Thursday, April 29, 2010

FlyLikeBrick - Wingsuit Instruction videos (free)

Posting about some of our own work for a change (copied from
Its blue skies and warm weather here in Holland, so no better time to sit down in front of a computer and doing some work..

We've been busy updating the FlyLikeBrick Flight manuals to HD for our website and are now hosting them via our (pro) account on Vimeo.

You can now embed the videos where-ever you like, or view them on our website or on the new Wingsuit Instruction channel on Vimeo.

Im currently editing several new Flight Manuals, the next one is sceduled to be on body position at pulltime.
Other subjects we're planning on covering are flatspin and instability recovery (with example footage), high speed exits from tailgate aircraft, advanced backflying and more.

If you have requests, or think you can assist with some nice example footage for the topics currently planned...give a shout via email or PM.


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