Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You're my hero.... now in HD!

The tiny cameras made by Go Pro are awesome. Affordable, small, relatively good quality and can be easily hidden in the girls toilets at work mounted pretty much anywhere you want.

What could make it better? Well, in this modern day HD demanding world, er, HD.

The rumblings have been there for a while, and the world has been waiting with baited breath. Well fellow 'newsies', the wait is nearly over!

Go Pro have finally released some demo footage from the Go Pro HD Hero, and it looks pretty damn impressive.

The site mentions a fall release (Autumn for those of us not in the USA), so watch this space. As soon as we know about it, you'll know about.

Just because it's a cool little gadget, and of course because it includes lots of shots of wingsuiting, check out the HD promo video in the above YouTube clip, or in better quality on the GoPro website, here.

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