Monday, May 31, 2010

Wingsuit Water Landings - Part II

DSE posted an informative testcase on waterlandings in a wingsuit.

This is the second installment in a three-part project where we explore wingsuits landing in water without intention. Conclusions have yet to be drawn, but we've got what we think are some good ideas and planned approaches.
Some of the video in this presentation has been slowed by 20% of original speed for purposes of examination.

Click here to go to the first video in this series of videos by DSE.

underwater BASE jumping

A nice FreeDiving video, showing some underwater gliding that somehow reminded me of wingsuit flying/tracking/BASE jumping.

Check it out!

Popular Mechanics - Jeb Corliss

If you go to you can download the June issue of Popular Mechanics, featuring an article on Jeb Corliss, and his wingsuit landing attempt and techniques and materials designed (or yet to be designed) making it feasable.

Jeb Corliss:
“The average sky diver looks at BASE jumpers like they’re
crazy. And the average BASE jumper looks at me like I’m crazy.”

Check it out!

note: The page with the download link contains some items which could be concidered less suitable for work (NSFW). Though you should be working anyways, and not reading during office hours, so seeing as you are at fault already, a bit of extra boob shouldnt be an issue!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mass media covers XRW Project

UK newspaper website Daily Mail Online and quirky news site Faded Tribune both cover Raise the Sky's XRW Project with the canopy pilot Jonathan Tagle "surfing" on wingsuit pilot's Jeff Nebelkopfs back.

Check out the full articles with pictures here and here.

Wingsuit & Canopy relative flight - Evolution

With all the recent posts on Canopy/Wingsuit relative flying, we thought it would be nice to post an overview of wingsuit/canopy flights, available online.

This is by no means the complete overview, as not everyone posts their exploits on the interwebs. But for your entertainment, here is the rundown.
Please post corrections or additions in the comments.

Jari Kuosma & Vladi Pesa - Wingsuit Dock - 2002
On April 20th 2002 in Deland, Florida, parachuting history was made when a skydiver in freefall made a controlled link-up with a skydiver under a fully open parachute.

Go Fast Wingsuit Flight - 2007

Pioneer B.A.S.E. jumper Jeb Corliss and Go Fast!® - sponsored test pilot Luigi Cani, have paved the way for a world record landing attempt of a wing-suit—minus a parachute. Jeb and Luigi teamed up to gauge speeds and gather data to safely land Jeb's wing-suit. Testing was critical, as no one has ever survived a landing attempt without a parachute. Jeb flew in free fall donning a parachute alongside Luigi, who was at the controls of the world's smallest and fastest parachute—known as the ICARUS VX-39. The two were able to gather data using GPS systems attached to Luigi that tracked exact forward speeds, exact fall rate and glide angles needed for a safe landing.

After two days of test piloting, Jeb Corliss said landing the wing-suit was possible as early as next year.

(note: wingsuit/canopy relative flight at 1:30)

Go Fast wingsuit flight Loic Jean Albert - 2007
While doing camerawork for Luigi and Jeb Corliss on the above project, Loic also got some relative flight in, and flew the first sustained dock with a wingsuit.

TopGun - Wingsuit Canopy project - 2007
With Costyn van Dongen (wingsuit), Bo Wienberg (canopy) and myself (wingsuit), we did some jumps, trying to fly as close as we can.
Bo flew the canopy with retracted front-risers, and came close to the speeds we're able to maintain with a wingsuit (though still a few MPH too slow to stay relative).
We decided to go for close flying, and (for now) not get into docks (as it would only be a slap on the hand).
Costyn sadly approach from the wrong angle, but did manage to shoot some nice footage from my approach to Bo's canopy.

The canopy was a PD (Performance Designs) Velocity (97 sq/ft).
The wingsuit a Birdman Blade. Shot late summer 2007.

Jonathan Tagle/West Coast freefly - Mixed Formations - 2010
West Coast Freefly Posse posted a video with some nice Canopy vs Wingsuit flying, including sustained docks. Really nice stuff!

