Monday, February 9, 2009

Help a fellow wingsuit flyer

Some incredibly sad news at the start of the week on the wingsuit news blog.

Two fellow wingsuit flyers have sadly been robbed on a dropzone in Argentina.
Juan from Argentine, and Guillaume from Switzerland were the unfortunate victims.
While being held at gunpoint by several men, they were forced to load all their gear into Juan's car and were left with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing (even their shoes were stolen!). The car was later found, but sadly trashed and completely cleaned out of their belongings.

Luckily its only lost gear, and nobody was harmed or injured.
Though the big financial (and psychological) damage will heal in time, there are sadly also some more immediate problems they face. One of the biggest ones being that one of them is a professional full time jumper not having any gear to jump. And for him this means no income and thus no food on the table.

This jumper is Juan Mayer of
Someone who I have seen do a lot for the wingsuit flying community and skydiving in general, and I value him greatly as a person, friend and fellow skydiver.
In trying to help him get back on his feet, I wanted to appeal to all of you to ask the following.

Should any of you have an old jumpable rig, camerahelmet/camera or spare wingsuit (suitable for instruction) lying around which you could miss for a short while until he gets back on his feet, your help would be much appreciated in quickly getting him back on track in terms of work.

If you can help out, shoot an email to Juan at and I know you will make his next day start lot better than the previous one did

Thank you,
on behalf of the whole wingsuit news team

Down here a list of all the missing gear (and colours/serial numbers etc).
If you see any of this offered anywhere, please shoot Juan an email!

A Tandem Rig (Strong with a Icarus 364)
An sport Rig (Javelin Oddissey Navy Blue with a Storm, an Optimum 143 and a VigilII)
A Base Rig
6 wingsuits
A Laptop ( MacbookPro)
2 nikon (D80 and D90)
A Flash Nikon SB800
3 Video Cameras (Sony PC109 - Sony PC115 and Sanyo 1010)
WingJacket from Deepsed (Orange)
A pair of Pantz Blue and Orange
2 Camera Helmets ( 1 FlatTopPro Blue with the writing of my website address in orange and 1 orange one with all the boxes for the cameras)
A hard drive 120 Gb with photos of the last 4 years

A Sport Rig (Mirage with Sabre2 170)
A Laptop (HP Pavillon)
A wingsuit (Phantom2 black and red)
Also a big bag with clothes, his Ipod and differents personal stuff.


  1. Hi Juan,

    I will send you a Stealth to fly untill you have your own demo fleet again!

    All the best,
    Robert Pecnik

  2. Juan I sorry to hear this!! I will send you a raptor, or SM1 if you need. Also if you need a couple of demo suits we can do that too.

    Best luck,

    Justin Shorb