Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wingsuit BASE bloopers

Neil Amonson uploaded a video on some of his recent BASE exploits. Check it out!

After a winter of speedflying, I guess I've decieded that I like to do swoop landings. Even when than means in a small, rocky wash filled with boulders and trees. I land hauling a** and stop inches in front of a tree witch my parachute completely drapes and takes about 25 minutes to get out. Sloppy.... Anyhow, flight is below average. I went to fly over a ridge, and perhaps due to looking to much where I wanted to go and not enough maintaining proper flying position I sink out and pull just past it. Next flight was much better. Still only 3 flights on the new suit, each one better than the last. Need to jump more to keep getting better.

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