(Note: skip to 4:10 for the wingsuit part)

And from that same crew:

This is a compilation of the latest footage of my mixed formation video log. In an effort to collect data on what makes mixed formation flights between a canopy and a wing-suit possible, we need to collect as much data as possible. Since this type of flying is still in its infancy, understanding all the variables involved becomes key.

Niklas Daniel
Jonathan Tagle

Barry Holybeck
David Gershfeld

project XRW - 2010

Jeff Nebelkopf and jonathan Tagle flying a wingsuit and canopy together docked for project XRW. Advances in technology and skill allowed the wingsuit skydiver in freefall to match the slower vertical speed of the parachutist for more than 20 seconds. The wingsuit skydiver opened his own parachute before landing.


Do note this is only a partial overview of canopy & wingsuit relative flying projects done in the past.
There have been several other note-worthy excersises done by Lutz Ludke (Europe) and there isa great older video (sadly no longer available through that featured a Cobalt 40 flying with a Skyflyer3, doing some flying at speeds comparable to current projects. If anyone manages to locate/upload this video again, post it in the comments.

Wingsuit vs Canopy - The Project

A nice step by step progress-log, showing the various jumps done to explore whats possible with wingsuit and canopy flying.

This is a compilation of the latest footage of my mixed formation video log. In an effort to collect data on what makes mixed formation flights between a canopy and a wing-suit possible, we need to collect as much data as possible. Since this type of flying is still in its infancy, understanding all the variables involved becomes key.

Niklas Daniel
Jonathan Tagle

Barry Holybeck
David Gershfeld

Check it out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red Bull AirForce - Wingsuit BASE

Jon DeVore posted a new video on the Red Bull Airforce website

Just wanted to share a great shot from photographer Michael Clark. Miles, Mike and myself with families in tow had an epic journey this weekend. There truly are amazing cliffs to jump here in the good old USA. The Search is on for more.
Check it out!

Wingsuit vs Canopy - Docks

West Coast Freefly Posse posted a video with some nice Canopy vs Wingsuit flying, including sustained docks. Really nice stuff!

(Note: skip to 4:10 for the wingsuit part)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project XRW on the cover of Parachutist

An awesome photo from Project XRW makes it onto the cover of Parachutist Magazine's June Issue. 

On the cover:
photo by Phil Peggs | C-36427
At Skydive Moab in Utah, Jonathan Tagle lands his canopy on wingsuiter Jeff Nebelkopf’s back as part of the Project XRW jumps held during the Operation Freefall event that raised funds for sexual assault prevention and healing programs. The full story appears on page 50.
Video of the jump here.For more information on June's Parachutist, click here.

Wingsuit BellyFly/Flop

A fun video from DSE:
We'd been doing some wingsuit water training and needed a fun break.So...this was the result.
This was shot with two hand-held cameras. A Sony NXCAM and a Canon 7D with a 55mm lens.

Check it out!

Wingsuit backfly and barrel roll practice

Elias Gerris posted a new video:
Practicing barrel rolls and backfly in a Phantom 2z wingsuit.

Check it out!

Monday, May 24, 2010

First flight with Stealth

And the Estonians show us some nice video again!

Flight with Lego and Norman, wearing Phoenix Fly Stealth wingsuit first time.

Check it out!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

French Flights

A French flyer jumping the FlyYourBody 'Acces'

Check it out!

v3 wingsuit with stuart ryan

heres me on my new v3 . absolutly fantastic flight . super fast super smooth .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wingsuit Funjump over Teuge (NL)

Our new daddy, Costyn took his Ghost2 and new Canon 550D stills camera for a spin in the Dutch skies over Teuge.

A fun jump I made with Ron Greven and Ronald Overdijk at Teuge today.

First skydiving video I took with my Canon 550D. It's with a 10-22 lens set at 21mm.

Check it out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chris Ware's ash dive featured on Fox News site

News site My Fox Tampa Bay has an article on the ash dive done by fellow wingsuiters over Z-Hills a couple weeks ago. They've embeded the video in the article too.

Read the article and watch the video here.

