Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Altitude record attempts

The flyers from Projecto-Alas where optimistic and all set to go past a 6 minute (formation) freefall, trying to break the current world record for longest freefall.

The Guiness Record for longest freefall is officialy is still on Adrian Nicholas name. Several longer jumps have been made, though not one was registered with Guinness, respecting the previous achievement by Adrian in one of the first generation wingsuits.

Feeling confident in breaking the current record (and their own un-official 6:02 record flight set way back in 2005, from an altitude of 35.000 ft) May 31st 2009 had been set as the date on which a new record time would be set.

After a week of training in the dunes of Mas Palomas (Gran Canaria), Flying the Phoenix-Fly Stealth, it became clear 6 minutes was certainly a goal they could reach.

Sadly a car accident, 2 days before the actual attempt, forced the team to suspend their planned record jump.
Luckely Toni, Alvaro and Santi have not given up on the idea and, once all three have recovered from their injuries, will schedule a new attempt by the second half of September this year.

Note: All photo's where taken during special media/photo jumps. For more photos, take a look at their website

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