Saturday, April 25, 2009

WWWN DVD competition: The Winners

And finaly, here are the results in our Wingsuit Story competition!
We have selected three winners from the submissions, who will soon receive their highly anticipated FlyTheLine2 in the mail!

The first selected entry is this one:
My big wings
by Sebastian

My first flight with bigger wings became an outstanding experience. Before trying the new suit I played around with the smaller one until I was able to perform barrel rolls, front loops etc. Then after weeks of lousy weather I finally got the chance to fly my new suit. It was a two-way together with another guy wearing my old suit. Right after the exit I couldn’t stop smiling as the additional power I was feeling gave me so much more time and forward speed that I had to spend a lot of effort on slowing down in order to stay with the other guy who was taking pictures. All my concerns about handling the bigger wings and the opening phase went away pretty soon during that flight when I experienced the stability of the suit and the good accessibility of the hand-deploy when trying to reach it at high altitude. Flying these bigger wings was definitely another milestone in my amateur skydiving career and I can’t wait to get them in the air again.

Blue skies

From the Swiss contigent, we got this short story on ones exploration of the wingsuit dicipline.
Tales of a bird
by Christoph

So, I’m sitting here at the table in my livingroom, It’s midweek, the weather remains great, just watched a birdvideo where I found my name in the credits we’ve had a small wingsuit-event where we tried to gather as many birds possible and cram them into our plane.. since it’s a small county, only about 10 turned up. Well, that’s actually quite big already!
So, I’m still sitting here and try to think of something worthwhile for you to read; I look outside the window, the sun is setting, there are puffies shining bright orange, and all I can think about is, yea, you guessed it, the next fix, I’m dreaming of carving clouds, flocking with fellow birds, soaring cliffs some day..

What a journey this has been so far, just for the skydiving, going through AFF, getting a license, enjoying the jumps, the parties, the new friends! Then that chap turns up, swinging wildly with some nylon, As prodigy I am, I’m giving it a go. Then, I decide to wait for another couple jumps.. Then putting on another prodigy, and, its smoking asses!

Couple of flights later, I’ve already owned two suits, jumped another two, and am already thinking about future purchases. Wingsuit-flying is addictive. Nylon crack hits it quit precise. I keep on seeing warning labels on rigs, parachutes, even closing tools. I don’t remember seeing a warning label on any of the suits I’ve jumped in that regards…

So, I’m still sitting here, the puffies have turned dark red, and all I can think about…..


And last but not least, we got this entry from Sweden, highlighting the first wingsuit jump of the season. Check it out!

Airborn again!
by Ludwig

Last weekend the weather went flocking crazy. We had -3 degrees celsius at 4000m (13 000ft) and about a million degrees on the ground, zero wind and no clouds. This is pretty unusual in Sweden, Västerås, 4th of April. A couple of birds gathered, got dressed (some even undressed because of the temperature) and signed up for a jump.

It felt pretty nervous to be back in the air after four months on the ground but that just made it more exciting.

Four of us exited at the same time, none of us a good exit. We levelled and started flying. We flew like cornflakes the first 30 seconds but that didn't matter. My legwing flapped strangely so i took a look only to find Martin flying up under my legwing, laughing like a crazy man while headbutting it. We did a linked roll, flew home and landed safely...

It wasn't the best flight ever but we got to do our thing; we flocked again!


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