Saturday, June 27, 2009

hardware problems

The past week was a bit quiet, as we where off to the Ukraine for some fun flying. We intented to update the website every few days, so you (our reader) would still get your (almost) daily dose of Wingsuit News.

But then there was that linked 4 way (freefly) exit that changed everything.
Due to bad placement in the door, I (Jarno) got pulled into the doorframe on exit. Bumping my shoulderbone into the side, and tearing the tendons holding my scapula attached to my shoulderbone. Thus resulting in a bit of a gap, and a lot of pain.
And thus (for 5 days) no updates on WWWN due to travels and hospital visits.

But we're back! And now on pause for a few weeks (with regards to skydiving) but this means more time for WWWN and video editing. Thank you all for hanging in there, hoping to join all of you up in the sky again soon!


p.s. Here is a nice photo the doctors gave me!

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