Monday, August 31, 2009

System of a Ground

Romain Friedli posted a video on a trip to the Swiss mountains. Some wingsuit proxy-flying in the end.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cham 2008

A few wingsuit (and normal freefall) jumps made with BASE gear in Chamonix (France).

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Lodi Wingsuit Fun and Lieve D. Gets 300

A great time at Lodi jumping with Lori and Don, and some big ways with the " A " Team. Also a fun jump with Lieve D. , getting her 300 th jump. Very Fun. Fly by from Rex.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wingsuit Tandem

A short video popped up on YouTube, showing a (double) wingsuit tandem jump.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Picton singsuit

Some belly-mounted shots from a few wingsuit funjumps made in Picton (USA).

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moab Skydive

steph davis posted a new video on Vimeo
this is what it looks like when you're flying and popping a few barrel rolls over the moab desert.
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Wingsuit Video in Vid. Competition

Harry Parker sent us the following news:

Wingsuit flyer and BASE jumping ILL Vision teammember Jimmy Hopper shot and edited a short video, and made the cut for this contest. The video centers around Team ILL Vision’s latest trip to Little CO for some big wall BASE jumping wingsuit action.

Take a quick look here and support Jimmy with with a vote.

Belgian Wingsuit Team on TV

The Belgian TV channel just posted a short interview with the Belgian "Oxygen" Wingsuit Team.

Check it out here!

Russian Proximity Flying

Some low ground skimming, on behalf of the Russian federation!

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Russian Flocks

Deniq sent us this link to a video showing some cool wingsuit flying in Russia (former Stupino DZ).

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ms Bitch goes Wingsuit Flying

A Dutch Jumper known by the loving nickname Ms. bitch did her First Flight Course over the (partialy cloudy) Dutch landscape.

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Jerry with a wingsuit

And its FFC day! Here is a first flight from a chap by the name of 'Jerry'. Check it out!

Ready, set, swim!?

First wingsuit base jump in 5 years. didn't go quite to plan!
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Norway Wingsuit Base - jumping Bispen

my last jump of the trip jumping Bispen. Landed, drove straight to town and made the train to Oslo 2 minutes before it left. perfect timing!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worlds Fastest Man - 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds

And more newscasts and footage on the WorldBaseRace.

Check it out! - The Grimming Base

Team Silver has uploaded a new video to Vimeo.
The first wingsuite Base flight made at the Grimming mountain. The shots were made during the shooting.

More information at: or
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 way flights

Set to one of the most recognisable tunes on the planet, a 2 way wingsuit skydive made in Ireland.
Martin Graham & me (camera) zipping through the clouds in our wingsuits. Martin wearing his Vampire (yellow) wingsuit & I was wearing my Phantom-2 (black) wingsuit
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Zero-G photographer highlighted

A mention and brief explanation of wingsuiting is done in this interesting article about a photographer taking pictures of people in zero gravity (aboard one of those research planes doing parabolas), base jumping, and skydiving, including wingsuiting (no beautiful wingsuit pics in the article unfortunately).

Read the article here.

Its Felix

Felix Baumgartner has a DVD coming/out now. Here is the trailer with a few brief shots of wingsuit flying.

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24 Hour RoadTrip (Quebec)

I dont know if 5 seconds of legwing is really enough to warrent a post here, but hey. Its wingsuit pixels.

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The Sharp End

A short trailer for a new DVD production, featuring climbers and a bit of basejumping/wingsuit flying.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wingsuits at the Bielefeld Ballonfiesta (DE)

And a short bit of wingsuit related media footage. Benedikt gives a German interview, while Costyn and Jarno (myself) stand around and look pretty in the background. Sadly no footage of the wingsuits in freefall.
NOTE: Wingsuits at 4:00 (interview)

Check this earlier item for some of the freefall footage from these demo-jumps over Germany.

Cumulus Surfing

And a layed back video with some Skydive Long Island Cloud swooping.

Check it out!

First flights

Two friends making their first wingsuit jumps.

Check it out.


And a short promo video:
Paraglider acro flying & wingsuit base jumping performed by my friend Tomáš Lednik (aka Touchflyer). Filmed mostly in Slovenia with some clips from Turkey and Italy.
Check it out!