Project XRW - The Video

And there is a cool video on the XRW project, flying a canopy and wingsuit together. The project is also sponsoring several charities worth checking out.

Here is the video!

For more information on supporting the organisation taking a stand against sexual assault, check out

Phantom2 playtime at Skydive Orange

A fun Saturday at Orange, VA - rolling around the sky in the new Phantom2 wingsuit, doing a rodeo, and chasing guys in tracking suits.

Camera and Editing: Andreea Olea
Music: Shiny Toy Guns - 'Major Tom'

Special thanks to Phoenix-Fly...

Check it out!

Brian Drake posted a new video called Flippin' Out

Check it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim West, Freefalling, May 15th

A lot of fun freefall footage, with a bit of wingsuit material at the end as a bonus.

Check it out!

Tim West, aka Captain America, one of our HG friends, graduated from AFF with Ed Pawlowski last weekend, so to celebrate Arnel, Damien, and I went out to Lodi to see how high he would bounce..

First jump- Tim Solo, I wagered he lands in the accuracy gravel pit, he came within 20 feet, super impressive! and no grass stains! Arnel, Damien and i did a sit fly jump, arnel's rig looks like it's coming off.

2nd jump- Tim's first group jump, jump #8, Tim, Arnel and me managed to dock on Tim after he got done with his aerobatic routine. you're ready for the SF ballet Tim!

Jumps 3-4- wingsuit jumps with the Lodi possee...

Check it out!

Valery Wingsuit Jump

As the title suggests: Vallery flying a Prodigy2 Wingsuit,

Check it out!

Canopy & Wingsuit Cloud Surfing

Pierre Badenhorst uploaded a nice video with some Velocity and Wingsuit cloud surfing.

Check it out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DSE: Flight

DSE uploaded a very personal tribute to wingsuit flying to YouTube

This was originally intended as a submission for the Elsinore Echelon Film Festival; appearing now on YouTube. It didn't quite get finished.

Check it out!

Purple Mike & the Houston wingsuit crew

A quick video I threw together of me and the Houston wingsuit crew goofing around. Enjoy!

Check it out!

S-Fly Skillscamp - Gap

Gert Michels posted a new video, of an S-Fly skillscamp he ran in Gap (France).

Check it out!

Wingsuit Boogie, 15/16 May - Pushchino (Russia)

A video on a Russian wingsuit boogie, showing some awesome big formation flying from past weekend. Russians looking good!

Check it out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shadow flying!

Snatched from Jarno's Picasa, I thought this was a really cool shot. It's taken by Jasper Schulte.

What's your coolest wingsuit picture? Share it in the comments!

Ghost2 maiden flights

And this just in from our Austrian friends:

Here is a link of one of my friends flying his ghost2 from the past year!!!

Check it out!

Wingsuit Camp 2007

A nice older video, of one of the wingsuit camps run by Loic Jean Albert and Zun back in 2007 popped up on Vimeo.

Flights with Loïc Jean-Albert "Zuuun", chopper jumps with the team, and stalking Vovonne, what was cool ... :)

Check it out!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch me if you can

French first flights:
Nos débuts en Wingsuit...

Check it out

Wingsuit Mai a Pau

A wingsuit jump shot with an inverted camera

Check it out!

FlyLikeBrick - Fall 2009

And some of our own moving pixels for a change!

A short video, showing some of the wingsuit flights made over Zwartberg (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Texel (Netherlands) and Terni (Italy) with friends from the Ukraine, USA, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Also a big section of 'Me TV' showing my Phoenix-Fly 'Shadow', and taking it through its paces. Enjoying how little input the suit needs to corner like an aerobatic aeroplane.

Most camerawork was done flying the Stealth2 (as I didnt have my Shadow yet at the time). Shot using a CX105 (CX100) Sony videocamera.

Jarno Cordia
Bart Vereecken
Michel Bonnard

Jarno Cordia

Check it out!

