Sunday, May 16, 2010

FlyLikeBrick - Fall 2009

And some of our own moving pixels for a change!

A short video, showing some of the wingsuit flights made over Zwartberg (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Texel (Netherlands) and Terni (Italy) with friends from the Ukraine, USA, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Also a big section of 'Me TV' showing my Phoenix-Fly 'Shadow', and taking it through its paces. Enjoying how little input the suit needs to corner like an aerobatic aeroplane.

Most camerawork was done flying the Stealth2 (as I didnt have my Shadow yet at the time). Shot using a CX105 (CX100) Sony videocamera.

Jarno Cordia
Bart Vereecken
Michel Bonnard

Jarno Cordia

Check it out!

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  1. Really nice material guys, keep it up. :)

    Also: I see what you did there. :P