Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wingsuit Pinchecks

FlyLikeBrick.com added two new documents to the articles section on their website detailing Wingsuit Pinchecks, specificly aimed at non-wingsuit flyers.

The article is available in both Dutch and English (rechtclick to download).

350 fallskärsmhoppare på plats i Flygstaden

PlayReport.se (Swedish television) made a short report on the big summer boogie in Sweden that just ended a few days ago. The report includes some brief moments of wingsuit flying.

Hangglider, Lowpull

After the (by now infamous) vulcano jump, Valery Rosov again made the Russian media. This time with a (BASE gear) wingsuit demo-jump from a hangglider.

Check it out!

300 (and Morocco)

And with this new video, we mark our 300th post since WWWN (aka WingsuitNews.com) was concieved December 2008. Thats a posting average of more than 1 video a day! Unlike those other wingsuit blogs, where you have to be be happy if they even make it up to 1 new video per month ;)

But of course, we wouldnt be this active if it wasnt for all those faithfull WWWN readers! So! Thank you!

But us being WWWN, the most active wingsuit video blog on the internet, we cant stop and pause at these wonderfull stats for long, as we have new videos for you;

Patrick from France just uploaded a short but nice video on the weather plagued Beni Mellal boogie, last winter.

Check it out!

For the nerds, this video also show one of the new FlyYourBody wingsuits in action (Verso).

Seven Way - Lauterbrunnen

Brian Drake just added a short BASE video to his YouTube account. Some hints of wingsuit, so we post it here for your enjoyment!

Check it out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Norway HeliBoogie - Vampire3 wingsuit Flying

A new video just went online at the PhoenixFly YouTube Channel, showing some V3 jumps made at the Heli Boogie in Norway two weeks ago.

Check it out!

Click here to go to fullscreen version on YouTube

X-bird in Norway

Lowpull Productions posted a video of the new TonySuit X-bird flying in Kjerag at the HeliBoogie.

Check it out!

What did we miss!

Being about a week behind on the YouTube videos, here is a bit of a recap of the past week!

Wingsuit cloud flying
by DevilFlyers

Wingsuit Slotflying Trainingjumps
by Tim V Eesteren

A Wingsuit Postcard from Saumur
by TitaniumGecko

Wingsuit Rodeo
by JoeSixPackRules

stu ryan wingsuit jump
by BoshThemus

IceScream (repost)
by RideThePlanets

The Asgard Project

www.posingproductions.com just posted the second teaser for their upcoming film 'The Asgard Project'.

Its a movie on top climber Leo Houlding learning to BASEjump and fly a wingsuit in Brento, Italy. On the road to flying, he is getting 1 on 1 coaching in skydiving and BASE from nobody less than Robert Pecnik. On of the leading experts on wingsuit flying in a BASE enviroment.

Check it out!

click here to go to YouTube for fullscreen capability

Here is an earlier trailer for the same film
Editors warning: no wingsuits!

World BASE Race - ABC news

Paul Fortun uploaded a new video to his YouTube account, showing an ABC news item on the World Base Race from last year.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Trollstigen

Paul Fortun uploaded a new video to his YouTube account:
Nikko, Petter, and espen fly trollstigen.
This is a take from 2006, The suit espen is flying is a proto 'Shadow' type from Phoenix-fly
Check it out!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elsinore Wingsuit Bigway now jumping for charity

The organizers of the Elsinore Wingsuit Bigway posted a message to Facebook about their new website and a video Mark Harris made with amazing images of 2008's attempt.

This year's bigway has a nice twist to it, in that they are raising funds for charities with all the jumps they'll be doing.

The website with more info is raisethesky.org, and you can watch the video below:

hardware problems

The past week wingsuitnews.com was a bit quiet, as we where off to the Ukraine for some fun flying. We intented to update the website every few days, so you (our reader) would still get your (almost) daily dose of Wingsuit News.

