Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wing&Base Lauterbrunnen

Posted by Ruy Fernandes.
Fantastic trip with great friends felling the base jump spirit in Neverland...
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Wing&Base Lauterbrunnen from Ruy Fernandes on Vimeo.

2010 Wingsuit flying Team Kamikaze

A video of 2010 flights from Japan wingsuit team Kamikaze.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In Between

Wingsuit Proximtyflying/ BASE jumping in Norway, Greenland, France summer 2010

Jumpers:  Jokke Sommer, Tom Erik Heimen, Halvor Angvik, Espen Fadnes, Bjarte Bø, Heidi Leren, Stein Olsen, Eiliv Ruud, Ted Rud, Jon Inge Hovda, Matt Wilson, Shawn Wilson, Lutz Ludtke, Even Flo

Wingsuit BASE Norway 2010

CONFLOvideo posted a nice 3-video series of Norway BASE flights. Check it out!

12.26.2010 Wingsuit 2-way

Wingsuit camera back

Flyers Gravity - Wingsuit 2010

A nice compilation of flocks from 2010 by morfou1 on YouTube.
MORFOU /HarryC **** AMAZING WINGSUIT JUMP * Enjoy the show

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jumps at Skydive City in Z-Hills

Scotty Burns of Sky2Productions posted a sweet video of some X-mas sunset fun flights with Andreea and Marko over sunny Zephyrhills, Florida.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Flight... If you didn't get to jump today, We were thinking of you, So heres a gift to you... Enjoy!
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Christmas day jumps @ Skydive City from Sky2 on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight

From Phoenix-Fly comes the next installment in the 'Need 4 Speed' video series!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

balloon jump - byron bay

A big wingsuit load (including rodeo) jumped of a balloon at Byron Bay (Australia).

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Athlete Driven™ :: Steph Davis

Five Ten is Athlete Driven™.

An elite rock climber, BASE jumper, wingsuiter, vegan cook and animal lover, Steph embodies the heart of our slogan For The World’s Most Exciting Athletes™.​athletes/​steph-davis

Roberta Mancino on the Daily Habit

Jeb posted a video on his girlfriend Roberta Mancino:

Roberta talking about sharks and base on the Daily Habit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wingsuit Atlama Sporu

The Habar Expres, a Turkish news magazine, posted a short blurb on wingsuit flying.

Check it out here

For those who dont know Turkish, check out the warbled google translation here

Wingsuits in the water has posted an extensive article on wingsuit water landings.

Check it out here

Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2010, Wingsuit Edition

Matt Hoover just posted a new video on his website:

VIDEO: Puerto Rico Freefall Fest 2010, Wingsuit Edition Quote | Reply
Nine months later! (That means if you got pregnant at this boogie, your baby is probably due by now). It's been a busy spring, summer, and fall for me... but now that the slow winter is here, I finally got around to editing this together. Makes me miss the sunshine and warm weather for sure...

Watch (HD)
Watch (standard) (Book now available!)

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Another boring weekend

Wingsuit back flying and other crap...

Nice scenery!
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Mike Steen 2010

2010 was an epic year filled with lots of adventures and good times. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Five Ten :: Brand of the Brave

Whether it's Dean Potter free-basing off Eiger; JT Holmes getting his wing suit on in Switzerland; Steph Davis BASE jumping Castleton Tower; or Andy Lewis high lining in Boulder, these are just a few of our awesome friends to be featured in our latest Athlete Driven™ video.

Five Ten® is the Brand of the Brave™ and our athletes prove it!

Kr@sh Kids Magazine - Wingsuits

Dutch childrens magazine Kr@sh has a 2 page Article on FlyLikeBrick, and also lists several wingsuit videos on their website.

The magazine is in stores in Holland starting today...

Wingsuit Canopy Relative Flight

The Red Bull Airforce is the latest of the ever growing list of people flying wingsuits with canopies.