Joby Ogwyn - Eiger flight

From our friends over at the S-Fly community we got this note:

Joby Ogwyn is a talented high altitude climber with an amazing carreer. He holds
the record for being the youngest American to scale Mt. Everest and the youngest mountaineer in history to ascend the highest peak on each continent, the Seven Summits.
But he’s also an excellent wingsuit pilot. Last fall he spent a few months flying in Switzerland and exploring new exits points.
Joby has been flying S-fly for more than 2 years. He flies the Profly and the Expert. Joby particularly likes « the extra range and speed the Profly gives and it has a very stable flight close to big mountains ».
Here are some great shots he did, flying the Eiger East ridge.

Credit photos : Barry Holubeck

Click here to see the video

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Utah Winter Fun

A nice wingsuit Basejump in Utah (USA)

Check it out!

caldefly wingsuits at sebastian

A short video by Jeff Nebelkopf, showing some student jumps at sebastian(USA)

Check it out!

Sunset Rodeo

My first rodeo in Molinella (flygang)! Cavallini is on top, Calzolari si on video. Not bad!

Check it out!

Wingsuit 2 way - France

Gert Michels uploaded a new video, showing some fun 2 ways over the French alps

Check it out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fernando Goncalves - V3 in action

A short video, showing some nice flying through the clouds over San Diego

Check it out!

All you can jump - Animal House Bogie (Italy)

1/2 May, 2010 - All you can Jump Animal House - The Boogie "The ZOO" - Terni

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

freestyle rodeo

Birdeo with Brian. Gnarly exit that somehow pulled off. Ridiculous. Sorry for the focus...

Check it out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RBA - Oldies but goodies

From comes this nice shot, showing a wingsuit chasing a JetFighter.

Check it out!

RBA - FlyBy


Here I was just relaxing hanging out enjoying a nice cold Red Bull and a great view. When all the sudden some jerk in a flying squirrel suit rips past me doing about 100. Nice one Andy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Voglia di volare ...

Some nice freefly and wingsuit flying in this Italian video, accompanied by some Roxette/Lois Lane style music...

dedicato a tutti gli amici ...

Check it out!

Wingsuit students Belgium

Gert Michiels posted a nice video, showing some Belgian wingsuit students, and backfly training.

Check it out!

Cloud Jump

The title says it all...:)

Skydive Sebastian 08May10

Check it out!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wingsuit flying - Kiko

A wing-mounted camera and ankle mounted camera capture some nice views of a solo wingsuit flight.

Check it out!

Waterlandings (part2)

In light of the recent instructional/test video on waterlandings a (less serious) picture from our own private collection, on other preventive meassures you could take against waterlandings.

Check it out?

Unlike this picture, the video DSE did on waterlandings is definately must-see material, be sure to check it out if you havent' already.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Team Oxygen

Elias Gerris posted a nice compilation video:

Some shots of Team Oxygen at skydive Sevilla and skydive Hoevenen.

Check it out!

Visit to Quiberon

Some French 2 way flying:

Wingsuit Sebu le hibou

Check it out!

Wingsuit Water Exercise

DSE posted a great video and article on wingsuit waterlandings, worth checking out:

I wanted to see what would happen with a wingsuit in water, particularly a bigger suit.
We headed to a local swimming pool armed with a water-ready rig, three wingsuits, and a crew of curious people.

The results of the exercise were different than expected.

What we learned is this:
~First, unzip arms, legs, undo cheststrap while still under canopy (assuming there is time). Arms being free is the most critical part of this process.
~Cutting away your arms will definitely not help the situation, and may even make things worse because now you have large "wings" filled with water, and attached to your arms. Unzip, so your arms are free.
~Once you hit the water, force yourself onto your back. The rig will float. While leaning back, remove legstraps, then remove arms from wingsuit and harness. Then turn your body 180 from the container/canopy, and swim away on your back. This worked very well on a half-dozen jumps with different suits.
~DO NOT KICK your legs. Although water in the suit/tail is neutral, once its in motion, it will drag you down.
~Remain CALM. Breathe slowly and deeply. I feel this is one of the key elements to surviving a water landing.
-Your rig may be used as a flotation device (assuming there is a packed reserve inside). Get clear of your gear, but stay near it. You can ride the container for at least 30 minutes. The main canopy makes you easier to be spotted by rescuers. It will not drag you down, contrary to current dogma.

