Friday, May 29, 2009

OutdoorgamesTV - Clip#6

OutdoorgamesTV updated their YouTube channel again, this time with a nice segment on Géraldine Fasnacht and Julian Boule BASE jumping in Lauterbrunnen valley. Géraldine is flying an S-Fly Pro (without grippers), while Julian seems to be wearing one of the original Sugerglider prototype suits.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

First baseflight

A new video just showed up on the Phoenix-Fly YouTube Channel. Next to showing some nice, fast and far flaying, the clip features some really funny audio.

Slovenian jumper Edo makes his first wingsuit basejump in he new Phantom2z (featuring new inlet system, reduced drag and quick rigging zippers). Camera by Robert Pecnik.
Check it out!

Seven real-world adventures in flight

MSNBC just posted a nice list, with the seven best real world adventures to be had in flying. Gracing the number 4 spot, of course, Wingsuits!
James Boole gets to say a few words, and Scotty Burns gets to illustrate the article with one of his nice photographs.

Check it out here!

Skydive Wietse & Jay Koevoets

The Dutch base duo SkydiveWietse & JayKoevoets just added some new videos to their YouTube account, showing some wingsuit flights made in Lauterbrunnen (Swiss) past March.

Check it out!

Flock U May Camp

Justin Shorb added a new video to the Sky2 Channel on Vimeo, showing some flocking and flying at the Flock U May Camp.

In his own words:
Some fun jumps over Pepperell, Ma from memorial day weekend. Rabbit jumps, smoke jumps, flocks and acro stuff. good mix.

Check it out!

Dennis Lisk - Lass Los

Thanx to the wonderfull world of people ripping video, we now also have an embedded version from Vimeo.


Last month we posted the Making off video, on the new videoclip for German artist Dennis Lisk. Putting wingsuits into mainstream media, he shows us basejumpers flying their wingsuits off cliffs.

The german website just updated their website with the full video. Embedding sadly isn't an option, so click the link to check it out!

Team Silver

Team Silver just released a new trailer for their online skysports/extreme sports documentary called StreamLined 08. Watch especialy for Austrian BASEjumper Martin Frenzel showing off some nice wingsuit flight.

Interested in seeing the whole thing?

Click here for part I
Click here for part II

NOTE: Part II is the wingsuit segment, though the paragliding is also 100% recommendable and highly spectaculair to watch in the other segment

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ukraine - MiniBoogie

Ukranian cameraman and wingsuit pilot Sevr posted a video on his YouTube account, showing some Boroyanka flocking and flying. This is the dropzone which will host a big wingsuit boogie next month. Click here for more details on that one. But for now, here is the video.

Check it out

Wingsuit Midair Rodeo

Justin Shorb posted a new Video on Sky2 Productions' channel, showing a nice mid-air hookup wingsuit rodeo.

Check it out!

Flying the V3

Neil Amonson posted a new video on his ongoing learning and flying experience with his V3 from Phoenix-Fly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wingsuit Exit

And to top off this massive update of close to 20 videos, three nice skydiving videos

Just as the title may have been leading you to think....the first video shows us a wingsuit exit. Small Cessna's rock! And some FFC and 3 way fun follow closely after that one.

Check it out!

2nd and 3d jump on PF Prodigy - 2:54

Wingsuit 3way over Calden - 1:46

weekend wingsuit BASE reloaded

As its been a long weekend and giving each video an individual post would take a week of work, we are going for a slight cop-out and bundling some of the BASE videos into this one awesome post.

Here we go!

Swiss Valley BASE Jumping - 4:43
(sweaty moments at the end)

First Phoenix-Fly Vampire3 Jumps - 3:36

Wingsuit BASE Group exit - 2:34

Special Permit Solo - 4:19 (no audio)

Kjerag (Norway) Exit 8 - 3:34

YouTube - Wingsuit POV videos

Though great fun for the ones making the jump, 1st person POV videos dont always end up being the most entertaining or interesting videos.

But as we here at WWWN made a 'scouts honour' promise to post every single wingsuit pixel we could find. Here is a short but quick recap on the global wingsuit POV shots from the long weekend.

First Flights - 6:32

Wingsuit Solo - 2:29

Jeb Corliss - On a wing and a prayer

ESPN uploaded a short documentary to their YouTube account featuring BASEjumper Jeb Corliss.

Jeb talks about his life, ambitions, dreams, experiences and potential death.

Check it out!

Swiss Miss

A nice video by Jade Tatom showed up on Vimeo a couple of days ago.
On a recent trip to Swiss, he video-ed lots of BASE jumpers exiting the cliffs in their Vampires, SflyPro etc.

Check it out!

