Saturday, October 31, 2009

Australians set 'world record'

Though most likely a media quote in terms of 'world record' title, a group of Australian skydivers built a big wingsuit formation last week, as reported by MSN.

Click here to see the video.

Friday, October 30, 2009

MOAB - WIngsuit edition

Justin just posted a video he edited for Sky2Productions on the MOAB wingsuit event from a few months ago.
The video shows the beautifull surroundings, cool 'batton-camera' angles, and a lot of fun wingsuit flying.

Check it out!

NOTE: Normaly we point out at which moment you will find a wingsuit in a video. But here we feel obliged to say, naked woman at 1:50. So before you press play, realise this could be classified NSFW

worlds longest freefall - 6'47" from 30.000 ft

The Spanish pilots from Proyecto Ales just set a new world record for longest free fall. Flying their Stealth wingsuits for a total of 6'47" from an altitude of only 30.000 ft.
This means a 45 second improvement on their own previous record of 6'02" set in 2005 from an altitude of 35,850 ft.

The record was broken on October 22nd, during a skydive over the Atlantic Gran Canaria. It would have been a few months sooner, had it not been for an unfortunate accident which prevented the team from completing their initial flight earlier this year..

For more details on the jump (Spanish), click here.

Some guess-temates as to their freefall speed:
30.0000 ft (exit) to 3.000 ft (deployment) = 27.000 ft (freefall) = 5.11363 Miles
6'47" = 407 seconds

This puts the (sustained) fallrate throughout the jump at +- 45 mph.
An incredible feat considering the thinner air at higher altitude and fattigue and muscle strain/lactic accid that kicks in after a few minutes.

Click here for an older post, showing some of the previous high altitude record attempts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

BATS - Wingsuits by night

BATS ... or : "Do the night what you can no do during the day..."
François Damilano is working during the day ... Liv Sansoz is waiting for the crowd leaving...
And then it comes the shadows!!!

To be noticed: it might be one of the first wing-suit-base-jumping-by-night footage !

A film by Bertrand Delapierre;
Music from JamendoPro.

See more of the contest and Have a chance to WIN you WEIGHT in PETZL Products, on the following website :
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NOTE: Wingsuits at 1:43

Wingsuit à l'Obiou (Dévoluy)

And some French wingsuit flying for you to see.

Check it out!

Ill Vision - Media exposure

Ill Vision also updated their blog with a lot of links to recent media mentions/exposure for their team.

Check it out on their website

Hurling team boss goes wingsuiting to gain confidence and inspiration

From the wingsuits-in-the-mass-media department, this strange little blurb comes to us from the Daily Record, "Best for Scottish News and Sports". Apparently Scottish national hurling team captain Fraser Mackenzie goes skydiving to increase his confidence. He says he recently went wingsuiting and also reached 208 miles per hour, although I doubt he did those in the same jump. I had to read the article 3 times before I understood what sport they were talking about, and then had to look up what hurling was on wikipedia, where I found the picture above.

Read the article here.

Ill Vision - Little Colorado wingsuit BASE

And team Ill Vision strikes again, with an awesome video showing some Colorado (USA) wingsuit flights into a deep canyon.

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ill Vision - Epic Movies

US based wingsuit (skydiving and basejumping) team Ill Vision updated their Vimeo account with an epic series of videos.

Check it out!

Team Ill Vision Scarred & feathered 01

Team Ill Vision Scarred & feather 02

Team Ill Vision Scarred & feathered 03

First Flight - Eli Gerris

Belgian Eli Gerris got his maiden wingsuitflight 'taped' on video, and uploaded it to YouTube.

Check it out!

2nd Intl Artistic Wingsuit Competition - The videos has now been updated with the full round videos from all national and international teams from the past 2nd International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Terni, Italy.

Check it out here.

First Flight - Matt Veno

Justin Shorb took US Matt Veno up for his first flight.

Check it out!

First Flight - Kevin

Dutch skydiver Kevin posted a video of his first flight on YouTube.
Camera/Instruction by me;)

Check it out!