Check out the cool set of photos on their blog, flying relative with Jonathan Taggle.

Miles Dasher: Recording Artist?

Miles made a rap on his sports adventures....

Check it out!

Tim's Emmett Showreel 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Russian wingsuit landing project?

From the you-heard-it-here-first department comes this strange little blurb:

Russian engineers are working on an individual flying vehicle, which users will need no parachute.
New flying vehicle looks like a Batman suit. Its main idea is a wingsuit, widely used in sky-diving, which is a jumpsuit with textile webs between extremities. Ordinary wingsuit doesn’t provide landing, because it cannot be used insdead of a parachute.
New development of Russian engineers boasts larger webs for improved stability and safe landing. Landing will be based upon “cushion” effect, common for landings with parachutes of “wing” type. 
Engineers are currently calculating optimum parameters for the suit and will soon start testing a full-scale model of the suit in a wind channel.
This is an English language summary I found on the Russian Infocentre website. The original Science News article is in Russian; I let Google translate give it a shot, and it's surprisingly readable:

Check out the article here. 

Spanish Wingsuit Flying

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Fancy Free Frolic Through Flavour Town

A cool compilation video, with a big "HOLY SH*T" moment at 3:30.....check it out!

Short video of 3 Great years of my life.


An incredible fun and entertaining compilation from the Transvestite Base Acosiation!

Check it out!

Friday, December 17, 2010

On the road 2010

Belgian Leslie Matheus posted another video on his BASE adventures.

Check it out!

Paraglider FlyBy

At the 4 minute mark in this paraglider video, a wingsuit flyer cruises by..

Check it out!

Indian woman on to next 'expedition'

The Indian Express has an article on female skydiver and adventurer 'Shital'.

Note: The article does incorrectly label her as the first Indian woman to complete a wingsuit jump, even though another Indian woman already completed a wingsuit first flight course and several wingsuit flights several months earlier.

In other media we also find a short blurb about wingsuit flying.

Russia 2010

By mail we got this cool compilation of Russian bigway flying from 2010!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FlyLikeBrick - Video Flight Manuals - High Speed Exit

From our series of short tutorial and instruction videos comes a new addition, this time on High Speed Exits.

Check it out!

Check out for more!

Dave Brown Flies a Wingsuit!

Check it out!

The new Alien Wingsuit from area 51....

Scotty Burns of Sky2 Photography shot some nice video of a wingsuit flyer showcasing his home-made Alien Wingsuit.

Check it out!

Phantom Wingsuit

Alex Yunda flies a wingsuit

Alex Yunda wing suit footage by Jeff Nebelkopf

Check it out!

CRW flybys

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WinterNest 2010

Here's a short video i made. It might help us to pass through winter here in Quebec, Canada.

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Don't piss of a wingsuit flyer

If you are in the airplane, and something smells fishy....
this might be the reason..

Disclaimer: This is wrong on so many levels! Severely NSFW!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roberta Mancino - Conan O Brian

Roberta Mancino was on Conan O Brian talking a bit about base, wingsuit and skydiving.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dominik Loyen: Rabbagast Showreel 2010

A short compilation of our multi-sport activity in 2010

The Qube - Wingsuits

Snony The Qube has a short segment on wingsuit flying, check it out!

Exit 8 - 2005

Fun times back in the day flying the Prodigy 1 where i probably shouldn't have been from "The unmentionable" other wise known as 'Exit 8'

Friday, December 10, 2010

Volo - update

And some more progress on the wingsuit game Volo.

Check it out!

Playing with canopies

Niklas Daniel just uploaded a nice video with more canopy vs wingsuit flights

Barry Holubeck and I just completed a two day training camp, experimenting with new approach methods, flight modes and formations. During our camp we made some great discoveries, such as: a new exit strategy that does not affect jump run (pilot does not have to do any special patterns) and we also cut our set up time down from 60 seconds to less than 30! (that is from exit to first contact)

Movie site 'Ain't it cool' reviews early footage of Transfomers - DARK OF THE MOON

Ain't It Cool News has a lengthy article on the new Transformers movie, set to be next summer's blockbuster.

