Thursday, December 3, 2009

Military flying wing 'Gryphon'

From the somewhat-wingsuit-related-dept, has an article about the Gryphon rigid wing developed by some German companies. It is the same idea as Yves Rossy's wing, except one that can also carry a payload.

One wonders how useful this would be compared to a parapente, which can fly further and carry more cargo...

Check it out here.


  1. Well for one, it looks MUCH cooler. I don't know if military officials factor this into their decisions, but I like to imagine they do.

  2. Agreed, it does look much cooler. :) And I think the military guys using these would feel much cooler too and have cooler stories to tell.

  3. The Lockheen F35 was choosen over the Boeing X-32 because it looked cooler..sure it matters

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