Frenchtown balloon jump

Vimeo user Savagesac posted a short video on his 1st Wingsuit Balloon Jump

Check it out!

Mike Steen - FlyPa 2009

WWWN regular MikeSteen posted a new video to his Vimeo account.

In his own words:
Another fun year in the Canary Islands. Carson Klein, Kevin Hintze and Mike Steen throwing down on an island off the west coast of Africa.

Check it out!

NOTE: wingsuits at 3:20

Click here for previous videos on Mike Steen.

Wingsuit BASE bloopers

Neil Amonson uploaded a video on some of his recent BASE exploits. Check it out!

After a winter of speedflying, I guess I've decieded that I like to do swoop landings. Even when than means in a small, rocky wash filled with boulders and trees. I land hauling a** and stop inches in front of a tree witch my parachute completely drapes and takes about 25 minutes to get out. Sloppy.... Anyhow, flight is below average. I went to fly over a ridge, and perhaps due to looking to much where I wanted to go and not enough maintaining proper flying position I sink out and pull just past it. Next flight was much better. Still only 3 flights on the new suit, each one better than the last. Need to jump more to keep getting better.

Babylon Freefly

The guys from Babylon Freefly have been getting into wingsuits more and more.

After a previous video showing a nice mix of controlled wingsuitflying with freefly moves, here is their second YouTube video showing more experimenting in that direction.

Skydiver survives 1800 meter fall (comic) is a Cartoonist who makes daily cartoons for the Dutch newswebsite

Last week he devoted a cartoon to James Boole and his recent low-pull which made headline news in several countries.

English translation by WWWN.
Click here for the orginal Dutch version (May 20th)

Swedish AirForce

A nice video popped up on facebook today, shot by the Swedish Wingsuit team

Ludde wrote the following about the video:
It's my first video. Filmed in Västerås last weekend.
I'm filming, Patrik is flying a red and white suit, Joaquim is flying Black and White and Mikael is flying a black, yellow and white suit with me doing ffc with him.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Phantom2 Wingsuit Flight over Soest Germany

Its been a long 4 day weekend with beautifull sunny weather, so even us computernerds here at WWWN couldnt stay inside the house hugging our computers.

Its been a busy few days, so expect about a double dozen of video updates from YouTube, Vimeo and other news sources over the next day!

To start things off, here is a short video from your own WWWN crew shot in Soest (Germany). The flyer is Tobias Pradel who is trying a Phantom2, after doing his first flight course just the day before.

Check it out!

FreeFlock Utah Boogie has posted an announcement article on FreeFlock Utah.

We’ve got a two-way wingsuit competition, organized freeflying, organized bellyflying, a number of just plain fun events happening, including the Beer Accuracy Challenge, and of course, Skydive 21, the card game,” says Douglas Spotted Eagle, one of the producers of the event. Prizes from L&B, Paragear, SSK, Aerodyne, VASST, and other vendors will be on hand.

For more information, check out the whole article here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perris balloon flights

Tim posted a short compilation on some Perris (USA) freefly and wingsuit jumps online.
The video features wingsuits briefly. Check it out!

Note: For those without patience. The wingsuits start at 2:40

The first go at wingsuiting with no parachute...

Ok, so the story is actually about a chap with awesome facial hair who tried to jump from the Eiffel tower with a custom made 'parachute suit', but I think we can all agree that it actually looks more like a wingsuit.

This all kicked off back in 1912 when Franz Reichelt took the nervous looking steps over the edge. His theory was that his 'parachute suit' would suitably reduce his descent rate to allow him to land unharmed.

Amazingly, there's even video - albeit a fairly rudimentary one. Look out for the bit at the end where they measure how deep the crater was he left on impact...

More detail on the story can be found here, or if you're too lazy to click through, the video is below...

Whatever your take on the story, I think it's safe to agree that Franz is one of the early pioneers of the practice of 'here, hold my beer...'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prodigy on the rocks

JimStar posted a video on his YouTube account showing some Prodigy basejumps with his wingsuit.

Check it out!

Flocking at Ogden

Neil Amonson posted a video on his Vimeo account, showing some 4 way flying at skydive Ogden (USA).

Niel wrote this caption for the video:

Some four way flocking at skydive Ogden. Most of the flight we are each doing our own thing, but we do a little two way RW before I practice punching it out at the end of the jump.

On to the video. Check it out!

flytheline2 desktops 16:9

And by populair request, FlyTheLine2 desktops for all WWWN readers with widescreen monitors! Including several new pictures!

For people with old fashioned 4:3 monitors, click here to go to a nice set of desktop wallpapers in your prefered aspect ratio.

Note: click on the image thumbnail to download, rechtclick> use as desktop

Monday, May 18, 2009

Basejump accident (continued)

The BBC news website also has an article and accompanying interview with video footage on James Boole and his recent accident.

