Monday, June 22, 2009

Bigger & more badass: Tony Suits X-Bird

Tony Suits have been testing a new wingsuit, the X-Bird, a hybrid Thunderbird/XS. It's absolutely masssive and sets the bar higher for yet more wingsuit surface area. Justin Shorb tells me it's a beast, but still manageable. I can't wait to see some GPS data on glide ratio and such.

Justin posted the test flight footage on Vimeo:

X-Bird Test Flights from Sky2 on Vimeo.

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  1. Well i jumped this saturday on 5 jump in a wingsuit! 2 in a trainer (tony) and then the two before the X bird (think it was the S bird and rapture need to check log book), I loved it i did 9 jumps in the X bird, and was really starting to get to grips with it, great lift and glide, but very twitchy but i think this was mainly down to my lack of experience! After every jump i was smiling, very easy to get well above the sky van on an exit as well! Roll rate was out of this world, I just loved it try it! An im sure you will to!!