Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greetings from Switzerland

Yes...that is a helicopter Im flying towards...

On our way back from the FAI/IPC meeting, Benedikt and I managed to hook up with some regulars (the infamous Virgin-Burner and PiisFish) and do an insanely cool Helicopter jump in the valley. Flying a wingsuit, while dogfighting with a helicopter was definately worth the trip (video to follow soon:)

Let alone the positive results regarding wingsuit flying, and judging standards with the FAI. We will post more information regarding that subject at the start of next week, when IPC official and Dutch delegate Ronald Overdijk writes a report on the event, and the joint effort in getting wingsuitflying on the official agenda.

But it already feels good to say, a more open minded development track regarding wingsuit flying (with actual community input and involvement) is what was achieved, and more information on the workgroup the IPC will create, and the road ahead of us, will follow soon.


Wings over Marl 2008

A cool video, showing a bit of the 2008 wingsuit competition in Marl.

Freefall Extreme: Adrian Nicholas

One of the better (old) documantaries made it onto the YouTubes.
Its a long (6 part) film on Adrian Nicholas, showing a lot of early wingsuit flying, experiments and the first 'longest/farthest freefall' record.

100% worth watching, so go check it out!

Chamonix Extreme Sports

A nice video showing the history of extreme sports in Chamonix.

Check it out!

Romsdal Horn Proximity Flights

V1 wingsuit proximity flying from Romsdal Horn

Check it out

Wingsuit FlyBy - Washington

A wingsuit flyby, caught on camera by a tourist.
Note: Wingsuit at 2:55

inspirational fun

And some cool toys, that have nothing to do with wingsuit flying, yet somehow seem to catch the eye for some vague resemblance...

Check it out!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010

Wingsuit Team at Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010. In this interview you can watch basejumper Darz form Croatia doing an incredible jump and also talking about how he started jumping.

Check it out!

You dont need a parachute to jump out of a plane..

Appearantly, scoring 7th, we teach people you dont need a parachute.

Check it out!

Yves Rossi - Jetman (Book)

While hanging round in Switserland, we got to see a beautifull book by Yves Rossi.
The book shows a lot of beautfull pictures, and well written stories on the development and flying of his JetWing.

You can order the book here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

USPA comments on IPC/FAI wingsuit presentations

Marylou Laughlin, US Delegate to the IPC and Bill Wenger, Chair of the Competition Committee of the USPA have posted a blog entry on the current going's on about the grid and alternative ways of judging records, as is going to be discussed at the IPC in Lausanne, Switserland on friday.

Read the entire post here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eiger Birds

steph davis
Steph Davis and Mario Richard flying a 2-for-1 wingsuit day off the Eiger in Switzerland.

For our first jump, we hitched a helicopter ride to the exit point, thanks to some friends who were filming a base jumping movie in Lauterbrunnen and on the Eiger.
total approach time: approximately 2.5 minutes

After we landed, we packed our parachutes on the grass at the foot of the Eiger and hiked back up for a second flight.
total approach time: approximately 2.5 hours

Check it out!

Skydive Graz 2009

Just a "short" video of some Freefly/Wingsuit/Heli/Balloon jumps 2008-2009 @ 1.OEFC Graz.
Footage also from DZs: Niederöblarn,Fürstenfeld&Slavnica.

Blue skies 2010!

Check it out!

Wingsuits in Antarctica

Some hardcore French guys travelled to Antarctica, climbed and then wingsuited off the huge rock by the name of Holtanna (see more pics of this beast here).

The wingsuit bit of the video starts at around 3:20.

The article was posted on a French skiing site. Read the article in English here (courtesy of Google translate).

Monday, January 25, 2010 - GoPro2009

A nice year compilation video from 90percect, with some wingsuit rodeo stuff at around one minute.

Check it out!

Where's everyone going?

From the UK, a cold, wintery video:
I've no idea! I better go and find out. Blue Skies, Gecko

Check it out!

Aussie FFC - Langhorne

And from Australia, we got this nice video:
WingSuit First flight course jump #2 @ Langhorne Creek South Australia. Jan 24 2010. Cessna 182 exit. Instructor : Erno Kaikkonen.

Been wanting to do the wingsuit thing for a while so I was stoked that I finally managed to get up for a jump.

Check it out!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andy Copland - Year in Review

Andy Copland posted a new video, showing us a compilation of his 2009 freefall adventures.

