Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greetings from Switzerland

Yes...that is a helicopter Im flying towards...

On our way back from the FAI/IPC meeting, Benedikt and I managed to hook up with some regulars (the infamous Virgin-Burner and PiisFish) and do an insanely cool Helicopter jump in the valley. Flying a wingsuit, while dogfighting with a helicopter was definately worth the trip (video to follow soon:)

Let alone the positive results regarding wingsuit flying, and judging standards with the FAI. We will post more information regarding that subject at the start of next week, when IPC official and Dutch delegate Ronald Overdijk writes a report on the event, and the joint effort in getting wingsuitflying on the official agenda.

But it already feels good to say, a more open minded development track regarding wingsuit flying (with actual community input and involvement) is what was achieved, and more information on the workgroup the IPC will create, and the road ahead of us, will follow soon.



  1. Heheee, was cool to have you home, even if we only have regular coffee...


  2. I loved your coffee! Thank you for a wonderfull time!