Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ultimate photo op!

By Trond Teigen:

During my 10 day stay in Romsdalen and the surrounding valleys while covering the World Base Race, i got the chance to make some really good photos of wingsuiters in flight! And after last years flop at bispen with poor light and few jumpers, the three really good days we got there now was a blast! Paul Fortun, who is the mastermind behind the World Base Race, was kind enough to provide me with a 9 seat VW from Rent-a-Wreck (and believe me it was a rent-a-WRECK) Which worked as personal transport and as BASE bus from the landing area at Bispen to the hiking trail.

After taking a load or two of jumpers to the top. i set up my gear at the famous Bispen road, known from countless youtube videos, tried my best to gather a crowd to watch the action. After about one and a half hours, the jumpers were gearing up and i had successfully managed to bunch up about 30 people at the roadside (90% of which were german tourists :P)

The show started and we got really nice flybys from Jokke Sommer, Dominik Loyen, Lutz Ludtke, Johnny Utah, Rami, Vesa and others.
Good radio communication between myself and the exit allowed for me to choose a lens to each jumpers specific line of flight. The Canon 500mm did good on the longer distance passes, but also made nice shots of the jumpers after they had passed by.

Here is a selection of the best ones from what must be the best BASE photo location in the world!

- Trond R. Teigen

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