Monday, July 27, 2009

Wingsuit Bungee....

Liveleak posted a video on some Russian guys doing some rope-jumps (a slightly tougher variation on bungee jumping). One of the guys was wearing a wingsuit on the jump. Be it very in-effective.

Check it out by clicking here

During the Royal Gorge 'Go Fast' Games in 2007, Jimmy Pouchert from APEX BASE did a similar jump (with more succes)
Check out some pictures on that one here.

Note: there is also a video floating around the net of a wingsuit bungee jump from an antenna. If anyone knows where to find that one, give a shout in the comments so we can ad it here.

And since we're posting on 'non skydiving/base' related use of wingsuits, here is the closest anyone has even gotten to landing a wingsuit without a canopy.

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