The movie is going to be 3D (what else do you expect these days:), and the footage from the perspective of a solider wearing a wingsuit flying through downtown Chicago is apparently pretty spectacular.

Some selective quotes from the article:

there's a vertiginous aerial dive shot from the perspective of a soldier in a wingsuit (Bay had these guys zipping around a skyscraper-lined two-mile stretch of downtown Chicago for three weeks)

I had the same guys that did AVATAR and have a lot of experience with that system, but they'd never done what we've done. We put it through a rigorous test. We strapped a camera on a skydiver, you know that doesn't really happen much. We put it on systems that it's never been on before.

I'm still of the opinion that a great Michael Bay action film doesn't need 3D to blow me away, but it really does look like he's done something remarkable with that wingsuit sequence. I can only imagine how it'll play on an IMAX screen. I'm going to have a light lunch that day.

Unfortunately no footage to show you here...lets hope a potential next trailer involves some sneak peeks at the wingsuit stuff, seeing as its highlighted as the spectacular action piece of the movie in a lot of articles.

Check out the article here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Valery Rozov jumps from Mount Ulvetanna on Antartica

The Red Bull site reports that Russian wingsuiter Valery Rozov is the first to BASE jump from Mount Ulvetanna on Antartica. He did it wearing his wingsuit of course. :-)

Check out the article here.

Update: Craig kindly pointed us to some video footage

New edition of snowboard game SSX to feature wingsuit base?

Lots of game sites have been reporting on rumors that the next installment of SSX will have a wingsuit flying element in it.

On Gamespot.
On Atomicgamer.
On Gamerant.

And lots more reporting the same thing. Would be interesting to see what they'll make of it.

I'm still waiting for our our friend Martijn Zandvliet to complete his game Volo that we've posted many previews of! Hey Martijn, are you listening?!? More importantly, are you working on getting the game done so we can all have a go and not just watch you having fun in the demo videos you keep posting? :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wingsuit First Flight Course FFC - How to Fly a Wingsuit

Wingsuit first flight course at Lake Elsinore - October 16, 2010.
a HUGE dream come true to finally fly. Wearing a Phantom2 wingsuit made by Robert Pecnik and Phoenix Fly.

Special thanks to Douglas Spotted Eagle, Darren Burke, Jonny Schneider, and Adam Seidenstricker.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brento 2010

The guys from FlyByWire wingsuit team posted a new video:

a few very nice days in italy at the big wall of the monte brento, next to the largo di garda.
We had a lot of fun in a nice group, amazing jumps, sometimes interesting weather!:-)
At all....a very good time...

Check it out!


Raymond of Underground Planet posted a video he shot together with Douglas Spotted Eagle:

A few months back I was asked by Douglas Spotted Eagle (aka Spot) and VASST to co-present in one of their training videos that was going to be about shooting with DSLR’s. I had personally purchased more than a handful of their training DVD’s in the past on various subjects and jumped at the chance. Spot is someone that I got to know through several video related forums early on and has been both a mentor and a friend ever since and it was an honor, if not a little surreal to be doing this with him so many years later.

Needless to say I had a great time up in Utah hanging out with him and Mannie Frances, his partner, while working on this and am thrilled to say that it’s finally out and available! The clip is actually on a bonus section of the DVD. You can check it out here

Inside HDSLR FIlmmaking – Create Stunning DSLR Imagery with Unlimited Possibilities

“HDSLR Film and video production is immensely popular, for good reason! Stunning imagery and unlimited possibilities are at your fingertips with a DSLR camcorder. Raymond Schlogel and Douglas Spotted Eagle expose all aspects of HDSLR film and video on this two and one half hour training DVD. From lenses to metering, to preparation and peripherals, Douglas and Ray show you how to get the most out of DSLR film and video production.”