But then there was that linked 4 way (freefly) exit that changed everything.
Due to bad placement in the door, I (Jarno) got pulled into the doorframe on exit. Bumping my shoulderbone into the side, and tearing the tendons holding my scapula attached to my shoulderbone. Thus resulting in a bit of a gap, and a lot of pain.
And thus (for 5 days) no updates on WWWN due to travels and hospital visits.

But we're back! And now on pause for a few weeks (with regards to skydiving) but this means more time for WWWN and video editing. Thank you all for hanging in there, hoping to join all of you up in the sky again soon!


p.s. Here is a nice photo the doctors gave me!


The Brothers Gray just premiered their new website through dropzone.com.
We offer private coaching with video debrief to anyone wishing to hone their flying skills. This includes Flocking, BIGWAY Flocking, Aerobatics, Back Flying, Distance/Maximum Flight coaching.

Check it out!

And the winner is..

PlanetSki posted a short article on the Nissan Outdoor Games '09.

Check it out!

Top 10 things to do before you die!

Its too late for Michael Jackson, but for those of us still around; You might want to check this article by Drambuie labeled 10 things to do before you die.

For those who dont want to read the whole thing, here is just the list:
10. Tectonic Plate Diving: lakes of Iceland
9. BASE jumping: 3000ft above New River Gorge, US
8. The World's Fastest Roller Coaster: the Nurburgring Race Track, Germany
7. Boogie Boarding (white-water rafting without the raft): on the Zambezi
6. Volcano Surfing (ride the ring of fire): Cerro Negro, Nicaragua
5. Wingsuit Flying (using a special suit that shapes your body into an aerofoil, basically turning you into a flying squirrel)
4. Bungee into a live volcano
3. Slacklining (tightrope-walking without the tight rope)
2. Skydive Over Everest: 30,000ft up in the Himalayas

editors note:
If anyone has information on that 3000ft New River Gorge bridge, do let us know.
It would be a vast improvement over the 876ft bridge thats currently there ;)

Lunch With Team Red Bull

Jeff Nebelkopf posted a cool new video.
A collection of jumps done with Team Red Bull during their lunch breaks at Skydive Sebastian.

Check it out!

And another cool update from MikeSteen.com, with this video on a trip to Lauterbrunnen this spring.

After the BaWue Airgames we loaded up Remo's motor home and headed for Switzerland. Ellen Brennan, Jason Powell, Scotty Freeland, Mattt Gerdes, Carson Klein and Mike Steen.

Bulgarian Wingsuit Flying

XCoSports posted a video on what is suposedly the first wingsuit jump in Bulgaria, by Plamen Petrov.

Check it out!

Jill's First Wingsuit flights at Flock University

Justin Shorb from FlockUniversity just posted a new video on Jill making her first wingsuit flights.

Check it out!

Article: Plunge into Yolo

The US magazine Daily Democrat just posted a nice article on a skydiving event at Davis airport. In the end, Sean Horton gets a few words in on wingsuit flying.

Check it out here

Little Colorado Wingsuit Flight

Taylor Cole posted a short wingsuit Video
This was my first BASE wingsuit flight in over 9 months. Difficult to stay current in Southern California. :) Fantastic site, jumping with fantastic friends, drinking fantastically warm beers.

Lovin Life!!
Check it out!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New wingsuits from Fly Your Body

Patrick de Guillebon sent us a headsup that the new wingsuits from Fly Your Body have officially been released and are available for purchase.

The S-Fly Indy and the S-Fly Verso.

The pages on the Fly Your Body website are still only in French only unfortunately. Update: Cathy from Fly Your Body commented that the pages are now available in English - I've updated the links above. You can also read this thread on dropzone.com about the new suits.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bigger & more badass: Tony Suits X-Bird

Tony Suits have been testing a new wingsuit, the X-Bird, a hybrid Thunderbird/XS. It's absolutely masssive and sets the bar higher for yet more wingsuit surface area. Justin Shorb tells me it's a beast, but still manageable. I can't wait to see some GPS data on glide ratio and such.

