Thursday, May 14, 2009

FlyYourBody - New Suits

Patrick de Guillebon pointed us to the following.

FlyYourBody announced two new wingsuits on the French forum today. Click here for a google translation of the French forum.

A third (big flocking) new wingsuit model is also mentioned in the thread, but is not announced for official release yet.

Here are the pictures, and (copied/translated) information on the two suits:

FlyYourBody 'Indy'
The new entry level wingsuit.
Small wings, quick-release zippers (for emergency access to toggles/risers) and easy reach for pilotchute mnake this a nice suit for beginners.
In terms of performance, should probably be rated in between the Access and S-Fly Expert models.

FlyYourBody 'Verso'
The new flocking suit.
In terms of performance, rated in between the S-Fly Expert and S-Fly-Pro. Suitable for flocking, and all purpoise flying.
No info about back inflation etc.

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