Thursday, January 21, 2010

DVD review: Wingsuits and Peregrine Falcons

At the British AGM, I picked up a DVD copy of a 2004 documantary production called "The Falcon that flew with man".

Its a older film, which shows the long project Leo Dickenson, his Balloonpilot wife, a fellow BASEjumper and a bird trainer undertook, trying to fly a wingsuit and peregrine falcon together.

For skydivers/basejumpers, some of the segments in the beginning may feel a bit forced. With some fake audio communication in freefall and other misc bits that make a seasoned jumper frown. But in general, the whole film is a good watch, and shows some nice wingsuit skydives and balloonjumps, from back in the days when the BM Classic II was still the hottest wingsuit on the market.

The movie starts out slow, but as it progresses, its gains momentum and becomes more and more interesting to watch.
Some of the shots in the end, where wingsuits are flown of an Italian cliff with the falcons chasing, are among some of the coolest images Ive seen in a while (especially concidering this was early 2000/2003).

For those interested, you can order the DVD on Leo Dickenson's website.

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