Tuesday, June 30, 2009

300 (and Morocco)

And with this new video, we mark our 300th post since WWWN (aka WingsuitNews.com) was concieved December 2008. Thats a posting average of more than 1 video a day! Unlike those other wingsuit blogs, where you have to be be happy if they even make it up to 1 new video per month ;)

But of course, we wouldnt be this active if it wasnt for all those faithfull WWWN readers! So! Thank you!

But us being WWWN, the most active wingsuit video blog on the internet, we cant stop and pause at these wonderfull stats for long, as we have new videos for you;

Patrick from France just uploaded a short but nice video on the weather plagued Beni Mellal boogie, last winter.

Check it out!

For the nerds, this video also show one of the new FlyYourBody wingsuits in action (Verso).

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