Ill Vision - BASE flights

The New Zealand online newspaper posted a nice series of pictures, showing team Ill-Vision doing BASE formation flights in the Swiss mountains.

Click here to check it out!

Check out the teams Blog for more pictures.

WBR - TV item

The Norwegian Television just did a short video item on the WorldBaseRace.

Check it out here.
Click here for a Google-translated version of the article.

Ghost2 flight (POV)

And a happy flyer making the maiden voyage on a new wingsuit.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ultimate photo op!

By Trond Teigen:

During my 10 day stay in Romsdalen and the surrounding valleys while covering the World Base Race, i got the chance to make some really good photos of wingsuiters in flight! And after last years flop at bispen with poor light and few jumpers, the three really good days we got there now was a blast! Paul Fortun, who is the mastermind behind the World Base Race, was kind enough to provide me with a 9 seat VW from Rent-a-Wreck (and believe me it was a rent-a-WRECK) Which worked as personal transport and as BASE bus from the landing area at Bispen to the hiking trail.

After taking a load or two of jumpers to the top. i set up my gear at the famous Bispen road, known from countless youtube videos, tried my best to gather a crowd to watch the action. After about one and a half hours, the jumpers were gearing up and i had successfully managed to bunch up about 30 people at the roadside (90% of which were german tourists :P)

The show started and we got really nice flybys from Jokke Sommer, Dominik Loyen, Lutz Ludtke, Johnny Utah, Rami, Vesa and others.
Good radio communication between myself and the exit allowed for me to choose a lens to each jumpers specific line of flight. The Canon 500mm did good on the longer distance passes, but also made nice shots of the jumpers after they had passed by.

Here is a selection of the best ones from what must be the best BASE photo location in the world!

- Trond R. Teigen

The sound of thunder!

V3s and Phantoms flying past Bispen, the famous BASE 'spotting' location in Norway.
Shot by Trond Teigen.

Crank up the audio, and check it out!

And for the nerds among us (arent we all:)
Here is a downloadable MP3 Ringtone (for when you get an SMS/TXT message:) of this video.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zwei Vogelmänner und die Jungfrau - W wie Wissen

The German TV channel ARD just posted a great video on wingsuit flying. Featuring footage from Robert Pecnik, and showing the V3 in some incredible proximity flying footage.

Click here to go to YouTube!

As noted by Benedikt in the comments, the item is also available for download here

Sunday, August 16, 2009

World BaseRace - The winners has just posted the final results for this years competition. The man previously crowned Fastest man in Norway, is now the fastest man on the planet.

1. Frode Johannesson - Norway
2. Petter Bergsjø - Norway
3. Robert Pecnic - Croatia
4. Neal Amunsen - USA

Here are some videos on this years event.

Bronze final - Robert Pecnik vs Neal Amunsen

Gold final - Frode Johannesson vs Petter Bergsjø

Also be sure to check this video, posted a few days ago.

Nuit de la Gllisse - Perfect Moment

And a cool trailer/promo for this years Nuit de la Glisse.

Check it out!

Wingsuit over Schweighofen

Some German skyflying, cruising the sunny skies.

Check it out!

30.000 ft jump

A brief shot from Ito Shin, jumping from 30.000 ft in a wingsuit.

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Danny's first flight

Danny posted a video from his FFC, from just 1 day ago.

Check it out!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

World Base Race 2009 day 1

Currently underway, the World Base Race is shaping up to be one of the most exiting wingsuit events of the year. With many of the big names (and wingsuit models) being pitched against eachother in this 1 on 1 drag-race of the Nordic cliffs!

Check out the first day-video on the event!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stealth2 balloonjump

And a video from past weekend (with some flying of our own). More on this one soon :)

First wingsuit base

And another 'first flight' video. This time shot at Brento, Italy.

Check it out!

VX Chopper jumps

A short video showing a VX(V3 prototype) flight in the Alps. Check it out!
Wingsuitflying in the Austrian Alps with a Phoenix Fly Vampire VX from a chopper (AS350).

Check it out!

Rainbow shadows

A short clip on one of the cool things you see when passing through a cloud, with the sun in the back.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AN-28 Boogie 2009

And a short video with some impressions of the wingsuit flights made at the 2009 ANTONOV boogie at Magdenburg (DE).

