Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wingsuit BASE number 4

Hobo posted a new video on Vimeo
My 4th wingsuit base off Kjerag exit 6.
Video by Ryan Saunders.
Check it out:

Blade Flying

Sebastian sent us a link to a new vidoe he uploaded on him flying his wingsuit over the German countryside.

Check it out!

First Official State Wingsuit Record Set in Illinois

Taya Weiss posted on to that the first wingsuit formation that is officially recognized by the USPA as being a state wingsuit record formation has been flown at Skydive Chicago during the Summerfest boogie there.

Read about it on their website.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wingsuit on a longboard

In a followup on our earlier post of the video, an article appeared on the Sierra Sun website about Chuck Buckley and his skateboard wingsuit.

Read the article here.

Frode: Bispen

And another cool video from the Norwegian WBR Champion Frode

Check it out!

Swiss BASEtrip 2009 - 4th edit

DucheSnep posted another edit on his 2009 BASE trip to Switzerland.

Check it out!

Fun with LineTwists

Here is the story:
Wingsuit (Mach-II) - lazy throw - pilot chute hesitation - slow thinking - diving to clear it - linetwists - 5secs until I start kick them off - all well by 1500ft. Jumping 1:1.8 loaded elliptical with large wings is not the smartest thing to do.

Check it out!


A small chronicle on the creation and first flight of a home-built suit.
There is a more detailed thread on

Check it out!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wingsuit Bungee....

Liveleak posted a video on some Russian guys doing some rope-jumps (a slightly tougher variation on bungee jumping). One of the guys was wearing a wingsuit on the jump. Be it very in-effective.

Check it out by clicking here

During the Royal Gorge 'Go Fast' Games in 2007, Jimmy Pouchert from APEX BASE did a similar jump (with more succes)
Check out some pictures on that one here.

Note: there is also a video floating around the net of a wingsuit bungee jump from an antenna. If anyone knows where to find that one, give a shout in the comments so we can ad it here.

And since we're posting on 'non skydiving/base' related use of wingsuits, here is the closest anyone has even gotten to landing a wingsuit without a canopy.

Lauterbrunnen shots

And a video without sound (darn those copyright laws:) by JohnnySwissBASE.

Check it out!

1st and 2nd flight

And some more FFC footage.

Check it out!

1st flight

2nd flight

Wingsuits and broken wheels

Not sure what to think of this one, but wingsuits in bits of this video, so here you go!

Check it out!

Best of Tiger

Odd-Martin Helgestad posted a new video called Best of Tiger.
From being a student to wingsuiting to basjumping.
Also check out the wingsuit fly by on my base canopy 1min out in the movie.

Check it out!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing with my Vampire3

And YouTube gave us some more V3 proxy flying, this time by Jokke Sommer. (cool high speed flyby at 1:12).

Check it out!

Previous articles on Jokke Sommer
mannlichen flyby pictures
eiger wingsuit flights
attack the crack
close proximity flying the high nose

Greetings from Soulac

And a nice video from the Soulac AirBoss 4fun Summerboogie 2009.
It includes some brief footage (at 2:45) shot by Benedict, on 'our' Alejandro doing a FFC with Dutch flyer Martijn.

Check it out.

Ground 2 Air footage

And some cool Prodigy flying, shot with a long lense from the ground.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Sk8 boarding?

A different use for wingsuits (be it not a real one), using it as a longboard braking system?
Chuck Buckley (owner of Tahoe Longboards) longboarding barefoot with a wingsuit down Historic Hyw. 40 in Truckee Ca. The wingsuit is used for a braking system, the bare feet don't do anything but hurt if you crash. Top speed was 49 MPH, Total Length is aprox. 3.5 mi. Total decent is 1,100 ft..
Check it out!

Wingsuit Canopy Relative Flights

And the RedBull airforce is again at it, playing with a wingsuit and tiny sized canopy together. Awesome footage!

Check it out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Neil Amonson - Wingsuit Base

And a nice BASE video by Neil Amonson.

Check it out!

"Extreme sports 'not about a death wish'"

A refreshing whuffo article on Australia's ABC website about our "extreme" sports of skydiving and BASE jumping talks about the psychology of taking calculated risks, and how it's not really playing with death as the rest of the world sees us.

Read the full article here.


Darren posted a nice mix of wingsuit (training)skydives and basejumps.

Check it out!

The sound of flight..

