Friday, February 13, 2009

Its weekend!

Its a slow day with regards to wingsuit news, but we here at WWWN guess thats a good thing. As it means everybody is finishing up on their work, getting their gear in order, and loading it into their car ready for a weekend of hot (or ice-cold) wingsuit jumps!

If you want to be featured on the WWWN website next week, get those cameras out and shoot some frames of wingsuit-coolnes during your jumps!

And to not lure you here without any moving wingsuit pixels to see Kavin Manickaraj came to our rescue by posting a short video of a wingsuit jump he made on his Vimeo account. Check it out!

EDITORS TIP: Its easy to brush your rig along the floor, walls, or the roof of the airplane when crawling around. This can lead to things such as loose reserve/main-flaps and thus, exposed bridle. On a wingsuit jump, a few extra seconds of waiting before climbout is normal. Use those extra seconds to check eachothers gear before you exit.

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