Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix-Fly Stealth2 - Wingsuit Canopy Flyby

And its one of those days where we can use and abuse the website to show some of our own jumps.

On the way up during a 9000ft feet jump at the end of the day, Werner and I were planning on playing/testing a new footmount for my videocamera. Several of the jumpers asked for a canopy flyby, and we gladly complied.

Diving at 120mph, I managed to flare the Phoenix-Fly Stealth2 prototype wingsuit down to 8.28 mph (13,3 km/h) for a about 1,5 seconds. Climbing/gaining altitude relative to the tandem-canopy while passing it. Forward speed at that point is around 120 or so km/h (rough estemate).

The footmount needs some re-enforcement to get rid of the shake.
More experiments to follow soon!
Check it out!


  1. How was the info-window done in the video?

  2. Thats AltiTrack data (exported as a txt file from JumpTrack) overlayed as a subtitle.

  3. And when will this sorcery be available for laypeople?

    8.28mph... Damn

  4. Expect an announcement on that one very, very soon...;)