Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got an iPhone / iTouch?

Are you one of lifes cool people? Do you enjoy the ownership of one of Apples fine iPhones or iPod touches? Do you also want to look good and show off your love for wingsuiting to wuffos on the train?

Do you also like using words like 'fly suit' and 'ripcord'?

Vir2L studios may just have what you need...

They've developed a first person game for the iPhone / iPod touch that puts you into the flying seat. Choose from various different BASE jumping experiences, including buildings, canyons and a snowy mountain, then fly your wingsuit through various hoops to score points.

Using the amusing on screen handle, you also have to make sure you deploy with enough time to land your canopy on the target.

It's a pretty funky game, and although you have to pay for it, it's at the lowest price point, and sooooo much better than getting that retarded fake pint of beer.

Use this link to go to the game in the app store on iTunes.

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