Check it out!

Note: wingsuits at 5:06

Media Rundown

A busy day today for the (analog and digital) 'static' media.

First we have a brief mention of the word wing-suit (though refering to his rigid wing backpack) which highlights the exploits of "world renowned skydiver, B.A.S.E. jumper and all round nutcase Felix Baumgartner" and his plans to set a new high-altitude record.

Check it out over at or click here for the video trailer.

The UK magazine 'The Telegraph' ran an older story on the November2009 US bigway, titled 'Largest Wingsuit Formation Dive in US history'. Sadly ommiting the bigger formations flown a year earlier by the same group of flyers.

And finaly, give us an interview with US wingsuit flyer Jeff Nebelkopf, and his love for wingsuit flying and design.

Check it out!

"Tochka Otriva"

A Russian look at the Nissan Outdoor games 2009,

Check it out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zhills FFC

A first flight course on Zephyrhills (USA).
Wingsuiting with Quinn Lamb... I am the one in yellow woot woot!

Check it out!

DVD review: Wingsuits and Peregrine Falcons

At the British AGM, I picked up a DVD copy of a 2004 documantary production called "The Falcon that flew with man".

Its a older film, which shows the long project Leo Dickenson, his Balloonpilot wife, a fellow BASEjumper and a bird trainer undertook, trying to fly a wingsuit and peregrine falcon together.

For skydivers/basejumpers, some of the segments in the beginning may feel a bit forced. With some fake audio communication in freefall and other misc bits that make a seasoned jumper frown. But in general, the whole film is a good watch, and shows some nice wingsuit skydives and balloonjumps, from back in the days when the BM Classic II was still the hottest wingsuit on the market.

The movie starts out slow, but as it progresses, its gains momentum and becomes more and more interesting to watch.
Some of the shots in the end, where wingsuits are flown of an Italian cliff with the falcons chasing, are among some of the coolest images Ive seen in a while (especially concidering this was early 2000/2003).

For those interested, you can order the DVD on Leo Dickenson's website.

Paganella Wingsuit BASE

A cool Aussie video with a bit more nerrative than the usual 'just flying' video.
Good stuff and keep em coming!

A short documentary on my experience jumping Paganella in August 2009 - a big ass wingsuit jump with two routes - a 1950m flight, and a 1300m flight. It didn't go quite to plan. Jumping with Virgil and Mauri. Thanks to Mauri for showing us this awesome spot!

Check it out!

Florida State Record

We just got this picture in the email, notifying us of a new Florida 8 way record (flown according to USPA grid specifications).

Check it out!

Purple Mike Swearingen
Alex Scheidt
Elana Cain
Andreea Olea
Zach Schroedel
Blanca Weidinger
Paul Cain
Martin Camenietzki

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Italy, Austria - august 2009

Few wingsuite jumps in Italy & Austria in august 2009. Thanks to everyone for sharing your spots and greate time. Cu

Check it out!

Eiger ridge

Wingsuit test flights on the east ridge of the Eiger.

Check it out!

Wingsuit Rodeo

Took my mate Malcom for a ride on my wingsuit. It was my 400th jump so I wanted to do something different.

Check it out!

Volcano Project

Oliver Furrer posted an older TV item on himself to his YouTube account:

The volcano project at Big Island, Hawaii from the PULSE team took place in March 1999. The wingsuit flyer Oliver Furrer was passing a part of the volcano in freefall at Kapaahu. He jumped out of a helicopter at 12000 ft altitude and flow within his bat wing suit for a longer distance and landed near the lava flow on the sea coast.

Check it out!

Neil Amonson - WBR

Neil Amonson posted a video of his exploits at the World Base Race.

Check it out!

Wingman - Joby Ogwyn

Aaron Man posted a nice video on Vimeo:

This is a short piece i edited together for Mountaineer, Adventurist, star of National Geographics 'The Adventurist' TV series and all-round professional Bad Ass Joby Ogwyn. Joby is a top speed climber and holds the record for being the youngest American to scale Mt. Everest. In 2004 Joby also made history by beating the speed ascent record of an 8,000 meter peak: the Tibetan peak, Cho Oyo.

Check it out!

US national Wingsuit Record

Jeff Nebelkopf posted a new video on his Vimeo account:

The full event video from the Raise the Sky national wingsuit record. In-air footage from four videographers, on the ground team training, and a tour inside a City Year school in South LA.