Justin posted the test flight footage on Vimeo:

X-Bird Test Flights from Sky2 on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wingsuiting with the freeflyers

Even though it's blatant self-promotion, here's a post about a short little video I made of some jumps I made with my freefly friends last weekend, while I was wearing my wingsuit. It was challenging and I had to do some really fast carving to keep up, and at times reached 175mph when I needed to dive down to them. So here's the video... you don't see much of me unfortunately... Stijn's camera was on autofocus and his lens was very dirty which has the effect of well... watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Watch it on our site here! (sorry I can't embed it here)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kjerag Kickoff Weekend 2009

HalvorAngvik posted a new video on YouTube to mark the start of the summer:
Wingsuit flying on the season kickoff in Kjerag, Norway.
Exit 4, 5, 8 and Smellveggen.

Check it out!

Wingsuit vs Plane

A wingsuit flying, with a stuntplane flying loops around it. An awesome sight!
We already posted the article a few days ago, and here is the video!

Click here to go straight to YouTube for FullScreen options.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Worst flight ever...

Neil Amonson posted a video (with a short story) on Vimeo called "Turbulent Wingsuit BASE, worst flight ever".
While some would concider a jump like this the best jump of their life (in terms of the experience), Niel had some critical notes on his own flying:

Action starts around 1:34. Had a very strange experience recently. About 3 seconds into my flight I almost got flipped on my back and continued to get buffeted by "turbulence" for a large portion of the flight. I put turbulence in parenthesis because I'm not sure what exactly caused it, either environmental conditions or the pilot(me). A similar thing happened two weeks ago from the same cliff with another experienced jumper. It was not super windy, though conditions where changing at the time I jumped with the winds having switched about 180 degrees in the past 10 minutes. Who knows, perhaps I was too stiff as I was trying some different techniques and perhaps need to relax more. I did notice that towards the end of the flight it looks like I have become slightly head high, but not sure if this is just an illusion. Next flight went much better going back to the basics and letting the suit fly itself. Also the first jump with the foot mount cam, nice angle, really like the view. Will be fun to get a really solid flight on video from this view.

And here is the video!

Check it out!

WWWN speculative answer:
Seeing the head hanging beneath the body, suggest a bit overdoing the de-arching on the upper body. Causing a slighlty head-high position, and instability issues due to a slight stall. Just straigtening the body more, and letting the suit fly will probably do the trick. Though weather/enviroment issues with turbulence could very well be the cause. No experience in that arena.

B.A.S.E. 2008

DavSport posted a nice compilation of his 2008 BASE season on the Tubes!
Of course, nice bits of wingsuit pixels spread throughout the video, otherwise you wouldnt find it here :)

Check it out!

Puffy Clouds

Mike just uploaded a video from a nice sunny yet cloudy day.

Check it out!

Presented in amazing Aqaruimvision®!

Whats the Matter3...

Kahona posted a new video to his YouTube account, showing a nice helicopter wingsuit jump in his Matter wingsuit (with an ankle camera).

Check it out!

Prodigy base

VampireBrento posted a short BASE flight in his Prodigy on YouTube.

Check it out!

Gustafon pulls low...

The title says it all..

Check it out!

Into the fire

A short, but nice tracking video, with a short bit of (POV) wingsuit skydiving at the end.

Check it out..

W.Hotel Megaday

A nice video showed up on the DavSport YouTube channel.

Dav wrote:
Epic day at the W, Jacob and Kevin become the first ever to fly wingsuits off the 810' wall. Jacob flew 32sec, totally nailing it. Kev didn't get immediate flight and pitched, right move for sure. The rest of us went next, all great hucks.


And here is the video for your enjoyment!
Check it out!

