival for 16 of the world's best basejumpers next autumn. "As part of a Documantary-film project, we want to spend three days jumping from the Eiger, flying passed the Mittellegigrat and glacier, and landing next to the glacier lake. " With the planned movie Documantary, the basejumpers exploits will be broadcast to a large TV audience.

Again next Saturday?
First Loyen will repeat this jump from last Saturday again and try to fly even closer passed the Männlichen cliff. The attempt is planned to take place this coming Saturday around 3:00 in the afternoon. If the weather is like today, and jumping is not possible. Loyen: "Then we stop jumping and try again next Saturday." wingsuit report

The German nature and science blog has just published an wonderfull article and video on French wingsuit flyer and extreme sportsman, Loic Jean-Albert.
A good read, and the video is nothing short of spectacular.

Translated by: Jarno Cordia
click here for the original article (German)

Flying humans in wingsuits
Like birds, these extreme-sportsmen throw themselves of mountains.
At speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour they fly past cliffs and edges. A spectacular and breathtaking site.

See for yourself!

Loic Jean-Albert has been "flying" for about ten years now in his wingsuit, a winged overal.

In this interview he explains how the suit works and how it feels to fly like a bird. Watching you "Fly" looks sensational. How do you do it?
Loic Jean-Albert:
We use a so-called Wingsuit, which works more or less like a glider plane. The relative wind inflates the suit, and traps the air in internal chambers, which forms the wing surface. This turns our fall into a glide.
To get the suit fully flying, you need approximately 150 meters of vertical altitude to get up to speed.

How fast you can fly? We are in full control of our flight. Depending on what we want to do, we can fly slower or faster. My slowest forward speed is around 120 kilometer per hour, my fastest around 250.

Can the suits take such speeds?
We certainly hope so. I have founded a company that designs and manufactures Wingsuits myself. S-Fly is the brand-name. We use strong materials for construction, the same ones that are also used for boat sails. So far, not a single one has ripped.
The suits are available in different sizes from S to XL. A suit costs around 750 euros.

In the video, it almost looks as if you could touch the wall. How close were you really?
At the moment, we fly at a distance of around three meters.

Do you still have the room for evasive actions if a rock suddenly appears?
What we do with the Wingsuit can be compared to driving a racecar at high speeds.
Though everything happens really fast, there is still time to react.

What does it feel like?
It is hard to describe. Exciting. I imagine it being similar to what a bird experiences. It is always very spectacular.

What would be the next development in Wingsuit flying?
We are working hard at becoming even more precise in our flying. This so we can be even more flexible at controlling our flightpath and speed.
At the moment, we need to fly our wingsuit very steep the first couple of seconds of our jump, to get up to flying speed. We are working on getting it to fly quicker from the start.

How often you actually fly?
Approximately three to four times a year I fly my wingsuit of mountains into the valley. What I do more often is jumping from airplanes, because you can just fly a lot longer and you don't need a 150 meter dive first to get the wingsuit up to flying speed.

You are father of two children. What if one of your children would like to fly someday?
I would have no problems with that. The most important thing is having the proper skills; the better prepared you are, the lower the risk. Of course I am aware of the danger - even when Im flying myself. But I have been doing this since 1998, and you don't just suddenly stop doing what you love, just because you have children.

Interview: Bianca Gerlach

Join Jean-Albert (30) was born at Réunion, and lives in the French Alps together with his wife and two children. He has been a skydiver for 14 years.
His website with even more videos:
Daredevils can order a Wingsuit here:

Wingsuiting the Petit Ferand & West Coast Wingsuits

The wingsuit channel om Vimeo just spotted a cool video by Jimmy Hopper on wingsuit BASEjumps he made in the French and Swiss Alps during the winter of 2007.

Check it out!

Jimmy also uploaded an older boogie video from May 2008 to his vimeo webspace on a wingsuit weekend which was a qualifier for the famous 71 way wingsuit formation, which was organised at the Lake Elsinore later that same year.

A fun video, with lots of nice flying from team Ill Vision and the Flock University crew. Worth watching!

West Coast Wingsuits - May 2008 from Jimmy Hopper on Vimeo.

Florida SunShine

Sam from Canada uploaded a cool video to his youtube account.

