Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gibolin: Fastest Wingsuit on the Planet

A short text and video on the creator of the Gibolin wingsuit which, according to its designer, outflies all current wingsuit models due to its innovative design features and technology.

Here is the achievement of 8 years of hard work, trying to increase the glide ratio of the fiight with a wingsuit, building 3 prototypes by myself. The result was a 3.7 without previous steep diving.
I've based my work on biomechanics, anatomy and physics. I've had the help of many specialists such as a sail maker and also Yves Rossy, Mr "Jet-man" who lives next door to me.

This is a movie to share the thrill and passion of this great adventre we could all live!


For those who want to learn more about this project:

Check it out!

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