Ill Vision - Teaser

This is just a teaser for the upcoming Ill Vision movie. This is a different approach from the traditional BASE or Skydiving video, we want to capture the entire journey, the friendship, the scenery, the beauty and the jumps.

Hope you like it and stay tuned for the upcoming movie.
Check it out!

Team Ill Vision Bideo uno from teamillvision on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And we're back!

The past few days, we've been on the remote island of Texel, where we had the oppertunity to experience life without WiFi. So sadly, 4 days without an update.

To make it up to you, you can check out some of the pictures we shot on Texel during out stay through our website.

Expect a load of updates to WWWN over the coming hours!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short article on BASE and wingsuit jumping

Website 'The Universe' has a short article on BASE and wingsuit jumping, interviewing JT Holmes.

Read the full article here.

Article on Shane McConkey

In an article titled "Extreme sports: the Rise and Fall of Shane McConkey" UK newspaper has an indepth look at Shane McConkey's life and how he died and the media reaction to it all. It's pretty good and soberly written for a mainstream media article.

Read the full article here.

Wingsuit record attempt in Australia

Australia's Coolum News has a short article about an Australian wingsuit record attempt to be held at Coff City at the anual Afterlife Boogie.

Interesting side note: they swiped a picture (without permission) from the Birdman Top Gun team website (taken in Castellon, Spain in 2006) with the caption "Coffs City Skydivers get in some practice before Afterlife Boogie kicks off." Yeah right...

Read the article here.

The Perfect Moment

A new trailer for this yearly film/docu project has popped up online.
Some select scenes showing Jean-Noel from Adrenaline Base, and Robert Pecnik from Phoenix-Fly skimming the mountains in their wingsuits.

Check it out!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Double Dock Rodeo - Revisited

We posted one of the riders point of view a few days ago. Now here is the full video.
David's view : )

Me/Mike on left and Ann/Brian on right

Chics riding dudes on wingsuits, and pulling off a double dock.. never been done before! Not sure if that's true.. ? Closest thing to Quidige!!! : ) My Jump #101..

ChickRock Boogie 10.05.09 at Elsinore, CA.
Categorie: Sport
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Corsica Sfl Camp

Gert Michiels posted a nice video on some of the carving flights he made at the S-fly camp in Corsica.

Check it out!

Russian Rodeo

And from Russia, a picture-perfect rodeo exit and flight (with nice pull-off by the rider at the end).

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

B.A.S.E Photography 2009 posted a new video, highlighting some of his best BASE photos from the past season.

Check it out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BASE Frode - Italy & France

Norwegian jumper Frode (aka Fastest man on the planet, winner of the World BASE Race) just posted a nice 2 part epic, on his wingsuit basejumps in France and Italy past summer.

Check it out!

Base Jumping & Wingsuit flying - Switzerland

And Lee from the UK posted this next video showing (as the title suggests) wingsuit flying in Switzerland.

Check it out!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Phantom 4 way

Just another day at our local DZ. A sweet, albeit not perfect 4-way Wingsuit jump. All 4 of us wore the same model of wingsuit - the PhoenixFly Phantom. These are fantastic Wingsuits.. What a fun jump. The Skydivers are: Nial Hanley = Black & Blue colours, Kris Kac = Yellow colours, Janusz = Red & White colours & the Demon = Black colours.
Check it out!

CBS 60 minutes covers wingsuit BASE

As announced before, an absolutely massive 4 page article and 13 minute video with several smaller videos and a photo essay from mainstream media CBS News about wingsuit BASE jumping. 60 minutes joins JT Holmes as he jumps off of cliffs in Norway.

Read the full article here.

Watch the video here.

Double Rodeo Dock

A nice double dock rodeo, which was made at the Chicks-rock boogie, with Brian Drake and Purple Mike as the wingsuit pilots.

Check it out!