This is not to be construed as training. It was merely an exercise in curiosity and problem-solving for one person. View at your own risk.

Check it out!

Swiss Valley Wingsuit Trip, Winter 2010

Great mini-winter vacation in Switzerland with great friends. Don't get to fly the wingsuit off cliffs too often, but when I do there's very few things I'd rather be doing. Enjoy!!


Check it out!

base jump eiger

Some nice professionaly shot footage on Eiger BASEjumps.

Check it out!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Season Opener, 2010

Some footage from a few weekends at Jumptown and Pepperell...enjoy!

Check it out!

Wingsuit en Chasco 1'47" desde 12000 ft.

A nice long solo flight from 12000 ft:

Salto con el Wingsuit (Birdman Firebird-R) desde 12000 ft aproximadamente 1,5 millas de la DZ pasando sobre un pedazo de la laguna.

Check it out!

Wingsuit in Orléans

A 2 part video showing some 2 way flying in France:
Jump with JB and Ludo

Check it out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Unidentified Diving Object

Leslie posted a new video, showing some of the trackingjumps and wingsuit flights he did at Monte Brento (Italy).

Check it out!

World Record: 45 second flight

In unreleated news:

A TV station camera crew has captured a flying fish traveling through the air for 45 seconds, in what could be a new world record.

The footage was taken on Monday, from a ferry near Kuchino-erabu island in Kagoshima prefecture, southwestern Japan.

The fish flew alongside a ferry that was traveling at roughly 30 kilometers per hour. The fish was able to continue flying by occasionally beating the surface of the water with its tail-fin when its flight height became low.

An expert says the flight time beats the previous record of 42 seconds reported by an American researcher in the 1920s. He says the flight of 45 seconds must be close to the fish's biological limit, as brachial respiration is impossible while flying in air.

And some additional video, showing these wonderfull creatures:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FFC - Fenna, Chris, Kevin & Greg

Some FFCs from our FlyLikeBrick FFC Channel

Check it out!

FLB FFC - Fenna Vogelsang

Chris Edwards

Kevin Vorst

Greg McEntee

FFC - Brittany

Brittany makes her first wingsuit flight May 1st, 2010

Check it out!

FFC - Charlie

Charlie makes his first wingsuit dive

Check it out!

FFC - Jeremy

Jeremy doing his first and second wingsuit flight

Check it out

FFC - Glenn

Glenn from the US doing his wingsuit FFC

Check it out!

Gert aux US des images cachées!

A video with footage from the recent S-Fly trip a small EU group made to the USA.

Check it out!

MudFlap Camera

A test jump with a GoPro connected to the harness.

Check it out!

Monday, May 3, 2010

FLB First Flight Channel (Vimeo)

And we have a fun, new addition to the FlyLikeBrick website:

The FLB First Flight Channel

We will use this new channel to upload (new and old) First Flight videos of wingsuit students. And also post a part of the debriefing to try and show the audience a bit more on the actual tips and improvements possible, as related to the video they are watching.

But on top of the tiny instructional angle, of course also show some bragworthy first flights courses. Showing the first steps people are making into this exciting new dicipline we call wingsuit flying.

Check it out!

FLB FFC - Tom van Dijck

Wingsuits over Schweighofen - April 2010

A nice video, shot on my (Jarno:) birthday by our German neighbours:

These images were shot on 25.04.10 over Schweighofen. The camera is a GoPro HD.
With my slot on the right, looking into the sun, the beautifull shots where a happy accident. Thanks you Susanne, Annette and Sandro for flying with me ;-)

Check it out!