A high speed V3 pass at Bispen, Norway.

Check it out!

Low Pull Contest

I we had to use only one word to sum up the next video, it would be: DANG!
Depending on how you look at this, its either big brass balls, or a tiny brain. Regardless, it looks like a mighty adrenaline rush (and for our trusty WWWN audience stuck in an office and pretending to be working, another 5 minutes closer to going home to celebrate the weekend!)

Check it out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wingsuit at 1:25

As the title suggests, wingsuits at 1:25. Although I highly doubt if these 3 seconds of earth-bound wingsuit footage make the video worth posting here, I decided to show it anyways because of the high Michael Jackson vallue ;)

(And its not as bad as we made it look, more wingsuit stuff at 2:40)

Check it out!

Norway BASE Race 2009 - The Norwegian Championships

Sadly the audiotrack has been disabled, but even without sound it more than worth checking out this short video on last months Norwegian (wingsuit)BASE championships!

Check it out!

World BASE Race - Are You Ready?

A short promotional video for the upcoming World B.A.S.E.Race.

Check it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wingsuit Studio

Yuri posted a free program called Wingsuit Studio on and

The program features several techy equations and lift/drag calculations for the wingsuit flyers who enjoy delving more into the methematical side of things.

Check it out by clicking here.

Cloud Play

Its a slow (wingsuit)news day, but thankfully Scott Gray just uploaded a short video to YouTube called Cloud Play

Check it out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adrenalin BASE

Adrenalin Base just premiered their new website, including a new video-section with some nice wingsuit related BASE videos.

Check it out by clicking here

The Swedish Wingsuit Squadron! Back in action!

And the guys from have uploaded a new video of some mad flying fun!

Check it out!

Heads Down Wingnut

Jeff Nebelkopf posted a cool video, of some freeflying while wearing a wingsuit.

Check it out!

Maurizio Paese - Access

Some flying in the FYB introduction suit (Access).

Check it out!

Lodi "B" Team

A group of jumpers from Lodi (USA) hard at work, training on their formation skills.

Check it out!

Skydive Utah Freeflock event

Andrea sent us a headsup that there is a nice blog post about the Skydive Utah Freeflock event posted at, a blog by Steph Davis, rock climber, BASE jumper and wingsuiter.

Read it here

B.A.S.E. Wingsuit FlyBy

This cool wingsuit flyby just popped up on YouTube.
Jacob buzzes my canopy while flying off rm810 at the W.Hotel. Jumpers: Collin Scott, Jacob Fuerst, Ted Davenport
Check it out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wings over Marl 2009, the results.

Timing it right, the Marl 2009 wingsuit competition managed to have everyone make most of their jumps in between the rainstorms and bad weather. Using the bit of blue sky available in the variable conditions, some impressive scores where set in both the time (70,4 seconds)and distance (3588 meter) segment of the competition.

One of the best scores in terms of time was set in the distance round by Tobi. He flew an incredible 78.9 seconds inside the 1000 meter (3280 ft) competition altitude. Closing in on the 80 second mark.

Due to the weather holds, the speed round sadly wasnt jumped.

Listed bellow the final top 10 of Marl 2009 flyers;

1 Tobi Scherrinsky
2 Tony Uragallo
3 Helmut Tacke
4 Lutz Luedtke
5 Hans Schoeber
6 Klaus Rheinwald
7 Sandro Boehme
8 Susanne Boehme
9 Daniela Busatta
10 Christian Stadler

Congratulations to all, and a big thank you to Christian (aka The SkyJester) and Klaus Rheinwald (Paralog) for making this competition possible.
And a small nod to Costyn as well, who was also key in making the online PPC framework into a working wonder (together with Klaus).

Paralog also received a special "Skyjester Wingsuit" award at the event, for its continuing effort on improving and supporting wingsuit flying.

And a small reminder to everyone, for those muffled about not being able to make it to Marl this year. Its also possible to race with the best from the comforts of your own dropzone. A GPS and (free or full) version from Paralog (available for Windows & Mac OSX) is all you need. Check out for more details!

Wingsuit Flight - Brento

A short backwards POV on a wingsuit BASEjump.

Check it out!

Eagle Eyes: Wingsuit Hop and Pop

A cool shot, taken from the plane on Matt Davies doing a wingsuit jump over Allegan, Michigan (USA).

Check it out!

