Monday, September 21, 2009

V3 Hand Camera test

Brian Drake just uploaded a test for a hand-cam mount, which for sure doesnt fall under the self-loathing catagory (judging the number of cameras pointing at him;)

Check it out!


  1. While I myself joke that all my camera mounts are because I'm a narcissist, the truth is that I prefer BASE videos that provide instant visual context.

    There are a lot of great proxy wingsuit videos from standard head cams and though I appreciate them as a wingsuiter, the non-jumper crowd can quickly get bored. Or even worse, they don't appreciate what's actually happening without explanation (since we've all seen tons of helicopter footage swooping through the mountains).

    Move the camera to the chest so that the top of the frame shows the head, chest, and wings of the flyer, and suddenly it's obvious that you're watching footage of a man flying.

    So, for me, the creative angles have nothing to do with showing me off, but more about creating visual context. When I'm filming another jumper, this is already taken care of. But when I'm doing a solo jump (as all my proxy stuff has been so far), I'll put in the extra effort to find a dynamic way of instantly showing the context to the viewer.

    In the above video, I was using the secondary cameras for diagnostic purposes. The rear view was to see "what was going on back there" for the mount I was testing. The "rhino" cam was to see how my new LCD viewfinder setup fared in freefall.

    The fact that I'm defending myself on this comment does provide evidence that 1) I take myself a little too seriously 2) I'm bored at work
    but I felt like saying it anyway.

  2. The writer of the orginal article is just jealous of the one mount he doesnt have yet ;)

    Just watch my next video, and you'll see what I mean...:)