How was your weekend..

click to show full size image

Testing a new PF suit prototype, we spent the weekend playing with canopies. Showing we do still get out every once in a while ;)

But luckely, we're back in the office now to start updating the blog on this weekends' youtube, vimeo and news activity!

Check it out!

And a nice framegrab from Bavo's camera. Showing the other POV.

click to show full size image

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laura Verslaat - Basejumping

Dutch reporter Laura Verster follows extreme sports photographers for her television show Laura Verslaat (Laura Reports) on the Dutch network Veronica TV.

Click here for the Photo gallery
Click here for the Trailer

Click here to see the full show (Dutch).

BASE! Game on!

UPDATE: Anyone willing to help out by making a mirror download location available for the files. Please upload, and post the links here (in the comments) or on the game forum.

The financial crisis (and downloading) is hittig more and more people.
Sadly D3, the company that made the great BASE game, went bankrupt.
This means the great game will probably never be updated to a newer version.

Here a quick look at the game trailer, if you have no clue what the game is about.

To not have all their work be gone forever, the good people at D3 have decided to make the game FREELY available online for all of you good people.

Go to www.flokas.de and download the following files

B.A.S.E. Game, Open Source Release (beta3.1) 268 MB
"patch" beta5 1,02 MB (rightclick, save as)

First install the game, then the update Patch.
You mayb also need to download and install these two applications before being able to run the game.

NVIDEA PhysX system
download here (rightclick, save as)

Microsoft`s NetFramework 1.1
download here (rightclick, save as)

For those with questions, the forum at www.flokas.de has more details on installation, gameplay etc.
Keep an eye on the game credits to see a WWWN crew member name in there as well...;)

There is also a forum about the open source release of the game.
A small group of people guys is trying to further refine the game. But they need help.
If anyone has coding expirience, check out http://www.d3company.com/forum and maybe see what you can do.

Check it out!

Special thanks to Basejumper.com for the headsup!

FFCs and a rodeo

Justin Shorb posted a new video, showing some first flight courses and a nice wingsuit Rodeo.

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Freiburg FFCs

Dimo Mashayekh posted a video, showing some first flights over Freiburg (DE).

Check it out!

Classic 2 ways

Ciro posted a video on some fun (high) jumps in a Classic!

Check it out!

Ride the Planets

YvonVite posted a short behind the scenes video, on the earlier presented Ride The planets film Mystic Spirit. Some nice BASE aerobatics halfway into the video!

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Frode diaries..

Norwegian BASEjumper Frode posted some nice YouTube videos on his recent jumps in his new wingsuit. Both skydiving and BASEjumping to test both the suit and his new cameramounts.

Check it out!

(base Frode) A V3 and a S-fly and a Porter at Voss!

Basejump Frode # 4 in Kjerag with Arne and Nick! 2009

Base jump Frode. Exit #5 at the waterfall in Kjerag.

Wingsuit Belgium march 2009, Flying my new Vampire 3.

Monday, June 8, 2009

MikeSteen - BaWue Airgames 2009

And a nice video on the BaWue Airgames 2009 from MikeSteen.com showed up on Vimeo
Another Epic year thanks to Remo and the crew at the BaWue Airgames. Ellen Brennan, Carson Klein, Mattt Gerdes, Scotty Freeland and Mike Steen put on a show never before seen over the Black Forrest. Enjoy!

Check it out!

Previous Posts on MikeSteen:
Mike Steen - FlyPa 2009
Mike Steen - MikeSteen.com


And more first flights!

No information on who the coach/cameraflyer was, but here is the video Jose posted!

Check it out!

Shaun over Florida

Shaun Phillips just posted a short but nice video on his YouTube account on his 2nd wingsuit jump (and first one over Florida).
This was actually my (Shaun Phillips) second ever wingsuit jump. It was my first jump on my Birdman GTi suit. We where jumping over Skydive Clewiston in Florida.

Check it out!

how not to pull..

