Sunday, March 15, 2009

Adrenaline Geeks taking it easy in 2008...

It's a Sunday morning, the weather is beautiful outside and like any self respecting skydiver, i'm still in bed surfing on my lap top.

Why? Because my rig needs a repack and I have no jump money, but enough of my sad tales of woe. This is a blog about those that can afford to jump...!

So, with that in mind, the morning news wires have pulled up this new trailer for the Adrenaline Geeks 2008 video. Expect lots of cool BASE jumping, wingsuit proximity flying, a really long clip of trucks driving to nowhere and an interesting wingsuit exit... all in one feature length trailer.

Click here to see the video


1 comment:

  1. Nice work I like it sweet proximity flying in the wingsuit