Monday, February 9, 2009

30.000 ft in a wingsuit

4 way VRW flyer, freefall cameraman, tunnel-instructor, RW guru and incredible Wingsuit Flyer from the first hour, Andy Ford posted a nice video diary on his youtube account on a high altitude wingsuit jump made almost 2 years ago over Davis California.

Wingsuit flyer Fraser Corsan jumped a Jii-Wings GS1 from 30.000 ft while Andy flew camera in his trusty red and yellow S3 while shooting video and taking stills.

The freefall lasted a few seconds over 5 minutes.
Given the range the cameraflyer had in shooting video, a solo jump would probably have given us an even longer freefall.
We are curious what freefall times Andy and crew are capable of from that altitude in some of the more modern wingsuit designs.

The current high-altitude record for wingsuit jump is 35.000ft, set by the Spanish Wingsuit team.

For more on Andy Ford, check out this video from the Hercules Boogie 2004 or this video from Texel and see if you can spot the red/yellow suit.

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