Its a short but fun report on trip he took to Florida with friends.
Sadly the music was removed by youtube (copyright issues), so no audio.

TIP: Pay attention to Jeff Nebelkopf making a cool back 2 belly transition, while flying camera.

Extreme Sports Explorer

Its not much, but every wingsuit pixel counts...:)
Thomas Michael Tran upload a short video to his youtube account.
Its a segment from the TV show called Extreme Sports Explorer. Wingsuits are briefly mentioned, allong with some pictures of (what looks to be) Jeb Corliss.

The video no longer works, but Thomas Michael Tran sent us a better version!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 Boogie Roundup - pt1

As the weather is slowly warming up on the upper side of the globe, everybody is slowly gearing up for the coming summer season, and getting their stuff packed for lots of international travels.
With tons of choices on where to go and many different websites listing all the events, we figured we would round up all the information on boogies worldwide and point you in the right direction for then information available.

We will do a boogie round-up like this at the start of each month to assist you in keeping track of whats happening.

We will also be adding all these dates to our handy (public)google calendar which is visable here on the website, but can also be added to your own Gmail account (if you have one)

If you have a boogie or event you would like to have added to the list, send an email to and we will ad it to the agenda. This news item will most likely be updated over the next one or two days as addional events come in.

All dates and info subject to change

7th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2009
Februari 11-15, 2009 - PUERTO RICO USA
Organizers Scott Bland and Justin Shorb, 2 Twin Otters
click here for more information

Black-Mountain Phoenix Fly weekends
Februari 21-22, 2009 - ZWARTBERG BELGIUM
Coaching and Organsing FlyLikeBrick
click here for more information

Black-Mountain Phoenix Fly weekends
March 14-15, 2009 - ZWARTBERG BELGIUM
Coaching and Organsing FlyLikeBrick
click here for more information

Phoenix Fly Namibia event
KingAir 90, First Flight course and basic flocking by Steve Bartels

Z-Hills Flock & Dock 5.0
April 17-19, 2009 - ZEPHYRHILLS (FL) USA
click here for more information

Empuria Flock 2.0
April 27-May 3, 2009 EMPURIA BRAVA SPAIN
Organising by David Haygrath, Alejandro Lopez,
Jarno Cordia & Gustavo Cabana
click here for more information

WestCoast Wingsuits Lodi 20/20
May 1-3, 2009 - LODI USA
Organising by WestCoast Wingsuits
click here for more information

Soest Phoenix-Fly weekends
May 23-24, 2009 - SOEST GERMANY
Coaching and Organising Lutz Ludke & Jarno Cordia
click here for more information.

Bird-Man Midnight Flock 2009
June 10-14, 2009 - UTTI FINLAND
Organizing by Jari Kuosma & Mark Harris
Click here for more information

Ukraine wingsuit Boogie
June 22-2009, 2009 - BORO UKRAINE
Coaching and Organising Lutz Ludke & Jarno Cordia
click here for more information

CASA boogie
no additional information available

Flock Utah Boogie
Flocking and specialty (mountain) jumps.
Organising by Justin Shorb/Flock University
Click here for more information

Wings over Marl
July 17-19, 2009 - MARL GERMANY
click here for more information

Summerfest 2 Point 49 Way Wingsuit Formation
July 27-29, 2009 - SKYDIVE ELSINORE USA
Invitational bigway event

Twin Beech Boogie
August 1-2, 2009 - SKYDIVE UK ENGLAND
click here for more information

Pepperell CASA boogie
August 20-23, 2009 - PEPPERELL USA
no additional information available

Soest Phoenix-Fly weekends
August 29-30, 2009 - SOEST GERMANY
Coaching and Organising Lutz Ludke & Jarno Cordia
click here for more information.

International Artistic Wingsuit Competition - 2nd Edition
September 11-13, 2009 TERNI ITALY
click here for more information

Wings over Granse Distance Competition
September 25-27, 2009 WINGS OVER GRANSE GERMANY
click here for more information.

