Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tim West, Freefalling, May 15th

A lot of fun freefall footage, with a bit of wingsuit material at the end as a bonus.

Check it out!

Tim West, aka Captain America, one of our HG friends, graduated from AFF with Ed Pawlowski last weekend, so to celebrate Arnel, Damien, and I went out to Lodi to see how high he would bounce..

First jump- Tim Solo, I wagered he lands in the accuracy gravel pit, he came within 20 feet, super impressive! and no grass stains! Arnel, Damien and i did a sit fly jump, arnel's rig looks like it's coming off.

2nd jump- Tim's first group jump, jump #8, Tim, Arnel and me managed to dock on Tim after he got done with his aerobatic routine. you're ready for the SF ballet Tim!

Jumps 3-4- wingsuit jumps with the Lodi possee...

Check it out!

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