Tim van Es posted a video on his YouTube account, showing some a wingsuit flyer having difficulties at pulltime. There are several instructrional points that could be taken fromt this video, click here to go to a related discussion on dropzone.com

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fixed the calendar

Just a note to say I've fixed the calendar. It seemed to be broken for a while, and I now used a different blog "gadget" to display the calendar of wingsuit events. Let me know in the comments if it didn't used to work for you but now does or vice versa.

Did you know you can subscribe to this calendar too? Many programs like Apple's iCal, Microsoft Exchange, Mozilla Sunbird, Zimbra and of course Google Calendars can subscribe to icalendar feeds, where your local calendar will be automatically updated as new events are added to the World Wide Wingsuit Events calendar.

To do this, right click on the green ICAL button that is below the calendar on the right and select "Copy Link Location". Then go to your calendar program and find the subscribe option. Paste the ICAL link into the place for the ICAL URL and it should work! Let me know in the comments if you need any assistance.

And, if you have any events you'd like us to add, drop us a line at news@flylikebrick.com!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Building your own wingsuit

Chris Warnock has a featured article on Dropzone.com about how he built his own wingsuit, and what pitfalls and problems he encountered during this process. It's an interesting read for all of us that take our nylon flight suits for granted, and might not consider the huge amount of work that goes into designing and building a wingsuit.

Read the article here.

New name, same great taste!

We've not been round long, but being the ADHD adrenaline addicted nylon crack heads that we are, feel it's already time for a bit of a change around here.

After day's of countless meetings, hours of intense marketing strategy consolations, heck even phoning our moms, the decision has now finally been made.

From this day forward it shall be proclaimed that World Wide Wingsuit News will now be known as... wait for it... Wingsuit News!

Yeah, we know. Awesome isn't it. Seriously, you can't just make this shit up.
Over the days to come, we'll also be pouring some new graphic sauce over our blog to spice things up a bit.

Anyhow, to celebrate our new name, we've decided to up our game a little bit and invest a few beer tokens in a new, easier to remember URL for you to type in (yeah, we know you all have as a book mark *shucks*).

From now on, you'll find us - and all the latest, greatest skydive and BASE wingsuit news, photos and videos - right here at the regularly updated www.WingsuitNews.com


a different kind of tracking..

Graphic artist Paul Stephen Carlin took some video from Tristan of Vimeo , and did some fun software testing using stabilising and motion tracking software.
Turning shaking footage in smooth camerawork, and also doing fun things such as removing flyers from the frame.

Check it out!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Look into my eyes..

Brian Drake just posted a nice teaser to his summer holiday plans on YouTube.

Check it out!

Swiss Valley BASE trip - Vampire Flyers

Virgil Davis added a short video to his Vimeo account, on a recent trip to Swiss, where he cruised through and past the mountains in his wingsuit.

Check it out!

A wingsuit Roadtrip with Tristan & Tony

And Tristan got busy adding some of older videos to his Vimeo channel.
Second in the series is A wingsuit Roadtrip with Tristan & Tony

Wingsuit flying over the French Alps at Megève and in Gap, and a formation flight after the Italian wingsuit competition in Arezzo.
And a final trip to the most beautifull place in the world.
Check it out!

Estonian Flocking

And a short video from Estonia, where Lego(the man, not the toy building blocks) and his buddies did some flocking and flying.

Check it out!

Wingsuit with Pilatus PC 6

Danny Rowlands has posted a nice video on some wingsuit vs Pilatus Porter relative flying.

Check it out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wingsuit fun in Soest (DE)

And then its one of those days again where I can (ab)use WWWN to promote our own stuff a bit. Using a small sports camera, I edited a short video showcasing some funky placements of the camera during several wingsuit jumps and canopy flights in Soest, Germany. Check it out!

Basejump Frode - Kjerag

Longtime Norwegian BASEjumper Frode just posted a nice video on a recent BASEjump at Kjerag.