Houston Wingsuit Demos
October 23-25, 2009 - HOUSTON (TX) USA
Invitational 30 way wingsuit demo, NASA
click here for more information

Wingsuit 100 way
November 7-14, 2009 — SKYDIVE ELSINORE USA
100 way formation attempt. For more information, check

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

приветствую моего русского друга

We would like to welcome our Russian brother to the wonderfull online world of wingsuit flying.
Around the same time we started this blog, this new Russian blog launched its pages, catering to the people who have mastered the Russian language.
Posting news facts and information from the online resources such as skydiving forums, Vimeo, Youtube etc, with some nice pictures and summary info/writing accompanying every item.

We hope the Russian blog will also focus on Russian events and news, as there isnt a whole lot known about the flocking and flying from that part of the globe. Some of the worlds best wingsuitflyers in BASE come from Russia, and lots of skydiving events happening there are definately news-worthy and deserve to be known and talked about in the rest of the world.

We wish many, many vistors, and hope to soon hear more local wingsuit news from that corner of the world as well!

Want to work on your glide angle?

Wouldn't it make life a bit easier if you had a body worn device while flying your wingsuit that gave you an audible cue on your glide angle?

Well, that's exactly what user crwper is working on.

The device, which measures a tiny 50 x 50 x 20mm, connects to a Garmin Bluetooth GPD and uses velocity data to calculate the users glide angle. This is then converted into a periodic tone, the pitch of which varies depending on the glide angle.

By plugging in a pair of in-ear headphones to the built in jack, the user will be able to hear the tone in freefall providing them with near instantaneous feedback on the users true glide angle.

crwper is still working on the prototype, but thinks once complete the unit will retail at the staggeringly cheap sub $200 mark.

Take it to the mountains..

Markus from Switzerland posted a nice video of a wingsuit Base Jump of his (in what appears to be an S-Fly Expert) on his youtube account. The video has some nice 'outside video' on his exit, and then shifts to the wonderfull 1st person view of his flight. Be sure to check it out!

Vimeo videos!

Jeff Nebelkopf of TonySuits posted two new videos on his Vimeo account

The first is a cool compilation of wingjumps from the past years.
The second one is a nice first flight video.
Be sure to check them out both!


Out of the Vault

The addiction begins....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Telegraph article on wingsuit ski-base

The English newspaper Telegraph just posted a nice article about combining wingsuits, skiing and BASE jumping. Pretty well written for an article in a whuffo media. Check it out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Patrick de Gayardon - the true pioneer..

The wingsuit channel on Vimeo updated today with a nice archival video on wingsuit flying. Though not online through official means, this 'bootlegged' film is definately worth watching.

Its a (French) documantary on Patrick de Gayardon.

For those who dont know who Patrick was. In the long line of wingsuit pioneers, he was one of the first to design and safely use ram-air technology and a detachable release system on the wings. He jumped the wingsuit system for many years, and did some amazing jumps flying his wingsuit all over the world, even into the grand canyon and back into an airplane (a feat nobody has been able to repeat up, even up to this very day). Patrick was a gifted person in terms of skills, and won many awards and prizes in his skydiving career, next to also pioneering (inventing) the sport of Skysurfing. Patrick sadly died in 1998 after a rigging error caused a malfunction on his canopy.

His wingsuit design is what influenced todays wingsuits. And its safe to say current wingsuit technology wouldnt be where its at, if it wasnt for the innovations Patrick brought to the sport.

Though French might not be your language, I highly recommend watching this video to learn a bit about who this man was. Every wingsuit jump we make these days is a celebration of his life...

For a bit more details information, check out this wonderfull tribute written by other famous wingsuit pioneer Adrian Nicholas.

Jump the mountains...

Fred Buttard added a short, but nice BASE-jump video to his youtube account today of a group trip to the famous Lauterbrunnen (Swisserland).

Check it out!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Viva La France..!

And just to pass the time (at work)...
A short video snippet that popped up on youtube, on what appears to be a first flight or coaching jump somewhere in France. Moving wingsuit pixels...always good for a minute of fun..


p.s. no audio from what it seems..

Wingsuit website online just launched its website for the 2009 edition of the International Artistic Wingsuit Competition.
Teams consisting of 2 performers and a camera flyer will compete for the name 'best wingsuit team in the world'.

Check it out at

A short video with 2007 highlights:

New Wingsuit Instructional DVDs announced...

American wingsuit team FlockU has just released the first bits of footage, and two preview of covers for their soon to debut series of Wingsuit Instruction DVDs on

Check it out!