Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did you know...

Did you know that the wingsuit segment from Seven Sunny Days and various chapter of Soulflyers 1, Soulflyers 2, FlyTheLine 1 and FlyTheLine2 are the most duplicated/ripped/copied videos on the internet.

Every single day, there are about 50 new copies showing up on YouTube etc, copied from these inredible DVDs.
If you've watched them online, support the creators by looking into buying the actual product. Which is also much better to watch on the big screen at home, instead of some overly compressed video online!

And yes...its a slow news day...does it show ;)


  1. What's your source for this info? Just curious...

  2. The same one where we get out videofeeds from YouTube, Vimeo etc every day ;)

    But search for various terms such as wingsuit, windsuite, amazing flying squirrel suit etc. and you will see about a double dozen or more instances of the same video pop up every day.

    And thats not even counting the dozens of re-edits (non skydive/base) people are doing with this material.

    Just figured we'd give the creators of the orginals a nod, and point people to the fact you can also but those as high quality DVD products ;)