Check it out!

L and Romulo do some wingsuiting

More wingsuiting at Skydive Elsinore.

Check it out!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wingsuit Bungee

picture from a previous
Wingsuit Bungee jump

We've seen several wingsuit bungee jump and rope-swing pictures and video before. J.D. Osborne also managed to get his (homemade?) wingsuit on and fly it without a rig...

Bungy Jumping AJ Hacketts Nevis Highwire in a wingsuit.

Check it out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Intl Artistic Wingsuit Competition 2011

We have finalized the place and date for the 2011 international edition of the Artistic Wingsuit Competition.

The competition will be at beautiful Gap, France, the epicenter of French wingsuiting, home dropzone of S-Fly manufacturer Fly Your Body and home dropzone of the French wingsuiting team Soul Flyers. We're really ramping it up this year by getting the professional people from the Fly Your Body team involved with the organization of the event.

The date is 1st to 7th of August. A few days before to get some last-minute practice in, and then the official competition starts on the 4th. We expect to be able to finish the competition in 2 or 3 days, and there will be load organizing and flocking afterwards with large groups and small groups doing bigways, 3D formations, sequentials, and other types of wingsuit jumps.

We have revamped the website design and are in the process of filling it with content.

Info for the 2011 competition can be found here. As the event date nears, we'll be adding more details on prizes, accomodation, getting there, etc.

We also have a Facebook page this year where we'll post updates and you can RSVP to the event (if you have a Facebook account).

If you'd like to attend this years event, let us know by sending an email to!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alas Sobre el Fuego

Trailer for the documentary "Wings On Fire."
In his latest adventure Wings Project members flying over the Teide. Ademas Santi Corella, Álvaro Bultó and Toni López set a new world record by flying with their wings costumes 6 '47 "before opening the parachute.

Check it out!

Wingsuit vs Airplane

Wife vs Husband at it's best!

Wife in a Aerobatic Aircraft vs Husband in a Wingsuit

Rex and Melissa Pemberton

This act has been booked by leading Air Shows around the world.

Book today at

Check it out!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Jokke Sommer - Dream Lines"

A few favourite flights from 2010. Full edit coming soon for download at

Co-Pilot/Outside video is Halvor Angvik

Music: Mt Eden Dubstep - Still Alive. Check out their site:

Helishot from Red Bull Media House

Shin Ito Wingsuits Flying with Scott

Shin Ito posted a video of him doing a 2 way with Scott Camposs

Check it out!

Miki from team Bad Boys uploaded a video of him flying around with a small format camera and his wingsuit of cliffs and aeroplanes...

Check it out!

Camera lost during wingsuit BASEjump.

My wife lost her Sony CX6 when the fixing bolt failed during deployment and the camera fell 600 feet or so into dense forest. (it was during a BASE jump)

This was 5 months ago. A couple of weeks back a friend of mine from Rome called me - a long story short - he has a sponsor and jumps with a logo'd wingsuit. The sponsor received a phone call from a guy called Aldo who was out picking mushrooms and found a video camera.

Aldo found the camera, dried it out and took out the memory card. He didn't manage to watch the videos but found some photos showing the sponsors logo and after a few phone calls he managed to track us down.

We met up with him to express our thanks at his efforts but having already written off the camera, 4+ months outdoors... at least we'd have the memory card back.

We charged the camera up out of curiosity and turned it on - it made some very strange noises and then started to work normally :)


Russian flyer Andrey Kar posted a thrilling video on the 'gravity workshop'.

Check it out!


Wingsuits in the Water

DSE has posted a good, in depth article on wingsuit water landings. Combining information on several practical water trials he did.

Check it out here

Check it out!

Wingsuit Rodeo

Emily trying out a cheaper alternative to buying a real aircraft! Thanks to Rolph for some excellent instruction on how to do this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

jussi grznar

jussi grznar posted a photo showreel with a few KL tower wingsuit snapshots.