Mike Steen: 2010 Philippines

Mike Steen going through his archive is turning wingsuitnews into the Mike Steen promotional channel these days. Here is the next chapter:

The Ozone Team had a super fun trip to the Philippines. BASE jumping in downtown Manila, paragliding, speed flying and some formation wingsuit flights. Mike Steen, Mattt Gerdes, Carson Klein, Cade Palmer and Mathieu Rouanet rounded out the group. A big thanks goes out to Buko, Beng, Rose, Jun, Jason, JJ, Raffy, Edsel and everyone else who helped make the trip possible. John James was on scene to provide all the awesome outside video and helped direct the flow of the trip through his camera lens.

Check it out!

Mike Steen: FlyPa 2008

And more from Mike Steen:

This was our third time attending the Flypa Flight Festival in the Canary Islands off the West coast of Africa. Wingsuits, paragliders, single parachute skydives, speed flying wings and more! Featuring Mike Steen, Carson Klein and others.

Check it out!

Dakine - Vintage Wingsuit

DSE found an interesting wingsuit design while at Hawaii (USA) and is about to make a testflight on it. The suit was originaly made by Chuck Priest from Da Kine Rags.

Here is an interesting article from back in 1999 talking about the suit and its design influences a bit more:

Courtesy Chuck Priest
Chuck Priest soars above Oahu's North Shore
in his experimental wing suit.

No, it's not a bird, a plane
or Superman. But the man of
steel might want to buy one
of Chuck Priest's suits.
By Stephanie Kendrick
Assistant Features Editor

Chuck Priest and Flip Hollstein look like wannabe super heroes as they parade out to the Dillingham Airfield and Gliderport in Mokuleia.
The sky divers are modeling two generations of Priest's wing suit, a design intended to turn diving into soaring.
Priest has taken up the work of his mentor, champion French sky diver Patrick de Gayardon.

De Gayardon was a part-time Hawaii resident and partner in Pacific International Skydiving Center. He died at Mokuleia just over a year ago after a last-minute adjustment he had made to his suit fouled the lines of his parachute.

A pioneer in the sport, de Gayardon was refining the wing suit design. The suit was developed by the military but had not been used by sport sky divers since the 1930s when early models proved too dangerous.

The idea behind the suit, on which wings of fabric extend from the arms to the torso, is to allow sky divers to trap air and glide, slowing their fall.
Of course, they still fall. At a rate of about one foot down for every two forward, according to Priest.

By Ken Sakamoto, Star-Bulletin
Sky diver Flip Hollstein and designer Chuck Priest model
two versions of Priest's wing suit, which allows skydivers
greater mobility and more time in the air.

But the lift afforded by the wing suit allows for greater horizontal movement and more daring acrobatics.
"The suit is as acrobatic as you would dare to be," said Priest.
Sky divers using the suit have been clocked at speeds of 42 to 200 miles per hour. They can even pull into a stall.
"You put the wings out and it's so quiet you can hear yourself laughing," said Priest.

De Gayardon's apprentice, Adrian Nicholas, has been working on the wing suit design in France. He and Priest are not collaborating.
In a recent 13,000-foot jump, Nicholas flew 4.3 miles in his wing suit before deploying his parachute. It was a world record Priest hopes to break in the next few weeks.
It's an ambitious goal for someone who has been sky diving for less than four years.
An interest in film and stunt work attracted Priest to sky diving, as it had to ballet, dirt biking, martial arts and other disciplines.

Priest and his then bride-to-be learned to sky dive for $500 each. "Hawaii is the cheapest place to learn how to sky dive" he said. At the time, mainland schools were charging up to four times that amount, he said.
Although he was schooled in clothing design and had owned a business doing wedding gowns and evening dresses, when Priest moved to Hawaii seven years ago he made his living doing massage and carpentry.

By Ken Sakamoto, Star-Bulletin
Designer Chuck Priest suits up in the most recent design.
A highly engineered garment, the sky suit makes for greater
comfort in mid-air, but it's a bit awkward on the ground.

The first couple of years he was sky diving he would go to the field and swap massages for jump tickets.
Then he decided to try his hand at jump suits and pants.
His first set of suits were awful, said Priest, but his technique improved.
Priest founded Da Kine Rags Hawaii and has made about 580 pieces out of his Manoa home in the last year and a half.

