Monday, July 13, 2009 - Norwegian Championships held the first Norwegian Championships last weekend. Jumping off a 1 Km (3000ft) cliff, and racing for the finish line. Flying his V3, local hero and long-time flyer Frode made it to the first place peaking at flying speeds of up to 225 km/h. Beating 12 other Norwegian flyers in the process.

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The final results Norwegian Championship

Gold final
Frode Johannessen from Voss, 29,91 seconds. Vossa BASE
Petter Bergsjø from Oslo, 32,18 seconds. Romsdalen BASE

Bronze final
Ronny Risvik from Stavanger, 31,60 seconds. Stavanger BASE
Tom Erik Heimen from Molde, 32,15 second. Molde BASE

Frode Johannessen was the best flyer trough all rounds, and set new track records for every round. The final track record time was 29.91 seconds.

Frode Johannessen - ©

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