Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wings over Marl 2009, the results.

Timing it right, the Marl 2009 wingsuit competition managed to have everyone make most of their jumps in between the rainstorms and bad weather. Using the bit of blue sky available in the variable conditions, some impressive scores where set in both the time (70,4 seconds)and distance (3588 meter) segment of the competition.

One of the best scores in terms of time was set in the distance round by Tobi. He flew an incredible 78.9 seconds inside the 1000 meter (3280 ft) competition altitude. Closing in on the 80 second mark.

Due to the weather holds, the speed round sadly wasnt jumped.

Listed bellow the final top 10 of Marl 2009 flyers;

1 Tobi Scherrinsky
2 Tony Uragallo
3 Helmut Tacke
4 Lutz Luedtke
5 Hans Schoeber
6 Klaus Rheinwald
7 Sandro Boehme
8 Susanne Boehme
9 Daniela Busatta
10 Christian Stadler

Congratulations to all, and a big thank you to Christian (aka The SkyJester) and Klaus Rheinwald (Paralog) for making this competition possible.
And a small nod to Costyn as well, who was also key in making the online PPC framework into a working wonder (together with Klaus).

Paralog also received a special "Skyjester Wingsuit" award at the event, for its continuing effort on improving and supporting wingsuit flying.

And a small reminder to everyone, for those muffled about not being able to make it to Marl this year. Its also possible to race with the best from the comforts of your own dropzone. A GPS and (free or full) version from Paralog (available for Windows & Mac OSX) is all you need. Check out for more details!

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