He began by doing all the work himself. Then his wife quit her job and came on board. Now he has two more employees and is looking to hire four or five sewers by the end of the month.
It's not easy work. Priest has trained 10, but none have been able to work fast enough, or clean enough.
Priest is working to take the wing suit design a step further and make it structurally more like an aircraft than a suit.

The wing suits are not available for purchase, rather Priest is recruiting professionals to test prototypes. He also is looking into establishing guidelines for use of the suit.

"The soaring suit is an avenue that is going to go more and more mainstream," said Priest.
And, like any extreme sport, that means people will try it who should not.
Emergency systems are built into the suit. Parts of it can be removed quickly if they get in the way of the chute or hamper movement. But all he can do is make it as safe as possible and realize he cannot anticipate all the dangers, said Priest.

Champion sky surfers Marcus Heggli and Oliver Furrer are testing Priest's suits on the pro circuit, competing in France and Switzerland.
Heggli recently flew Priest's suit for three minutes before deploying his parachute from a height that would normally yield a free fall of 45 to 60 seconds.
With the wing suit, skydiving becomes high-speed gliding, said Priest.
"It's the next step closer to human flight," he said.
And Priest hopes to get closer still.
His ultimate goal is to design a suit sky divers can land without a chute.
The problem is gravity. "It's got you doing 100 mph down or across," he said.
Priest laughs at his own audacity, but it is the laugh of a man who thinks he just might pull it off.

© 1999 Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Army News: Ben Borger distance record

An army newscast, featuring a brief segment on Ben Borgers' recent high altitude distance record in wingsuit.

Check it out!

Rembering Mike Warren

Cairan van Rooyen posted a memorial video for a lost friend:

This is my short film in memory of a great friend and an awesome person - Mike Warren. Mike was a funny and friendly bloke I met whilst in Spain skydiving, we became friends very quickly, and subsequently spent 3 weeks drinking copious amounts and skydiving till we dropped. We have been good friends since. Mike sadly suffered a fatal BASE jumping accident in Norway, and was quickly taken from all of us, we will never forget Mike or who he was. Rest in peace my good friend, see ya flip side!

Mike Steen: FlyPa 2009

And more from Mike Steen:

Another fun year in the Canary Islands. Carson Klein, Kevin Hintze and Mike Steen throwing down on an island off the west coast of Africa.

Check it out!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flock U Docked Challenge: new stuff!

We have exciting news on the subject of linked formations.
A new winning entry was submitted to Flock University's Docked Challenge (pending video).
As a nice additinal touch, the dive also nicely mimicks the actual challenge logo.

You can check out the picture and additional information here

2 foot docks = 4 points
2 hand docks = 2 points

This brings it to a total of 6 points! Go fly and let's see who can beat it!

Mike Steen: Norway 2009

Mike Steen posted another video:

Mike Steen, Mattt Gerdes and Liv Sansoz traveled to Norway in August 2009 to visit some of the biggest cliffs in the world

Check it out

Teuge wingsuit flights

Ben vd. Belt posted a series of GoPro videos on his YouTube account.

Check it out!

First time with wristmounted camera on a wingsuit-flight. Just for fun!
Birdman Ben v.d. Belt, Skydive Teuge, 29 april 2010

Landing after skydive with wingsuit with Tom Couwenhoven on my back. Skydive Teuge, 29 april 2010

A special happy message for Rhoda, after landing the wingsuit (by parachute of course)

Wingsuit Rodeo

Mike rodeoing me a Mile Hi

Check it out!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mike Steen: 2009 BaWue

Mike Steen posted another video:

Another Epic year thanks to Remo and the crew at the BaWue Airgames. Ellen Brennan, Carson Klein, Mattt Gerdes, Scotty Freeland and Mike Steen put on a show never before seen over the Black Forest. Enjoy!

Check it out!

Mike Steen: Canyon wingsuit

A little wingsuit fun in one of Utah's canyons.

Check it out!

Jesus and wingsuits

24 Hours in Florida can only mean two things.. Jesus and Wingsuits!

Check it out...