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wingsuit byron bay "IN YOUR FACE!!"

A very self indulgent view of some wingsuiting thru some AMAZING puffy clouds

Check it out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

French Flying

And some videos that got submitted to bij Sam:
Here's a three links related to some vid i have done a couple a months ago.

Check it out!




Jim Star - BASE flights

And from France, another nice video from Jim:

See these images of flights basejump in the cliff. It starts by jumping with nothing, pantz and prodigy 2 to end flights by VAMPIRE 3

Check it out!

Porterriders Promo - JT Holmes

A nice video showing some BASE tracking and wingsuit flying:

Porters Team Rider JT Holmes sent us this little gem of more of his Wing suit and B.A.S.E jump clips and out takes, some even from the 60 Minutes Wingsuit segment.

Check it out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

5D wingsuiting - Freefly with Off-Track

A teammember from 5D wingsuiting makes a jump with a freeflyer, showing good headdown skills and controlled close proximity flying.
Not the most optimal (if any) use of the wingsuit, but great (and fun) video for sure, and some of the best flying in this niche corner (freeflying with a wingsuit) so far.

Check it out!

Norway 2009

brendan nicholson posted the following video, which has to be one of the most cinematic highlight on the past 2009 season.

a trip to the Romsdal region of Norway during August 2009 including images from the world base race and many other mountain flights

Check it out!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years Boogie at Zhills, USA

Andreea Olea sent us the following link

Alex Scheidt posted a nice video from Z-Hills new year boogie

Check it out!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sebastian skydivers- state wingsuit formation record

A brief item on a (from what we get) succesfull record attempt in Florida.
SEBASTIAN A group of skydivers spent their Sunday after Christmas trying to do something no one else has in Florida, set a record for the most people in a wingsuit formation. Staff video by Keith Carson.

Check it out!

EmpuriaFlock 2009 - Oxygen WingsuitTeam (Belgium)

Tim van Eesteren posted a video he edited on a wingsuit event in Spain (Empuria Brava) from last summer.
some nice moments of empuriaflock 2009 put together in a movie. We had a great time, thanks to "" for organising this event.

Check our website
Check it out!

Wingsuit Coach Jumps with Jeff

Joshua Sattler posted a new video:
These are my first four jumps in a wingsuit. The last two honestly aren't what I wanted to do. hehe But hey, I'm still working on the relaxing bit.

Check it out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Empuria Xmas Flocking

A chilled video from the 1980s......I mean Spain!
Nice music guys ;)

Check it out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Phantom2z FFC & Coaching over Sardenia (IT)

Some student Phantom2 flights over Sardenia, shot by Lutz.

New Years Greetings: Titanium Gecko

A video which sadly has the audio disabled due to copyright claims, but we couldnt skip posting these new years greetings from the UK.
Dear All,
A simple postcard, with a long intro, to say "Hello again, many thanks to everyone and wish you all a safe 2010!" This is the first test of my GoPro Hero Wide under my Gath Helmet on 28th December.
Blue Skies & Soft Landings, Gecko

Check it out!

Tonysuit Intro: FFCs

And here is another batch of first flights from Zephyrhills (USA). Check it out!

FFC: Andy

FFC: Jennifer

FFC: Geoff

FFC: Mark

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fixed wing, take, err 47?

So there have been quite a few attempts at building a fixed wing suitable for un-assisted human flight. Among the many different designs, we've seen the SkyRay, the switch blade and of course the very impressive bit of kit that Yves Rossy is jumping.

Time to enter new comer 'Adam'. This new video of his fixed wing has appeared in a couple of places, but most notably to us wingsuiters, on

The design seems interesting in that he's very much on top of the wing, rather than underneath it like has been seen before. Although there's not much footage of him actually flying, what we do see certainly seems to be stable.

His YouTube detail suggests it will 'revolutionize personal transportation', which is perhaps a little optimistic, but as long as he's having fun, it's all good... right?

Not much more detail on the wing yet, but as soon as we have it, you'll have it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zflock FFCs

A selection of First Flight students from Zhills (USA)

Check it out.

First Flight: Derek

First Flight: Ghislain

First Flight: Ted

First Flight: Maz

Eloy Holiday 09

Fresh from the many New Years boogies, we have this first video report from Eloy (USA). The coming days, we will probably see more videos pop up online.

Check it out!