Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Docked Wingsuit Challenge 2010

From Flock University:

Flock University
presents: The Docked Wingsuit Challenge 2010
With the goal of pushing the boundaries of wingsuit flight, Flock U encourages wingsuiters to hone their docked flying skills this summer. For this purpose, the Docked Challenge was created as an international online-submission wingsuit competition for building the best linked formations to date.

Between Feb 10th and Sep 10th 2010 wingsuiters from all over the world are encouraged to submit proof (pictures, video) of their docked formations.
Winners will receive prizes from various sponsors, so far including Tonysuits (10% off) and Phoenix-Fly (25% off), with several other sponsored prizes awaiting confirmation.

Formations are judged on a simple point system: 1 point for every hand on hand dock, 2 points for every hand on foot dock (to encourage flying of harder formations). For a complete list of rules, visit this page.
Submit your docked formations, enjoy and fly safely!

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