Check it out!

Super Swa

A couple of skydiving friends met this (drunk) superhero in town!
Super Swa (translation: Papiamento for friend)
. A flying gorilla, wingsuit landing and lowest basejump record all in one jump.

Check it out!

Wing Suit BASE Jump Europe 2010 (Switzerland)

This is a small compilation of my first trip to Europe, to learn Wing Suit BASE jump (part 2 of 2). The footage was tanken at Lauterbrunnen valley, located in the Jungfrau Jörch region. To learn more about Wing Suit BASE jump, search for "gustavo britto" at the website:

Check it out!

Wingsuit Rope Jump

Our first wingsuits jumps with rope system. Ukraine. Crimea. Shaan-Kaya

2010 compilation

Dominik posted a thrilling edit on his 2010:

compilation of multi-sport action in BASE jumping, wing-suit & proximity flying, speedriding & speedflying, gopro 2010

Check it out!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flying Snakes

Refered to us via a facebook post by Robert Pecnik:

Find the orginal article here

Wingsuit Bag

If you're looking for a nice way to store/pack your wingsuit, PD just started selling Canopy storage bags. Luckely, the size of a packed wingsuit is roughly the same as that of a canopy.

Check out the news item here or order directly via the PD store.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flying superhero

Not really wingsuit flying, but a flying human (model) nevertheless.

Check it out!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Birddoctor wingsuit front flip

Belly mount camera view. Wingsuit front flip at 58 seconds. Dr. Mark Duber

Wingsuit Withdrawal 2010

I am having serious wingsuit withdrawal... Cold has set in here on the east coast and I have no more vacation till 2011....

A few clips from 2010 Base/Skydiving helmet / ankle and belly mount cams.... Yes I hooked too low at the end.


In amazing 'square' picture format...check out this cool video

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Eiger North face

Cedric Dumont uploaded a new video:
Wingsuit flying in Switzerland along the Eiger North Face, exit from the mushroom with my friend Jokke Sommer.

Flights with the pilatus..

Aside from music selection, a pretty cool video to watch!

Living a dreamers dream

Bored offshore at work and i always wanted to put some slow motion footage to this tune, as i think its a beautiful tune so here it is, a thank you to mother earth for an amazing year for me!!!! yahoo!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Best of Summer 2010

The best of the fun we had this summer in Switzerland. Mostly wingsuit flying with also a bit of Base jump and more !

Wingsuit Fly 3

Alberto Conte uploaded a short video with some wingsuit jumps made in Zhills (USA)

November 18

VASSTkid uploaded another new video with some student jumps

The Ranch: Wingsuit with Pete

2-way wingsuit skydive from 13,500ft at The Ranch in Gardiner, NY

Wing Suit BASE Europe 2010

Compilation of Wing Suit flights all over Europe using TonySuit Wing Suits.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wingsuiting, Hib, Nov 2010

Gavin just uploaded a new video, shot at Hibaldstow, UK.
Its a rear pov. camera, showing a wingsuit jump over the grey English countryside.

Check it out!

Luigi Cani

A Brazilian piece on Luigi Cani (and Jeb Corliss) flying his wingsuit off the Eiger

Check it out

Sunday, November 14, 2010

UKS Boogie 2010

Jack Johnson uploaded a video from the past UKS skydiver boogie, with camerawork by Spike and Jackie Harper and myself (Jarno). And also get some sneaky orange appearances in ;)

Check it out!

First Wingsuit Jump and Editing attempt

Shane Magill posted a video showing his first flight.

Check it out!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The History of Nuit De La Glisse

Trying to get 30 years of history into one video is not easy, but we've put this short film together to let you know the history of the Nuit de la Glisse/ Perfect Moment.

Special Thanks go to the multiple directors involved over the last 30 years including Dick Barrymore, John Long and Bill Delaney and also all of the Riders. They have all contributed massively to the success of Nuit de la Glisse.

