Monday, April 5, 2010

Jim Star: Jumps on Brento 03-10

Jim Star updated his YouTube account with a new video, showing us some of the French rock-skimming techniques.

Check it out!

It's back and then jumps to the first stones for most of us this year. I speak good breaks stones and not without some jumps sliders down made during the winter. Looks like this year we did a lot this winter break.

Mount Brento in Italy is the perfect place to start learning to his departure negative, the height of verticality and its field of operation. This place well known of small word of basejumpers is the ideal place to grow in wingsuit in good conditions. It seems we've all gotten to the goal we set ourselves.

Mount Brento is a difficult place with regard to weather and upper air, always a gamble as displacement. Last year at this same period there was still much snow on the path to the exit. This year we have been very lucky and we could jump all day and the wind was rarely an obstacle.

The patrol of good days ahead, strongly future flights ...

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