GoPro Hero HD - Demo jump

3 wingsuiters rocking GoPro's new HD Helmet HERO for the crowd at Summer OR Open Air Demo Day near Snowbasin, UT.
Check it out!

60 minutes - shorts

A short bit from tonights episode of 60 minutes, featuring JT Holmes on wingsuits.

Check it out!

Moab FlatSpin

A video posted on a recent discussion on on flatspins shows the scary side of wingsuits.

Check it out!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 years of skydiving

Tom Verhoeven just added a video to his Vimeo channel, showing the past 3 years of skydiving. It includes some footage on his first wingsuit flights (again shot by yours truly:)

Check it out!

PD factory team videos

PD Factory Team's Jonathan Tagle posted two new videos on his YouTube account.

Check it out!

Jonathan Tagle of the PD Factory Team does some wingsuit BASE jumps from the High Nose and La Mousse in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

And though not fully wingsuit related, but still cool:
Jay Moledzki and Jonathan Tagle of the PD Factory Team fly relative to each other... One is under a heavily loaded high performance canopy the other in freefall with a drogue.

Iphone wingsuit game

And two promo's for a new wingsuit basejumping game on the Iphone, featuring famous basejumping locations such as Trento(?).

Check it out!

And some nice footage of ours at 0:16 in this 2nd teaser. Not that we remember ever giving permission to use it for any commercial promotion to either Birdman or the company making this game.

Across the globe..

And it time to play catch-up again!
Here is this weekends selection of wingsuit videos form across the globe!

Wingsuit flying over Hibaldstow, UK 2009

My 1st Cutaway - Eloy Arizona - Wingsuit Boogie

1st wingsuit jump & 1000th jump combined (camera: jarno cordia)

2nd wingsuit flight, hasty dummy pulls, better navigation (camera: jarno cordia)

1st wingsuit flights (camera: jarno cordia)

Wingsuit Rodeo, Phantom

60 minutes - Preview

The American station CBS wil be airing a special item on wingsuit basejumping today.
Their website already shows a short preview.

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coupe Icare 2009 - St Hilaire du Touvet

And some more cool footage on the recent French skysports exibition 'Coupe Icare 2009', submitted by Patrick de Guillebon.

Check it out!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix-Fly Stealth2 - Wingsuit Canopy Flyby

And its one of those days where we can use and abuse the website to show some of our own jumps.

On the way up during a 9000ft feet jump at the end of the day, Werner and I were planning on playing/testing a new footmount for my videocamera. Several of the jumpers asked for a canopy flyby, and we gladly complied.

Diving at 120mph, I managed to flare the Phoenix-Fly Stealth2 prototype wingsuit down to 8.28 mph (13,3 km/h) for a about 1,5 seconds. Climbing/gaining altitude relative to the tandem-canopy while passing it. Forward speed at that point is around 120 or so km/h (rough estemate).

The footmount needs some re-enforcement to get rid of the shake.
More experiments to follow soon!
Check it out!

Petit Weekend

Some French prodigy2 and trackingsuit flights in the Swiss valleys of Lauterbrunnen.

Check it out!

Kampen om Fjellet - Teaser 2

And another teaser for Kampen om Fjellet.

Check it out!

Ueli Gegenschatz flies at Red Bull Air Races at Barcelona

The Windsor Star has a picture and small description in a section of small articles of Swiss wingsuiter Ueli Gegenschatz doing a demo wingsuit flight at the Red Bull Air Races in Barcelona. Robert Pecknic did video and stills, with both flyers trailing smoke, and pulling in front of the amazed AirRace audience.

More information and video coming soon!

Read the original article here..

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Submitted by Bo Wienberg:
The Norwegian website just posted the teaser for a new DVD production called Kampen om fjellet (battle for the mountain). Next to some already amazing ski-jumps over swooping canopies, a ski-jump over a close proximity flying wingsuit is hinted at (and shown) in the teaser.

Be sure to check it out!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Confessions of an Idiot

A promotional video, showcasing many 1 frame wingsuit moments! Epileptic people beware!

Check it out!