Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't forget the 'chute'...

Seriously, wuffos shouldn't be allowed to write articles on our sports. Even when given the exacting details of a story, they still manage to come up with headlines like 'I fell 6000ft, forgot my chute... and lived!'

Seriously, who the hell forgets their 'chute'?

Anyhow, sensationalism aside, the actual story is pretty serious and features a very good friend of WWWN, and Phoenix Fly manager - James Boole.

While filming for a television project in Russia, James and the subject he was filming flew into the mouth of a snow covered volcano. Unfortunately the pair became disorientated due to the snow and found themselves extremely low. Even with BASE equipment James didn't stand a chance of getting a canopy above his head.

Muscle memory took over and he deployed, but sadly he was far too low for the canopy to actually open - meaning he impacted in near full flight.

Thankfully, and somewhat miraculously, he's still alive to tell the tale (seriously, this'll be a good one for round the bonfire so make sure you buy him a drink) and is featured in todays UK paper, The Sun, with the 'make the hair stand up on the back of your neck' video of the accident appearing online. Try not to get too angry when you read the comments from the wildly uneducated wuffos....

Suffering a broken back, broken ribs, bruised lung and a few chipped teeth, he should in time make a full recovery.

From all of us here at WWWN, get well soon James!

Check out the Sun's online copy of the story here

For all media enquiries related to the story, please contact Macca, +44 (0) 7525 746 600


  1. James - really glad you didn't die

  2. Wouldn't that be the first landing of a wingsuit without a chute?

  3. So the comment about him waiting for the other guy to signal for him to pull is incorrect?

  4. It's pretty clear after seeing a couple different accounts of this that Boole was planning to deploy upon seeing his subject's deployment. When the other guy lost depth perception over the snow and pulled late, it was too late for Boole as well.

    Why is that so goddamn hard for newspeople to understand? The chronic lack of concern for details in skydiving stories makes me distrust everything else the talking heads spout.

  5. Annoyed me soo much I complained to the BBC. You can complain here:

  6. Get well soon, James - nice to have you still with us.
    The next stroopwafels are on me!