Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fixed wing, take, err 47?

So there have been quite a few attempts at building a fixed wing suitable for un-assisted human flight. Among the many different designs, we've seen the SkyRay, the switch blade and of course the very impressive bit of kit that Yves Rossy is jumping.

Time to enter new comer 'Adam'. This new video of his fixed wing has appeared in a couple of places, but most notably to us wingsuiters, on

The design seems interesting in that he's very much on top of the wing, rather than underneath it like has been seen before. Although there's not much footage of him actually flying, what we do see certainly seems to be stable.

His YouTube detail suggests it will 'revolutionize personal transportation', which is perhaps a little optimistic, but as long as he's having fun, it's all good... right?

Not much more detail on the wing yet, but as soon as we have it, you'll have it!

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