NutCracker - Jet Powered Wingsuits

And more and more wingsuit-y elements are popping up in Hollywood productions.

This time its a new version of the famous Nutcracker..

Check it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembering Steve Harrington

Jeff Donohue posted this to today:

A year ago tomorrow, our brother bird Steve Harrington had a tragic accident following the last jump of the 68 way in Elsinore.
Many of you jumped with Steve and knew the measure of the man - a quiet, unassuming guy who wanted nothing more (and nothing less) than to fly his wingsuit. He wasn't showy. He didn't care if there were cameras running or whether the jump was a "boring" small flock or a record. He just loved to fly.

On November 21, 2009, just a few of Steve's many friends got together to fly a missing man formation in his memory. The video from that day is here and a memorial page about Steve can be found here

I, for one, miss him. We will not see his like again.

Blue skies, Steve.


The perfect moment

Episode 01 of Perfect Moment TV, Wingsuit Flying with Riders Robert Pecnik and Jean Noel Itzstein.

Check it out!

Ukranian Clouds

Zver from Ukraine posted a nice video with some cloud swooping,

Check it out!

Students on a roll!

DSE posted another cool video, showing some students working on barrelrolls and relative flight.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Hop and Pops

DSE uploaded this nice video of some solo wingsuit hop and pops and beatifull sunset dives.

Check it out!

Baseman Begins

Baseman Begins, new jumps, new pictures!

Check it out!

E:60 Fly Girl: Roberta Mancino

And here is the whole show:


Coming soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

E:60 - Roberta Mancino "Fly Girl"

A new teaser for the TV episode of 60 minutes on Italian Robera Macino.

Check it out!

Get on the grid

The new trailer for TRON 2.0 shows some wingsuit-style designs. Cant wait to see this baby!

New video from Phoenix-Fly: Wingsuit Jet Pilot

Although most of us have heard of Visa Pervainen's jet-boot powered wingsuit experiments, here is a new video with lots of yet unreleased footage.

Visa flies a Stealth 2. The jets were provided by Dutch gas-turbine specialists AMT jets.

Check it out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

RC Proximity Flying

Using an RC plane, with live feedback, the operator catches some amazing footage.

Check it out!

Wingsuit rodeo in Enem

Wingsuit rodeo in Enem

Check it out!

Steph Davis - Children of the Sky

9 days of flight in Switzerland.

(For all you line twist lovers, I just went ahead and put that bit in first.)

Base jump adventures in Lauterbrunnen, the Kandersteg Valley and heli drops over the Eiger, with awesome wingsuiters from around the world

Check it out!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yves Rossy in the media

The mass media have been going completely loopy over Yves Rossy's recent loops. Check out all the articles that have mentioned him in the past few days:

Lodi Skydiving 2010

Me and a couple of friends on a skydiving holiday in Lodi, CA. 11 days and just under 100 jumps each, including my first wingsuit jump. Most of the footage is from a GoPro HD, or a CX105 with an Opteka .3.

Check it out!

The Great White Buffalo

A rare sighting of the White Buffalo, a west desert icon.

Check it out

Dubai wingsuit flying - part 2

And another video showing some interesting wingsuit flying, over the beautifull scenery of Dubai.

Check it out!

Yves Rossy - Full loop (continued)

More news sources have picked up Yves Rossy and his 'wing suit' looping adventures from a hot air balloon. Check it out!

Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit Policy changes

From DSE comes this safety announcement:
Due to VFR concerns and air traffic, we've made some small changes in how wingsuit patterns and exit order are managed.
Wingsuit patterns to the east of the DZ are no longer permitted.
Manifest has a wingsuit pattern briefing that will be given to you when you check in for jumptix/manifest.
Additionally, you must now notify Manifest and the pilot that you are wingsuiting.
Flock is building fast here, warm weather expected for much of the winter. C'mon down and get some airtime!