Check it out

NOTE: Video starts out looking like cheap male erotic porn, but actually does turn into wingsuit flying at about 0:45

Let the wind carry you home

Though we recall the video appearing a while ago on Tristan Whitmarsh' website (or skydivingmovies, dont remember), it showed up on Vimeo today.

Its a short compilation of jumps Tristan made with thr TonySuit crew during the wingsuit competition last year, and a trip they made to Locarno (Swiss) shortly after that.

Check it out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nissan Outdoor Games - Mystic Spirit / RTP

A few days ago, we posted a short Behind the Scenes look at the shooting of one of the Nissan outdoor videos.

Today, two new videos showed up online. A full making of, and the final movie.
You can check em both out right here!

Mystic Spirit / RTP

Making off

Earlier posts on the Nissan Outdoor Games:

Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Behind the Scenes Clip#6
Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Promo
Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Wingsuits in the Media
Nissan Outdoor Games 2009
Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Insomnia
Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 - Ice Scream

Sessions para mars - avril 09

Its been one of those busy long weekends again, so here is the first post in one of our (by now) famous 'catch up' sessions!

First up!
GussoneR posted a nice (as we call em) 'angry music' video on wingsuit flying in Guyane and Florida.

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Altitude record attempts

The flyers from Projecto-Alas where optimistic and all set to go past a 6 minute (formation) freefall, trying to break the current world record for longest freefall.

The Guiness Record for longest freefall is officialy is still on Adrian Nicholas name. Several longer jumps have been made, though not one was registered with Guinness, respecting the previous achievement by Adrian in one of the first generation wingsuits.

Feeling confident in breaking the current record (and their own un-official 6:02 record flight set way back in 2005, from an altitude of 35.000 ft) May 31st 2009 had been set as the date on which a new record time would be set.

After a week of training in the dunes of Mas Palomas (Gran Canaria), Flying the Phoenix-Fly Stealth, it became clear 6 minutes was certainly a goal they could reach.

Sadly a car accident, 2 days before the actual attempt, forced the team to suspend their planned record jump.
Luckely Toni, Alvaro and Santi have not given up on the idea and, once all three have recovered from their injuries, will schedule a new attempt by the second half of September this year.

Note: All photo's where taken during special media/photo jumps. For more photos, take a look at their website

Monday, June 1, 2009

UPDATE: Wingsuits at the Thunder on the Rio Grande Airshow

Rex Pemberton kindly emailed me back that they haven't released any footage of the stunt they did at Thunder on the Rio Grande Airshow, which we posted about earlier.

The footage they shot at the show is going to be part of a show reel they'll be releasing later this year, probably in October. When it gets released "you'll read about it here first!" ;-)

Birdman Inc sues Bryan “Birdman” Williams

From the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up department, comes a story unlike most we post here on WWWN: listed on the "World's Most Dangerous Site" AllHipHop.com is a story about Birdman Inc sueing Bryan “Birdman” Williams about royalties that Bryan Williams owes Birdman, in conjunction with a licensing contract for the name "Birdman" to which Birdman Inc owes the trademark. And apparently Birdman Inc now operates in Omaha, Nebraska?! I wonder where they got that piece of information...

Read the article here.

Wingsuits at the Thunder on the Rio Grande Airshow

From the wingsuits-in-the-mass-media-dept: New Mexico newspaper Silver City Sun News has an article about the Thunder on the Rio Grande Airshow at Las Cruces International Airport, New Mexico. They mention a stunt performed by Rex Pemberton in a wingsuit with his wife Melissa Pemberton flying circles around him in an Edge 540 stunt plane. It sounds pretty cool, and I'd've liked to have footage to show you, unfortunately I wasn't able to find any on YouTube. I'll see if I can contact Rex to ask him if he has any freely available footage.

Read the article here.

Addendum: the websites of Rex and Melissa.