The Quick Recap

Heyhey, Jarno here with the (nearly) daily video update!
I'm in the middle of moving to my new house (anyone ever dropping by in Rotterdam, come check out the new place:) so a quick 'all in 1' update on the video side of things for today!

First up is an FFC, taught by Scott Callantine at Skydive Utah.

Second up is Paul Duchesne, who posted a nice, long video on some Swiss B.A.S.E. flying (mixed tracking and wingsuit).

And last but not least, well known climber, basejumper and skydiver Steph Davis posted a video called Two Birds, showing some 1 on 1 coaching she got from Justin Shorb.

Check it out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wings over Marl - Newsflash

The yearly performance competition at Marl in Germany is ongoing, well, they've jumped a bunch of rounds, but it's raining now, so it's on standby.

The competition features 3 disciplines, time, distance and speed, each of which are measured using GPS from ±10000ft to ±7000ft (1 metric KM) with 3 rounds in each discipline.

If your interested you can see the live scoreboard on the website here (disclaimer: is part of Fly Like Brick :) You can select from the 3 different disciplines and you can also choose between metric and imperial with the pull down menu.

Patrick, a tribute

Patrick Degayardon was one of the pioneers of our dicipline.
A small tribute to him was uploaded to YouTube, also showing some wingsuit scenes from over 10 years ago, in a style of flying very few have mastered, even today.

Check it out!

Note: Wingsuits at 1:48

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get well soon DSE!

With well known wingsuit flyer and camera-expert Douglas Spotted Eagle (aka 'Spot' or 'DSE') shortly out of action due to a skydiving injury, a group of friends of him decided to get together and create a nice 'get well' video, edited by Justin Shorb.

Check it out!

On a sidenote:
This video was created for (and premiered at) the Utah freeflocking event, organised by DSE. Check out for some great photos on that one.

3,2,1, BASE...

A short TV item and interview with some French BASE jumpers.
Anyone willing to translate whats sayd, post it in the comments ;)

Check it out!

GoPro Hero HD released

Tiny camera producer GoPro is officially launching their high definition camera at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009 event at Ogden, Utah, and they're doing so in style, by having a couple wingsuiters fly over the event grounds with smoke. The flyers will be Neil Amonson, Max Kuszai, and one other pilot that isn't mentioned in the story.

You can read the full press release about the event here.

Our own Jarno has been testing their standard definition unit for a while now, we've posted this footage before, but here is another look at the footage:

Wingsuit Flying

Freediving (the camera is also waterproof down to 30 meters)

New BASE game: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

From the wingsuits-in-the-mass-media dept, an article on the website of the about Dejobaan offering sign-ups for the beta release of a new BASE game with the strange title AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

You can read the complete article here.

You can also play an online demo here.
On the demo page are 2 video's I've embedded here for your viewing pleasure:

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - Alpha Test 2 from Dejobaan Games on Vimeo.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- Alpha Test Video #1 from Dejobaan Games on Vimeo.

Wingsuit jump with Sarah

Craig Poxon posted a new video to his Vimeo account, showing a nice two way he did with new UK bird, Sarah Neal.

Check it out!

Normal Wednesday X-bird flight

Justin Shorb posted a long flight with a new model wingsuit by TonySuits called the X-Bird.

Wingsuit Two way B.A.S.E. jump

MicheleSkydive posted a new video on some V3 flying
David Cusanelli & company wingsuit two way B.A.S.E. jump
Check it out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wingsuit 2-Way RW German Cup 2008 Leutkirch

Inspired by the wingsuit competition from last year, the German organisation issued a wingsuit cup of their own.
Instead of 1 second docks, hand touches where counted.

Note: More detailed information on the 2009 Wingsuit Competition in Italy will be announced at the end of this month!

Birdman Challenge Team Jalapenos

And a new video showed up on Vimeo today on a recent wingsuit challange.
Video made during the first birdman challenge in Switserland.
6 jumps were made for the competition and 2 flock jumps at the end of the event.
The team Jalapenos finished first of the intermediate category.
Enjoy and leave a comment if you like it ... or not.
Check it out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brento 2 way

Michele posted a nice video on a 2 way basejump made in Brento (italy) together with David Cusanelli.

Check it out!


And a tandem FlyBy video, posted in a related discussion on

Check it out!

Wingsuit Demo Jumps

Neil Amonson posted two new videos on his Vimeo account.