Friday, November 5, 2010

BASE gear - Balloon jump

This video shows a part of my training to get started on the wing suit BASE jump. For me it was very important to start slowly. Jumping equipment BASE jump from a safe height (5000ft) and still pulling high (2000ft) and landing in a totally unknown territory. If you want to know more about BASE jumping and wing suit, read on: ...

BASE jump from High Nose

A 2 way wingsuit exit and my first tracking jump from the Nose.
Pal Takats, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, summer 2010.

FFC from 900 meters

First wingsuit jump:

From tandem paraglider, exit at 900 meters with S-Fly suit.
Ölüdeniz, Türkey, October 2010

Yves Rossy - Full loop

CBS News RAW: Swiss adventurer and former pilot Yves Rossy jumped from a hot-air balloon and completed two aerial loops using just his custom-made jet-propelled wingsuit. It was the latest stunt by Rossy who hopes to one day fly through the Granad Canyon.

Watch on YouTube (embedding not allowed, but worth watching!)

Another (less interesting video) can be seen here

Wingsuit over Dubaï

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New domain for wingsuitnews:!

Although we've had pointing at for a while now, we've finally gotten round to changing it all around and having be our primary domain. Many thanks to our buddy Macca for making it possible! will still redirect to (including URLs to articles).


SkyDivin' by Bison

One year of skydivin'...
A bit long, a bit borin', a classical freefly progression I guess.. :-)

1) Intro
2) Jumps before Bi4 @ 2'05"
3) Wingsuit @ 5'20"
4) The eye of a buffalo @ 6'30" ( 1st jump recordin' BTW...)
5) Jumps after Bi4 @ 8'24"
6) Head Down @ 10'46"
7) Canopy piloting & Swoop debut @ 11'58"
8) Generic end & Track list @ 15'20"

Roberta Mancino

Airing on the season finale. Tuesday November 9th @ 7pm ET on ESPN.

Gerhard's First Wingsuit jump

Gerhard does some wingsuiting at Skydive Elsinore. He even took a dock. He also had a bit of excitement on some of his openings. Fun times.
Fly a wingsuit!

Check it out!

Tracking like a wingsuiter

Tracking like a wingsuiter, American shows how it's done in Norway.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KL Tower - Base (and wingsuit)

Our experience at KL: lots of jumps, great atmosphere and good friends... I love this life!!!

Check it out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Season 10

Alex from Germany posted a fun year compilation video on Vimeo:

Summary of our wingsuit season 2010. Thanks to everyone involved!

Check it out!

Barrelroll & Level practice

DSE training Richard on levels and barrelrolls on his 2nd to 5th wingsuit jump.

Check it out!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

600th jump - wingsuit 6 way

Over the beautiful skies of the Emerald Isle - Ireland, what an excellent way to celebrate my 600th skydive than with a fun Wingsuit formation skydive (flock) with some fellow WIngsuiters from my DZ.....

Check it out!

Wingsuit flying doesn't suck...

Some fun flying from Finland in this video

Check it out!

Steve's First Wingsuit Flight

On 10/29/10 I was fortunate enough to have Douglas Spotted Eagle teach me my First Flight Course. I was pretty nervous & tense during the ground training. For me it was alot like AFF again, SCARY! In the end, I did just fine, I cannot wait to do more WS jumps next week! Thanks Spot & Ike!!

Check it out!

Halvor Proxi Flying

This is an edit with short clips from various wingsuit flights I did in Norway late in the 2010 season. All jumps are done in the area of Romsdalen and Eikesdalen in Norway.

I might make a "full" edit some time later on. I just really felt like making a fast pace edit with this music.

