Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jerry with a wingsuit

And its FFC day! Here is a first flight from a chap by the name of 'Jerry'. Check it out!


  1. Whats the suit? Looks like quite a big suit for a FFC, no?

  2. No wonder people keep dying in this sport! Glad to see people work hard on keeping the sport dangerous!

    Looks like a way big tonysuit. Which brainiac put him into that suit? Big legwing for any first flight, as the diving also clearly shows after exit. Dummy pulls (or lack there of) look scary. Why focus on making docks on a first flight?
    The guy should be glad he didnt do a front loop at pull time with that fucked up body position!

    De-arch with stretched legs! Nice work ass holes!

    Kisses, the Skinny Eurotrash!