CrossFit Games 09' suprise skydive during Deadlift WOD

Crossfit Games 09' Wingsuit Skydive

Frode Basejumping - The saga

Frode (winner of the Norwegian Championships) gave his YouTube account a healhty update last night. And here is the fresh list of videos now online.

Check it out!

Frode basejump Hoven 8. 7. 09. in Stryn. Norway.

Frode basejump Hoven! 10. 07. 09 .Stryn -Norway

Basejump Frode Langrabpiggen 13 .07 .09. Litdalen Sundalsøra-Norway.

Frode basejump 11.07.09. (Norway BaseRace Hellesylt!) First place-sweet :-)

Proximity Brento

And some Brento BASEjumping.

Check it out!

High speed Vampire pass

And another cool video from Norway!
Tom Erik Heimen flying in 250km`t with wingsuite from Bispen in romsdalen Norway
Check it out!

Hangglider jumping

And another wingsuit jump from a hangglider, set to a catchy old MJ cover tune!

Check it out!


For the addicts really looking at every single frame of wingsuit flying, here is one of those 'close to useless' bit.
Skip through it long enough, and you'll find half a second worth of nylon ;)

Check it!

Monday, July 13, 2009 - Norwegian Championships held the first Norwegian Championships last weekend. Jumping off a 1 Km (3000ft) cliff, and racing for the finish line. Flying his V3, local hero and long-time flyer Frode made it to the first place peaking at flying speeds of up to 225 km/h. Beating 12 other Norwegian flyers in the process.

For more information, go to

The final results Norwegian Championship

Gold final
Frode Johannessen from Voss, 29,91 seconds. Vossa BASE
Petter Bergsjø from Oslo, 32,18 seconds. Romsdalen BASE

Bronze final
Ronny Risvik from Stavanger, 31,60 seconds. Stavanger BASE
Tom Erik Heimen from Molde, 32,15 second. Molde BASE

Frode Johannessen was the best flyer trough all rounds, and set new track records for every round. The final track record time was 29.91 seconds.

Frode Johannessen - ©

Previous WWWN articles with videos by Frode:
V3 Skydiving
The Frode Diaries
Frode at Kjerag
Belgian Flights

V3 Flying Home

And the last one of this update!
Rob Moschella flying his V3 home from Smellvegan.

Awesome flight nice and tight to the cliff.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Fun

And another short one!
I'm in the white/red suit, stevens in the black.
Check it out!

205 jump. Second wingsuit jump

And as the title says, most likely someone making his 205th jump and (at the same time) second jump on a wingsuit.

Check it!

Parasummer 2009 pt 1

And a short clip showing some chest-strap and helmet mounted viewpoints on 2 wingsuit jumps.

Check it out!

Base - Switzerland 09'

DucheSnep uploaded a short compilation of a summer of flying in the mountains.

Check it out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wingsuit CRW flyby

And another CRW video with a nice wingsuit flyby.

Check it out!

NOTE: Wingsuit can be found at 2:02 into this video

Wingsuit CREW flyby

A (sadly low quality) video showed up online, showing a 9 way CRW jump, with a wingsuit (presumably also a 9 way) formation passing it in the sunset.
CRW 9-way dive in honour of Q with a wing suit flyby, Jumptown, Orange, MA

Check it out!

Note: Wingsuits at 5:26

Air Terre Eau (Air, Land & Water)

A short film called Air terre, Eau made by NBFlyers for the Interlaken Film Festival (sponsored by Nissan).

Check it out!

Fidel Jumps the R-Bird

A short video of Fidel demo-ing one of the new Tonysuit models.

Check it out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cloudy Flight

And a short (but nice) video on some Swiss cloud swooping in S-Fly experts showed up Vimeo today.

Check it out!

Line over from hell

Showing that Basejumping isnt always as chilled and relaxedas the interwebs make it look:

Shit happens when you get to confident.... I thank my guardian angels for helping me out of this one... Quick release toggles will be ordered asap, and I have grounded myself for a while.... F$ck ...

Epic Conditions with Dave Barlia

Though posted before, this video from the Weather Channel had not made its debute on YouTube before. Especialy the POV shots flying along the mountain slope are quite awesome.

So check it out!

And though subtle, also check out the following clip (from the same show) to see a few hints of wingsuit.

Team Ill Vision Blog

And for those who had not spotted it before,

Harry shot us the following heads up:
Team Ill-Vision is now running an active blog on their website documenting their skydiving and basejumping adventures.

