Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stealth Jet

Visa Parviainen is well known for his jet (micro-turbine) powered wingsuit adventures.
Recently he has been testing some new Jet Engines, combined with the (soon to be released) Stealth2 from Phoenix-Fly, and the results are quite awesome to watch.
Expect more footage on this one soon!

Check it out!

From Visa's facebook account
Had a successful rocket test with a sophisticated flightrecording device. Exit alt 1460, got levelflight at 1150m. Lenght over 4 minutes, deploy alt 960m. airspeed around 180 km/h . During 30 seconds I was able to climb 30 m. Test shows that angle of the attac has to be less than 10 degreess and Phoenix-fly wingsuit i...s actually working as a wing and creating lift :) Very happy now

The footage was shot by Tanel

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