Saturday, June 6, 2009

New name, same great taste!

We've not been round long, but being the ADHD adrenaline addicted nylon crack heads that we are, feel it's already time for a bit of a change around here.

After day's of countless meetings, hours of intense marketing strategy consolations, heck even phoning our moms, the decision has now finally been made.

From this day forward it shall be proclaimed that World Wide Wingsuit News will now be known as... wait for it... Wingsuit News!

Yeah, we know. Awesome isn't it. Seriously, you can't just make this shit up.
Over the days to come, we'll also be pouring some new graphic sauce over our blog to spice things up a bit.

Anyhow, to celebrate our new name, we've decided to up our game a little bit and invest a few beer tokens in a new, easier to remember URL for you to type in (yeah, we know you all have as a book mark *shucks*).

From now on, you'll find us - and all the latest, greatest skydive and BASE wingsuit news, photos and videos - right here at the regularly updated


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