Monday, May 31, 2010

Popular Mechanics - Jeb Corliss

If you go to you can download the June issue of Popular Mechanics, featuring an article on Jeb Corliss, and his wingsuit landing attempt and techniques and materials designed (or yet to be designed) making it feasable.

Jeb Corliss:
“The average sky diver looks at BASE jumpers like they’re
crazy. And the average BASE jumper looks at me like I’m crazy.”

Check it out!

note: The page with the download link contains some items which could be concidered less suitable for work (NSFW). Though you should be working anyways, and not reading during office hours, so seeing as you are at fault already, a bit of extra boob shouldnt be an issue!

1 comment:

  1. Jeb Corliss is my "Hero", that's why I would like to Challenge him to a Las Vegas Duel... We both jump and land without parachutes. I think we can both do it...
    Gary "the Condor pilot"