Check out the article here

Other media are also catching on.
Check here for a Dutch item (using footage from Skynews)

FlyTheLine2 Desktops

With special thanks to Phoenix-Fly, we have these 3 nice desktop wallpapers for you to download and use for your laptop. Click the images to download. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

NOTE: All images are 1600x1200 (4:3) resolution. Should enough people want 16:9 desktop versions (1920x1200) for widescreen laptops/computerscreens, we'll ad those as well.

Don't forget the 'chute'...

Seriously, wuffos shouldn't be allowed to write articles on our sports. Even when given the exacting details of a story, they still manage to come up with headlines like 'I fell 6000ft, forgot my chute... and lived!'

Seriously, who the hell forgets their 'chute'?

Anyhow, sensationalism aside, the actual story is pretty serious and features a very good friend of WWWN, and Phoenix Fly manager - James Boole.

While filming for a television project in Russia, James and the subject he was filming flew into the mouth of a snow covered volcano. Unfortunately the pair became disorientated due to the snow and found themselves extremely low. Even with BASE equipment James didn't stand a chance of getting a canopy above his head.

Muscle memory took over and he deployed, but sadly he was far too low for the canopy to actually open - meaning he impacted in near full flight.

Thankfully, and somewhat miraculously, he's still alive to tell the tale (seriously, this'll be a good one for round the bonfire so make sure you buy him a drink) and is featured in todays UK paper, The Sun, with the 'make the hair stand up on the back of your neck' video of the accident appearing online. Try not to get too angry when you read the comments from the wildly uneducated wuffos....

Suffering a broken back, broken ribs, bruised lung and a few chipped teeth, he should in time make a full recovery.

From all of us here at WWWN, get well soon James!

Check out the Sun's online copy of the story here

For all media enquiries related to the story, please contact Macca, +44 (0) 7525 746 600

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flying at Byron Bay regular and FlockU flyer Douglas Spotted Eagle posted a new video on his Vimeo account, on some recent jumps he made on his visit to Australia.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Music Video

German music artist Dennis Lisk used wingsuits in the video for his latest videoclip.

YouTube just premiered a short 'making off' on the actual filming. The music video is sayd to premiere on german TV (and of course online) this coming week.

Check it out!

This video is also available on Vimeo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Empuria Brava - Stealth2 Breakoff fun

And sometimes we're also lucky enough to be able to post some of our own stuff here.
As a preview to several bigger videos that are currently in the works, here is a short snippet from the recent wingsuit boogie Empuria Brava (Spain).

Check it out!

Andreea Backflying over Skydive Orange

Chris Gray just uploaded a video to his YouTube account, showing a backfly training jump by Andreea.

Check it out!

Lets see that again..

After the video put online by Scotty, Jeff Nebelkopf also did his edit on the wingsuit flock during the most recent Space Shuttle launch.

Check it out!

Friday, May 15, 2009

From the wingsuits-in-the-mass-media-dept: The Canadian website Kamloops This Week has an update on the boogie going on in Kamloops, Canada.

You can read the article here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

FlyYourBody - New Suits

Patrick de Guillebon pointed us to the following.

FlyYourBody announced two new wingsuits on the French forum today. Click here for a google translation of the French forum.

A third (big flocking) new wingsuit model is also mentioned in the thread, but is not announced for official release yet.

Here are the pictures, and (copied/translated) information on the two suits:

FlyYourBody 'Indy'
The new entry level wingsuit.
Small wings, quick-release zippers (for emergency access to toggles/risers) and easy reach for pilotchute mnake this a nice suit for beginners.
In terms of performance, should probably be rated in between the Access and S-Fly Expert models.

FlyYourBody 'Verso'
The new flocking suit.
In terms of performance, rated in between the S-Fly Expert and S-Fly-Pro. Suitable for flocking, and all purpoise flying.
No info about back inflation etc.

Brazilian mass media discovers wingsuiting

An article appeared on a Brazillian website for whuffo's about how amazing and exciting wingsuiting is. If you're bored, you can read the crappy automatically translated article here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lauterbrunnen July 2008

Taylor Cole posted a nice video on Vimeo, showing his summer of BASEjumping in Europe.

Check it out!

Fly with the Space Shuttle

Scotty Burns just added a new video to his Vimeo account on a SpaceShuttle launch formation jump, made just two days ago.

Click here for the YouTube version

Scotty has also posted picture on his website in the photo gallery.

Be sure to check it out!

Click here for a previous item on wingsuit shuttle launch jumps.

USA wingsuit BASE action

neil amonson posted a new video to his Vimeo account, on 2 wingsuit jumps made from a local terminal wall (USA).

