Friday, July 24, 2009

Low Pull Contest

I we had to use only one word to sum up the next video, it would be: DANG!
Depending on how you look at this, its either big brass balls, or a tiny brain. Regardless, it looks like a mighty adrenaline rush (and for our trusty WWWN audience stuck in an office and pretending to be working, another 5 minutes closer to going home to celebrate the weekend!)

Check it out!


  1. It's not the alt that's sketchy in the video, it's the landing area that's choked off by power lines and trees. Over an open field, this is by no means a "low pull", but considering how many obstacles that LZ had, I'm not sure even 2-3 times that pull height would have made it any safer. Scary!

  2. The landing was what I was refering to to.
    The title (low pull contest) came from the creator of the video itself :)