Friday, November 6, 2009

DSE - Reporting on the world record

A bit of a wingsuit flyer highlight on WWWN, as we show you to the Blog that Douglas Spotted Eagle (DSE) is updating on a constant basis, keeping us up to date on the progress of the current bigway formation event at Elsinore USA.

Douglas survived a bad landing accident, over half a year ago, and set himself the goal of being back in the air November 1st 2009.


And for sure, we fastforward half a year to today, and he is back in the air, and flying a wingsuit.

Back in the air!

Douglas is at Lake Elsinore right now, reporting on the bigway event, and also around for anyone wanting to make some fun wingsuit jumps(flights;).

Douglas also managed to get Lucas in the air.
Welcome to the flock!!

Click here to go to the blog DSE is updating daily!

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