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Basejumping and traveling, Midgetbase style

Another tour of Europe. No audio, but still some nice images to enjoy.
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Swedish flocking

Some nice 3 way flying from Sweden.

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Texture of Granite

An older clip on some wingsuit BASE proxy-flying.

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First Wingsuit Jump for Tim Emmett

Katie Schaitel uploaded a nice video on Tim Emmett making his first wingsuit BASEjump at Kjerag (Norway)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

BASE record

A short news-item on a new bigway record in BASE, with 36 jumpers doing a bigway exit in Norway!

Check out the article and video here.

Also check this and this article, for wingsuit related shots and videos.

T-Mobile Skydive

Harry Parker sent us the following news:

Team Ill Vision just updated their Blog with a nice story on a big skydiving demo they took part in over San Fransisco (USA).

Flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, and landing on a tight spot in front of a vast crowd, Team Ill Vision and a few additional flyers pulled of an awesome 15 way flight over the SF Bay Area, creating the T-Mobile logo in freefall.

For more information, and several links to photos, videos and news articles, check out the blog on their website.

Previous wingsuit related posts on the Ill Vision Blog:
Team Ill Vision in Zwitserland
Lodi - Team Ill-Vision Update
Team Ill Visions begins

Internet 'news'

Appearantly Jeb Corliss is working hard on trying to land a wingsuit.
Whuffo media, check it out!

oxygen wingsuitteam - skydive 2009

The Belgian wingsuit team has posted a new video on their YouTube account.

Check it out!

Kjerag HeliBoogie 2006

And a new video from Darren:
Compilation edit I made from the Kjerag Heliboogie back waaay back in 2006....when wingsuits were cool only when in bright neon colours !
Too many people in it to mention.....but what a good time.
Check it out!

Hongarian flying

Durden from Hungary uploaded a series of short clips from his wingsuit jumps to YouTube.

Check it out!

Nitro98 Cutaway

Have you ever spent 7 minutes watching a cutaway in slowmotion?
Here is your chance!

Check it out!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

WBR2009 - Featuring: Brendan Nicholson just published a nice interview with the organiser and one of the competitors of this cool event.

Check out the interview here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BASE-jump, Gudvangen, Norway

And a cool BASE video:
Marius Sommer plunges into the fjordlandscape of western Norway in Gudvangen, from the cliff Kammen. Wearing his wingsuit he can fly across the ridges back down to the fjord. Approximately 900 meters in altitude done in a couple of minutes.
Check it out!

Cool toys

Not 100% wingsuit related, but lets call it related intrest.

On you can now order your own water-powered jetpack!
Who wants one!

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frode @ Romsdal (Norway)

And another nice video from Frode (The fastest man in Norway, and after WBR next week, maybe the fastest man on the planet even).

Check it out!

Desert Solitute

And a nice BASE video.

Check it out!

PCV Moorsele Boogie 2009 'Wingsuit Edition'

Gert Michiels just uploaded a new video to Vimeo on the wingsuit flight made at the Flanders boogie 2009.

Check it out!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Limits: Patrick de Gayardon

No better way to start the day, than an awesome tribute to the man who laid the groundwork for the flying we all do these days!

Check it out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wingsuit Skärstad Cessna 182

Martin Libelt uploaded a fun video from his home DZ. For people complaining about bigger exits from large planes, check out these boys from their C182!

Wings over Marl - Report

A nice write-up on SkyJester's Wings Over Marl 2009 event can be found here

Check it out!

Vote for wingsuits!

NET.HR has a vote/competition for the toughest/coolest guys.

Its hard to understand, but still easy since there are video's with each one.
Do cast your vote for the wingsuit flyers (though a tough one with Yvess and his JetWing there)

Vote here

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did you know...

Did you know that the wingsuit segment from Seven Sunny Days and various chapter of Soulflyers 1, Soulflyers 2, FlyTheLine 1 and FlyTheLine2 are the most duplicated/ripped/copied videos on the internet.

Every single day, there are about 50 new copies showing up on YouTube etc, copied from these inredible DVDs.
If you've watched them online, support the creators by looking into buying the actual product. Which is also much better to watch on the big screen at home, instead of some overly compressed video online!

And yes...its a slow news day...does it show ;)