Monday, March 29, 2010

Stealth2 - Maiden Flight (Sept 2009)

wingsuit: stealth2
exit: 12.500 ft (high speed, plane slightly diving)
pull: 3.500 ft (open 3.300 ft)
freefall time: 2:52

A slightly older video, showing the first jump I did on my production model Stealth2.
I had not jumped for 2 months, due to a broken collar-bone in Ukraine (sorry about that one..;) and had been looking at this one, hanging there un-used for all that time...

This is one of the few solos where I just did max flight, as normaly Im doing acro practice when jumping solo. So I decided to upload it as proof that I do try and fly maxed out for the occasional jump or two ;)

I was enjoying the sun, and trying to pass the clouds. Couldnt resist a bit of diving and swooping through the clouds near the end, so not cruising at max (slow) fallrate the whole jump.
Still got close to 3 minutes. Not doing the diving/swooping thing near the end would probably have me cruise by that one with ease.

Ill try and do some long solo stuff sometime soon again!

Check it out!

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