Friday, September 11, 2009 - Training day

10 Sept 2009, 23:55 - Terni Italy
by Jarno Cordia
After a long drive, and starting the day by leaving the keys in the car after closing it (sorry about breaking your window Alex!) the different teams started dripping in.
Around 15:00 the pilot arrived, and the Caravan was fired up. The Italian team (actually 'a' Italian team, as we will have 4 local teams!) and team USA (TonySuits) and team Holland (FlyLikeBrick) got a few practice jumps in.
Just before the last load, team France (Les Pinguins) arrived, and they also tried a last training round, before all the competition mayhem unfolds tomorrow morning!

Though 3 of the Italian teams wont arrive till saterday morning, the teams currently at the DZ will start the competition on load 1 this friday.

As mentioned before, the scores will be updated/added live on

Points for each round will be awared as follows:

Docks + Flying-style (1>10 score) + camerawork (1>10 score) = Round total

Expect another update tomorrow!

The video updates will be a tad slower these following 2 to 3 days, but you will get frequent competition updates in return! And of course, a big 'catching up' video-update as soon as the competition finishes!

Cheers from Italy,

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