Friday, November 13, 2009

Ueli Gegenschatz 1971 - 2009

After initial reports about Ueli Gegenschatz being seriously hurt, due to a public basejumping demo gone bad, we are sorry to report that the injuries sustained have ended up costing him his life.

Everyone who knew him always spoke kindly on his lack of a big ego, upbeat attitude and how nice and accesable a person he was. And looking back at his career in BASEjumping, he has the most impressive resume one could ask for.

Several local news websites reported on his accident, and slowly the mainstream media is catching onto the news of his passing. (CH) (CH) (CH) (CH) (CH) (CH) (FR)

Ueli was quite a famous person in wingsuit flying and BASE, and over the years has done many amazing flights and media promotion for both himself and the sport. For those who dont know him that well, here is a brief selection of articles and media mentions on Ueli:

TED Talk Ueli talking about his sport, and the urge to fly
World Base Race - Interview & promotional item
Red Bull AirRace Barcelona - 2009 Wingsuit demo
Wingsuit Flyer Faster than Speeding Plane - Wingsuit vs Airplane race
TV item - Interview and footage
Ride the Planets - wingsuit flying

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