Taken from the video description:
Myself and my roommate headed out to our local terminal wall yesterday. It was his second wingsuit base jump ever and my first in just over a year. He is jumping a birdman classic and I'm using a Vampire 3.


Hans Schoeber (aka Gadget of wingsuit team the Crewbirds) just uploaded a new video to, testing his new GoProHero sports-cam.

Check it out here

Nissan Outdoor Games - Promo

And a new (be it small) video from the Nissan Outdoor Games.

Check it out!

Note: Wingsuit/Tracksuit at 0:29

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First wingsuit jump

Under the great title My Wingsuit Basejump someone romanticly names PunchYou posted a video online of (what appears to be) a first flight/flock.

Check it out!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Night Flocks at Elsinore

Brian Drake posted a nice, be it a bit dark (duh) video on a wingsuit nightflock done at Elsinore past weekend.

Check it out!

On a personal note, I would have loved hearing this song as the soundtrack to this one.

Sincerely, Jarno (Moodies fan:)

VueloLibre.TV wingsuit item

VueloLibre.TV is a Mexican online magazine on sports aviation.
As part of their online TV show, they recently posted a (3 part) wingsuit specific program.

Check it out!


Rich Kennedy added a short (wingsuit) balloonjump video to his Vimdeo account.

Check it out!

Coaching with Jeff

Kevin Lynch updated his Vimdeo Account with a session of coached wingsuit jumps by Jeff Nebelkopf from Tonysuits.

Tonysuits also updated their Blog with some in-action shots of their latest wingsuit model in the European mountains.

Check it out here!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canadian boogie at Kamloops in the media

Wingsuits in the mass media: The British Columbia website Kamloops This Week has a small article about the boogie going on at Kamloops next weekend. The wingsuiters will try to set a provincial record.

Read the article here.

For more info on the boogie itself, check the thread at

Friday, May 8, 2009

Boogie Guarani 2009 Wingsuit Edition

Guillaime sent us a headsup that he posted a wingsuit compilation vid of the Boogie Guarani 2009 on Vimeo. It's nicely edited and a fun watch. Good choice of music too!

Boogie Guarani 2009 Wingsuit Edition from xnawakx on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wingsuits Boogie, Gap 2007

Xmicky uploaded a nice video to Vimeo on the 2007 wingsuit boogie at GAP (France).

Check it out!

Ride The Planets

Xmicky uploaded a nice segment on wingsuit BASEjumping with Loic-Jean Albert and Ueli Gegenshatz on Vimeo

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got an iPhone / iTouch?

Are you one of lifes cool people? Do you enjoy the ownership of one of Apples fine iPhones or iPod touches? Do you also want to look good and show off your love for wingsuiting to wuffos on the train?

Do you also like using words like 'fly suit' and 'ripcord'?

Vir2L studios may just have what you need...

They've developed a first person game for the iPhone / iPod touch that puts you into the flying seat. Choose from various different BASE jumping experiences, including buildings, canyons and a snowy mountain, then fly your wingsuit through various hoops to score points.

Using the amusing on screen handle, you also have to make sure you deploy with enough time to land your canopy on the target.

It's a pretty funky game, and although you have to pay for it, it's at the lowest price point, and sooooo much better than getting that retarded fake pint of beer.

Use this link to go to the game in the app store on iTunes.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Facanha Sky - Wingsuit/Brazil FFC

Not too much to see in this POV video of a wingsuit jump, but its a contractual obligation to post every single moving wingsuit pixel we find online, so here ya go!

Luckely there is slightly more to see in the following Brazil FFC video.

Check it out!

Andrews first flight

Scott posted a nice video on Andrew making his first flight.

Check it out!

Swoop 'n Huck

Swoop'n Huck posted a new video to his YouTube account, showing some balloon/basejumps (including of course, wingsuit flying).

Check it out!

Canyon Muppets

Duchesnep posted a video to his YouTube account, showing a compilation of Canyon tracking and wingsuit BASE jumps.

Check it out!

Flying in Australia and Norway

Linn posted a compilation of last years jumps in Australia and Norway while doing freefly and wingsuit flying.

Check it out!

Testing ankle mounted video bracket

Brian Drake is testing a new ankle mount for his video camera, and uploaded a nice video to YouTube to show his progres and testing.

Check it out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Climb, jump, pack, repeat...

Champion climber Leo Houlding is planning a bit of a day out. His intention is to be the first person to climb the west face of Mount Asgard in the Canadian arctic, wingsuit BASE jump from the top of it, land, then do the whole thing again - all in just 24 hours.

A mere walk in the park... *cough*

As if this amazing attempt isn't enough, Leo's story has been covered by the world famous, international publication The Westmorland Gazette. Seriously. Wow.