Check out their Blog for some great articles, videos and photos.

We'll be posting notes on their Blog updates as they come in.

Previous wingsuit related posts on their website:
Team Ill Vision in Zwitserland
Lodi - Team Ill-Vision Update
Team Ill Visions begins

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The life and death of Shane McConkey

A long article on well known pro-snowboarder and (wingsuit flying) basejumper Shane McConkey can be found online at Outdoor Magazine.

Check it out..

More cliff hopin' fun!

neil amonson posted a new video

Last training trip before the World Base Race in Norway. Flew farther in less time than previous trips. Made an effort to fly the transition steeper and it seemed to build up more speed/energy that took me through the end of the flight. Looking forward to four weeks in Norway with some of the best pilots in the world.

What did we miss!

And here some videos from the past few days that we didnt yet post:

Mega Douche Wingsuit Roll Exit

Jen Colle's first three wingsuit flights

Wingsuitting at Wamego

Turn and track!

A small bit of wingsuit flying in this sensationalised incident report on a TV show creativly called Moments of Impact

Death defying doctor takes leap

The Australian news-station has a short news item on basejumping and wingsuits.

Death defying doctor takes leap
ER is too tame for flying doctor Glenn Singleman who jumps off cliffs thousands of metres high.

Check it out by clicking here

Italy again!

And some Italian V1 flying in the sunny weather, set to the beats of Lady GaGa

Checkin it out!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moorsele Fun

And a short by Gert video showing Lutz doing some first flight coaching at Moorsele.

Check it out

And another one, showing a fun 2 way!

V3 Basejump with GPS data

And Hans shot us a link to a nice movie on showing a basejump with a Vampire3, allong with GPS data. Giving us realtime feedback on the performance we are seeing in the video.

Check it out by clicking here.

The GPS overlay is based on a script written by our own Costyn.
For more info on the GPS overlays, check this post.

Trying big wings...

And a much debated video on a UK flyer making some testjumps on the new X-Bird from TonySuits.

WIngsuits at CSC, Hinckley, IL (USA)

Not a lot of info, so we'll just label this one under 'misc flocking'

Check it out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brian Drake - EU Basetour 2009

Brian Drake just posted a series of 10 videos on his Vimeo account, as a video diary of his European BASE trip last month,

Check it out!

Euro Base 2009

Leaving the nest

Almost Ready

Messin' with the cows

One foot after another

The Crew

Getting closer

BASE (anaglyph 3D)

Full disclosure


Saturday, July 4, 2009

UPT Vector - Docu

UPT Vector released a nice docu on their website on Bill Booth.

Though not really on wingsuits, the docu gives us a nice insight into several pieces of the gear we all use today in every single skydive we make.

Check it out!

V3 skydiving

Frode posted a nice video of a long (2:30) flight over Voss (Norway) in his V3.

Check it out!


Weitse en Jeroen added a new video to their YouTube channel, showing some of their recent exploits in the Swiss mountains.

Check it out!

Note: Wingsuits at 1:29

Friday, July 3, 2009


For the Swiss premiere of Transformers2, Sascha Radusch from did a cool wingsuit demo at the movie theater. Flying a wingsuit with smoke, while wearing an Optimus Prime chest-plate and helmet.

Check it out!

Fake Wings 2 - Trailer (updated)

update: It was gone briefly for unknown reasons, but as we all can see now, it's back :)

Fernando Goncalves posted a trailer to a (most likely longer) base video, showing some nice proximity flying in Norway.

Check it out!

New Layout!

And just like we promised a few weeks ago, got a small cosmetic update.

Note: Empty those cache files on your HD if you're not feeling it yet!!

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Outdoor Games Wingsuit & Speedriding promo

Check out this nice Outdoor Games promo


Valery Rozov, Flying high

TVMountain just uploaded a nice basejumping clip.

Quoted on the (French) website:
2008. Valery Rozov makes a BASEjump from the Elbrus. Located in the North Caucasus, Russia, it's the highest point of the mountain range. With its peak altitude of 5642 meters, its actually higher than the Mont Blanc, and concidered the highest peak of Europe.

Click here to check it out!

Special thanks to Deniq for the news-submit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HighSpeed V3 flyby

And through our news-submit, we received this nice clip of Diego doing a high-speed flyby in his Vampire3 at Skydive New Mexico.

Check it out!