Friday, February 6, 2009

Ten meters - a comfortable margin

The German media seems to really be into wingsuits these days.
The Berner Zeitung had a really nice article on a wingsuit flyby passed the famous Eiger mountain by basejumper Dominik Loyen

Translated by: Jarno Cordia

Ten meters - a comfortable margin
By Bruno Petroni

Passing the Männlichen cliff-edge in freefall at only ten meters distance: Two men from Germany and Norway accomplished just that - and they are hoping to better that accomplishment. But the weather is sadly expected to prevent another attempt later today.

He is undoubtedly one of the craziest jumpers of today: The German Dominik Loyen jumped from a helicopter last Saturday, above the Tschuggen at 3000 meters above sea level, together with his Norwegian partner Joakim summer.

Seconds later, he flew passed an astonished audience at 250 kilometers per hour. Passing the Männlichen cliff-edge - the so-called "Männlichenhore", at a hair width of only ten meters, and landing just a minute later in Wengen next to the ski school terrain.

Video shot by Dominik Loyen on a wingsuit flyby passed the Eiger
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Even closer next time

"With ten meters, I still have a comfortable margin. If it is too close, I spot it early enough so I can push my Wingsuit a little more to outglide the 30-Degree sloped hill-side": The freefall-showman talks about his daring leaps with the same confidence and ease of someone riding a bicycle: "The next time we will pass even closer than ten meters. This kind of close flying to the cliffs gives a very unique rush.", "Within the inner-circle of BASE jumpers, its dubbed proximity flying", close flying allong a fixed object. The exit-point is usually a helicopter.

Meticulously detailed planning

Answering the question on whether Basejumping by nature is not already dangerous enough, the 40-year-old Dominik Loyen answered stoically calm: "These kind of jumps are meticulously planned and studied in advance of course. On top of that I have my many years of experience.". With over 5500 skydives and more than 350 basejumps he is regarded one of the world's most experienced veterans of the sport.

Three days jumping from 'Eiger'

The Nordrhein-Westfaler is planning a 3 day jumpingfestival for 16 of the world's best basejumpers next autumn. "As part of a Documantary-film project, we want to spend three days jumping from the Eiger, flying passed the Mittellegigrat and glacier, and landing next to the glacier lake. " With the planned movie Documantary, the basejumpers exploits will be broadcast to a large TV audience.

Again next Saturday?
First Loyen will repeat this jump from last Saturday again and try to fly even closer passed the Männlichen cliff. The attempt is planned to take place this coming Saturday around 3:00 in the afternoon. If the weather is like today, and jumping is not possible. Loyen: "Then we stop jumping and try again next Saturday."

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