Wingsuits fly in Argentina

Juan Mayer posted a new video, showing some wingsuit flying over South America

wingsuit action stl

jumping the wingsuits at STL 180 line twist on camerajumping the wingsuits at STL 180 line twist on camera


A new wingsuit video titled "Another boring shydive edit with stupid heavy music"

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FlyLikeBrick - Italy

And its one of those times again we get to pimp our own video stuff.
This time an edit I got to make on Costyn's footage from the 3rd International Wingsuit Competition.

The past days the other teams also posted compilations of their flying on the event. Click here, here and here to check those out.

Wingsuit Camp at Elsinore

Unfortunately a corrupt card destroyed some files, but between Dennis' cam, a couple go-pro cams...there is a little to look at.
Skydive Elsinore, Oct 22, 2010

Check it out!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anemoi Skyflying Team

Team: Carlos Parola
Sanchez Diego
Juan Mayer (camera)

Check it out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miguel Prencipe - BASE Jumper

A brief video document on a Spanish/Italian basejumper.

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Defy Gravity - Wingsuit Flying

short video: training jumps + jumps from the Wingsuit Competition 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wingsuit Rodeo

Pheonix fly wingsuit (acro), rodeo and then a fun flight

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In the catagory 'you got to be kidding me' we now have 'my kiddo's reaction to Jeb Corliss videos'

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Year End - FlyBy Collection

YouTube user 'WingsuitDrummer' posted a video with a collection of FlyBys and cloud swoops worth watching.

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BadBoys @ WingsuitCompetition

A cool 'best of' compilations video by the Spanish wingsuit team.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Jumping the wingsuit from Flåm

Jumping the wingsuit from Flåm

First Flight Courses

3 recent videos, showing first flight courses done in Holland

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IAWC - Award Ceremony

For those with time to spare, Elias uploaded the complete award ceremony from the Terni Wingsuit Competition, past September.

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Born to be alive

Some old and some new clips from this summer=) got bored and did a new little edit..

Ground camera: Siw Krøkje=)
Dogs: Kjakan & Frida

Music: Born to be alive, Patrick Hernandez

hoho enjoy:D

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Wingsuit over Lüli

Stefan Volz uploaded a new video named Wingsuit over Lüli

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Byron Boogie 2010

Wingsuit hucks from, Twin Otters, King Airs, and a Heli!

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Skydive Elsinore Students

A few student shots from Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at Skydive Elsinore. Love the linetwists at the end of the first jump.

Bad Boys - training

Spanish wingsuit team BadBoys scored 3rd place in the Int. Artistic Wingsuit Competition last month. They premiered a nice video on YouTube showcasing some of their training jumps.

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Wingsuit FlyBy

Sal comes to visit

Hungarian Base

A short videoclip showing Hungarian trackers and wingsuit flyers in the swiss valley.

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Proxiflying - KiteBoarding style

A different type of proximity flying in todays 'related media'

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Belgian Flocking - Elias Gerris

Some flocking above the Belgian skies in the summer of 2010.
Dropzones jumped at were DZ Zwartberg, DZ Moorsele, DZ Hoevenen.
Wingsuit-flyers: Bavo Vleminckx, Bart Vereecken, Hans Schoeber, Denis Kossolapov, Eli Gerris, Steve Braff, Magali Folkner, Ludo Declercq, Jeroen Verstrepen

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And another one:

A complation of some flights made by Team Oxygen during the summer of 2010.
Dropzones jumpe at were DZ Hoevenen & DZ Moorsele.
Wingsuit-flyers: Bavo Vleminckx Bart Vereecken Jarno Jordia Eli Gerris Martijn Maas Andrew Maas

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wingsuit inspired car?

Edmunds Inside Line posted an article about this Honda concept car.

Honda Air concept for the L.A. show Design Challenge is a "coastal cruiser for the aggressive lifestyle" with compressed air/pneumatic drive with the bonus of turbo vacuums. Inspiration was the skydiving wing suit and the modern rollercoaster, says Honda.

I guess we'll hear more about it when the LA Auto show kicks off. We'll keep you posted on details of what is wingsuit inspired.

Check out the article here.